Gail Lawson


Gail E. Lawson

Gail Lawson was born and raised on the coast of Mississippi. She attended and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1979 with a BS in Advertising. Upon graduation, she worked for a local television station and later for a small advertising agency. She married Jerry Lawson in 1986 and gave birth to their daughter, Erin, in 1992.

Gail chose to educate her daughter at home for a number of years in Jacksonville, Florida where she became acquainted with the Center of the Divine Will. Gail and her family then moved to Ave Maria, Florida for her daughter to attend a private Catholic high school. There Gail served as vice president and committee chairman for Donahue Academy. She also worked for the US Census Bureau. Upon Erin’s graduation from high school and entrance to St. Leo’s University, Gail and her husband moved to LaFollette, Tennessee. There she studies and volunteers at the Center for the Divine Will.

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