Intercessory Prayer


(A Pledge for Life that God’s Life may reign on earth!)

O my Jesus, it is my only intention and desire this day, as I enter into Your Most Holy Will, to abandon in You my entire life, and everything that it contains. May Your Will alone be done in my life. I give You my Fiat now for whatever You dispose for me today, be it life or be it death; as I only want what You want — that Your Kingdom Come, that Your Will be done on earth as It is done in Heaven!

May I pledge to You the rest of my life, and all the acts, thoughts, words, movements, steps, heartbeats, and breaths, etc. that it will contain for the express purpose of calling Your Kingdom of Love, Justice, and Mercy down, so that Your Will be done on earth as It is done in Heaven, in order that You, Sweet Father, may be loved, honored, and glorified fully and completely.

And for Thy Kingdom to Come may I also offer to You the rest of my life for all Priests, so that each of them may become fully the image and likeness of You, and may serve Your people with love, mercy, truth, and humility.

Holy Spirit, most Loving, keep me always attentive to Your Holy Will.

May this intention be a silent prayer just between You and me, Lord, so that this intention may be pure and holy in Your sight. I ask all this through the Power of the Holy Spirit, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my Mother. And as my Mother, O Mary, I ask that you come to live with me and in me to assist me in this great endeavor.

O Father, with Your Will, I love You, I thank You, I adore You, and I praise You, in my name and in the name of everyone, and for everything You have created for us; and for as long as You have been God and for as long as You will be God, which is Eternity itself, I love You!


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