The rules are mainly these:
  1. We live only for the glory of God and, therefore, our conduct and speech are conducive to that.
  2. No loud music or anything that will disturb the peace of the house.  We desire a joyful atmosphere with quiet discussions.
  3. It is a requirement that you listen for at least one hour to someone of authority and knowledge to speak on the marvelous Third Fiat of God!!
  4. That you dress in appropriate and modest clothing.  No tight jeans, no shorts or low cut blouses.
  5. We don’t speak about any mystics that have not been recognized by the Church unless it is in a study group with someone in authority from the staff present.
  6. There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the house.  Please be sure not to leave any part of a finished cigarette on the property of the House of Sanctification.
  7. The House of Sanctification will lock all doors at 11:00 pm and wish everyone a peaceful and restful sleep in the very Center of the Divine Will, we pray!

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