Offering our Defects


Oh, Jesus, please, for Your Kingdom to Come, may I unite my weaknesses to Your Strength, my defects to Your Perfection, my miseries to Your Happiness, my sins to Your Holy Cross so that, through these most Holy Attributes of Yours, I may gain favor with Heaven and not be deserving of Hell. For if it were not for Your immense mercy, and my Heavenly Mother, I would be lost. Help me, Jesus; help me, Mother, please! I plead with all the angels and saints in Heaven, especially our holy exemplars, to pray for me to the Lord, our God. May all my weaknesses, defects, miseries and sins glorify God alone so that Lucifer receives nothing at all. I pray this in my name and in the name of all souls past, present, and future for the universal love, honor, and glory of God alone.


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