Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness

The following, selected passages from the most holy “Book of Heaven”tell us what God wants from us and what He gives in return to the elect souls who enter into and live the Eternal Life of God as the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer unfolds in our time, to bring humanity back to its Original State and the completion of Redemption in us.

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The Divine Desire for Reciprocity and the Incredible Effects of Reciprocity in the Elect Soul

Luisa: My flight in the Divine Will continues.  But I feel God doesn’t give me time.  He always wants to give me what is His, but He always wants to receive what is mine.  And if I don’t have anything to give Him because I am really nothing, He wants my will in the act of my giving it always.  And this is all His happiness:  to receive as a gift the creature’s will.  If need be, He wants the same things that He has given in order to always receive.  He is happy to receive these things and to give them back twofold, with new love, new light, new holiness.

Luisa writes in the “Book of Heaven” that Jesus always wants give to her what is His, but He always wants to receive what is hers.  And since she is nothing and doesn’t have anything to give, He wants her to always be giving her will to Him.  This is His happiness—to be always receiving as a gift the will of the creature.  And if necessary, He delights in receiving from the creature the same things that He has already given her, in order to be always receiving.  But such is his generosity that as He receives the very things that He has already given, He is happy to give them back twofold with new love, new light and new holiness.

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Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

We Thank God for the Hope that comes to us through the Writings of Luisa about the coming Reign of the Divine Will which bring souls back to the Original Order
that began with the Creation of Adam and Eve, but was lost with Adam’s choice to do his human will, thereby losing the possession of the Divine Will and Its operative Life
within him. Adam, human father of the human race, passed on to us the inheritance of the operation of the weak human will and the opening of Hell to human beings who choose to use their weak human will to go there by not doing the Will of God.

The manifestation of the human will in our times of the Great Apostasy is truly astonishing and so very sorrowing! I, personally would be in great depression over the state
of humanity were it not for the knowledge of the now coming Reign of the Divine Will in souls, and the intervention of Our Heavenly Mother to lead us through these horrible times of insane disorder by which billions of souls are presently heading, nonchalantly, to their eternal damnation. Our hope for the world is the Intercession of our Heavenly Mother with the Holy Trinity and our own acts of reparation in the Divine Will. Jesus has a “secret” plan to convert the whole world according to what He told Conchita Gonzales of San Sebastian of Garabandal in the early 1960’s. May this Divine Intervention come SOON! (I mean “soon” according to my Webster’s Dictionary!)

I have had a hard time, lately, with many distractions, to send this Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness. Another factor in this delay is choosing what to send from so much research over the years and whether to send items from a special research project for a possible book that I would like to write before the coming time of great sufferings.

Please savor the ATTACHED Pearl of the “New and Divine Holiness” of some precious extracts from the Book that is Written in Heaven and given to us through Luisa.

May we receive and use the continuous Grace of God to be Faithful to the Gift of the Divine Will and Its Eternal Blessings.

Thomas Fahy
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Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

Happy Feast Day – Holy Trinity Sunday!

When I undertook the preparation of Selected Passages in honor of the Blessed Trinity for this Message of Gold, I became
so fascinated with what I was reading about the Trinity and about related subjects in the context of the texts about the Trinity,
that I consumed the time contemplating these truths, which would normally be allotted to completing this weekend’s Message of Gold.

Therefore, I will need more time to do the work that I had in mind in regard to the Holy Trinity. If I can, I will try to get out what I had hoped to do
later this week.

So for this weekend, I am including below, some passages on the Holy Trinity and also a passage about the Hour of Death of human beings, which,
refers to as the time of disillusion. Please use what Jesus says about the Hour of Death for the benefit of others as well as your own! One can understand
the great benefit of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at that time for others and if possible for oneself.

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Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

Enjoy the following Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness and let them form part of the Life of Heaven growing in your soul!

Jesus to Luisa:
You ought to know that before incarnating Me, My Heavenly Father looked into Himself and in the heat of His love, unable to contain it, His love overflowed in torrents and seas. In the heat of His love he looked at His Son. I was also in the same flames of love; and He commanded Me to incarnate Myself. I willed it, and in a rush of love, without leaving My Father or the Holy Spirit, the great prodigy of the Incarnation occurred. I remained with My Father and at the same time descended into My Mother’s womb. We three Divine Persons were inseparable, nor were We subject to separation. And so I can say that I remained in Heaven and yet came down to earth; the Father and the Holy Spirit came down with Me to earth and yet remained in Heaven. This act was so great and Our Divine Being overflowed with so much love that the Heavens were astonished and the Angels, surprised and dumbfounded, were all enveloped in Our flames of love.

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Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

In my last Letters of Gold of April 23, I suggested that you might want to keep a file of these Letters of Gold, etc.
I ended that I would explain in the next Letters of Gold, which is this one. I had to wait because it was almost midnight!

I suggested keeping a file of the forthcoming Letters of Gold, simply because over the past several months, when time allowed,
I did a lot of research for a book that someone might want to publish someday. I hope to share pieces of that research with you
in these Letters of Gold as long as the Providence of God permits.

Below is the Letters of Gold for this mailing with its Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness based on extracts from Luisa’s writings:

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