Mission Statement

Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will, Inc.

Luisa Bed

Statement of Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We are fully committed to fostering the Reign of the Divine Will on earth by all means available to us, with the happy freedom of the children of God that comes from obedience to the Church that He established for the salvation and sanctification of souls.

We are keenly aware that fostering the Reign of the Divine Will on earth among our brothers and sisters is fostering the very fulfillment of the Prayer of Jesus that the Father’s Kingdom comes so that His Will may be done as in Heaven. This awareness extends to understanding and making known that the way the Father’s Will is done in Heaven is by the possession of it, which enables the Blessed to live a Divine Life in It in common with the Holy Trinity Itself. We understand and proclaim that the possession of the Father’s Will and living in It is the greatest of all Gifts that God can give and that It is a Gift that God longs to give to His children in these times.

Who is Luisa

Thanks to the work of God in the soul of Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947) and her lifelong cooperation with this divine work, we understand and proclaim that this Gift of the Divine Will was given to our parents, Adam and Eve, and that It formed the perfect, original state of man, which was lost by Adam when he was tested for his obedience and fidelity to the very Author of his life. We understand and proclaim that the principal, human problem is the separation of the human will from the Divine Will. This resulted from Adam’s disobedience, and no one has possessed and lived in the Divine Will, except the most holy Virgin Mary, since the fall of Adam until the Lord’s Prayer was fulfilled in Luisa Piccarreta. Near the end of the Second Millennium of Christianity, and after sufficient purification of the human will of mankind, the Reign of the Divine Will will flourish everywhere on earth as It reigns in Heaven.

We understand and proclaim that for our mission to be successful that it must be the action of God Himself in us, that we must be always open to Divine Grace as faithful cooperators of this divine action. We further understand and proclaim that Divine Wisdom has provided many avenues and ways to achieve this sublime mission and that we will gratefully make use of every avenue and way that Divine Providence makes known and available to us.

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