Statement of Obedience

Holy Obedience

Two outstanding characteristics of The Center are obedience to the Church and accurate presentations of Church doctrine, both dogmatic and mystical, with special focus on the Church-approved writings of 20th Century holy persons who have been canonized as saints or who have been officially introduced to the canonization process. More than 40 bishops in various locations throughout the world have given their permission for The Center to make public presentations in their respective dioceses in the form of retreats and conferences directly related to the mission of The Center.


Obedience is the quintessence of love—the finest and most perfect love. It is most noble and divine—tolerating nothing human in the soul and destroying self-love.

Obedience must not only be exterior. Interior obedience is necessary for corresponding to the inspirations of Grace.

The exceptional holiness of Luisa Piccarreta was based substantially on total obedience to the Church.

Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that obedience was everything for Him and that He wanted obedience to be everything for her.

Obedience does not use human wisdom—but divine wisdom.

Obedience is so glorious and highly honored as to impress on the soul the divine image. It has the power to divinize human nature and make it acquire divine characteristics.

Obedience will bring about the resurrection of the soul from its weaknesses and, in due course, the body as well.

Obedience binds the human will with the Divine Will and unifies them in such manner that the soul acts not by the power of its own will but by the power of the Divine Will; thus, it is not the soul who actually obeys, but it is Jesus in the soul who obeys.

One who dishonors obedience dishonors God.

There is no true peace without obedience. If someone seems to enjoy peace without obedience, it is a false peace, because that person makes an accommodation with his own passions but never with virtues.

The passport to beatitude—even in one’s life on earth—must have three signatures: resignation, humility and obedience. Obedience keeps the other two stable.

Obedience communicates divine strength to the soul in the face of which obstacles to righteousness appear weak.

Obedience forms the ark where Jesus can dwell in the soul. If this ark is absent, Jesus is forced to remain outside.

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