About End Times

The End Times


The End Times of the consummation of the World are still a long way off; but we are now in the end times of our era, more accurately denoted as the “End of the Times.”

The present, rapidly unfolding upheavals of today (2012) are due to a divinely ordained renewal of the world, which comes in every two thousand year period of human history.

There is nothing anyone or any institution on earth can do to reverse the course of this third renewal of the world, just as no one could reverse the course of the foretold cleansing waters of the Deluge in the days of Noah, which came approximately 1650 years after the disobedience of the first human being, Adam; nor could anyone reverse the prophesied renewal of the world with the cleansing Blood of the God-man, Jesus, that came at the end of the second 2000 year period after Adam’s sin. And the same applies to the presently developing renewal, 2000 years after the Crucifixion of Christ. No one can reverse this renewal, which will very likely reach its climax with the purifying chastisement of Fire from Heaven.

Those who survive will participate in the most beautiful, holy and happy era of human history, because it is an Eternal Decree of God that what He began in the Garden of Eden must have its fulfillment in time, before the end of this world.

The sections contained under this End Times section will provide useful information for awareness and understanding the designs of God for our times.

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