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Frances A. Ellison

Credentials / Bio

Accomplishments in making known the life, mission, and spiritual doctrine of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: Ann has been a major, recognized promoter of the English language editions of Luisa’s writings. She has contributed to many Conferences on the Reign of the Divine Will in souls, has attended a special retreat for Priests on Luisa’s doctrine (the only female there), has given lectures on Luisa’s doctrine in Europe, and has been well read and trained in the spiritual doctrine of Luisa Piccarreta. Mrs. Ellison is invariably well received because of ‘speaking from her heart.’ Ann has been involved in the studying of Luisa’s doctrine for over 22 years.

Contacts made with those responsible for Luisa’s Cause: In 1994 Mrs. Ellison, a widow, attended the ceremonies for the opening of Luisa’s Cause of Beatification. She remained in Italy and lived with and worked for Sister Assunta, President of the Association Luisa Piccarreta in Luisa’s hometown of Corato, where she got much exposure to the history of Luisa’s life and effects of Luisa’s life, especially her writings. She was present at a number of meetings with former Archbishop Cassati, and attended the Special Meetings with the Postulation of Luisa’s Cause in October of 2002, and has attended several similar meetings through to the present.

Other Pertinent Information: Mrs. Ellison lived several months in the residence of Mrs. Adrianna Pallotti next to St. Padre Pio’s monastery in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. This is significant, since Mrs. Pallotti was a member of the first known Prayer Group centered on Luisa’s writings, dating back to the 1940’s. This Prayer Group was blessed by St. Padre Pio, in whom she often confided and from whom she received permission to fund the publishing of Luisa’s writings in the late 1960’s prior to his death. Mrs. Ellison has also worked on projects with the Secretary of the Special Commission overseeing Luisa’s Cause. Her spiritual director was the former Secretary of the Diocesan Tribunal responsible for Luisa’s Cause. Mrs. Ellison was invited to Norway by a renowned Lutheran Priest and his wife. The two, especially the Lutheran wife, are involved in promoting the spirituality of Luisa Piccarreta in Scandinavia. They believe that the writings of Luisa will have a beneficial, ecumenical effect.

Mrs. Ellison was the directress of our retreat house in Spain, the House of Sanctification, for 8 years and taught various areas of Luisa’s doctrine to hundreds of people, including many Priests and some Bishops.

Subject(s) that Mrs. Ellison prefers to speak about at Speaking Engagements:
The life and doctrine of Luisa Piccarreta and the benefits to those who come to under-stand and live this doctrine; the practical “how to” live this doctrine; the importance of living for the Universal Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven in answer to the “Our Father” as taught by Jesus; the importance of cooperating with Jesus in living the virtues in order to realize a greater fullness of the Reign of the Divine Will in one’s soul.

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