Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

There is such an overwhelming number of signs of the deterioration of human society today that it seems unnecessary to point out that the end of our present era is rapidly coming to its conclusion. Those persons born before 1950 should see the obvious, but many seem to be caught up in the spirit of a most corrupt world—which seems far worse than in the days of Noah. The manifold sins and disorders of our time vastly exceed those even possible in Noah’s time. And yet the people of today go merrily along the road to perdition, foolishly forgetting the coming moment of their last breath and their immediate judgment by the Judge who died on the Cross 2000 years ago.

By a miracle of grace some of those who entered the 1960s as young persons have sensed the obvious, and there are also those who were born in the 1960s and afterward, who have sensed the obvious—namely, that something is very, very wrong.

Listing the signs of the evils that portend a terrible ending for our era would be almost futile, because there are far too many to list. And God, true to his word that where evil abounds grace does more abound, has given very numerous signs through nature and especially through the visitations of the Virgin Mary all over the world—many with tears of blood—exhorting us to turn back to God. Most of these signs of the times have been ignored by the vast majority of people, “as they go about as in those days before the flood—eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark.”

So, instead of cataloguing all the current evils and signs that ought to be obvious to all, we will point out some interesting things for consideration.

The year 2000 brought us into the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium, which is also the beginning of the Seventh Millennium of Human History. It has been 6000 years since the body of first man Adam was created by the Lord God directly from the elements of the earth and his soul was created from nothing (“ex nihilo”) by the Lord God. These truths are manifested by the spiritual writings of numerous Fathers and Doctors of the Church based on the inerrant Holy Bible and are abundantly supported in the “Book of Heaven” given to us by Our Lord through the obedient, suffering, victim soul, Luisa Piccarreta (1864 – 1947), of Corato, Italy. A recently published book by a Catholic priest, who is a theologian, philosopher and scientist also fully supports these truths.

This Seventh Millennium will bring most holy and happy times for those whom God has chosen to survive the end of this wicked era of rebellion and apostasy and then pass into the new one. This coming new era will also be holy and happy for their children and, then, their children’s children and so on.

When the present and coming purifications are complete, then, following the pattern of the six days of Creation Week and the Seventh Day of God’s rest from His creating work, the Seventh Millennium will become a “day” of peaceful rest for souls and God’s rest in souls having brought to completion the work of the restoration of man’s original state—the Life of the Divine Will living, operating and reigning in the souls and bodies of His beloved human creatures.

We are obviously not yet in the happy times that will come with this Seventh Millennium, so it is necessary to be informed of what the Lord God in his great Mercy wants us to know that will give us the incentive to abandon the road to perdition and walk the road to salvation, sanctity, happiness and glory.

In the “Book of Heaven” Jesus tell us that in every 2000 year period of human history God renews the world. The first renewal took place approximately 1650 years after the creation of man. That renewal came by water, which covered the earth leaving only eight human survivors—Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. The second renewal came at the end of the second two thousand years, with the shedding of the Precious Blood of our Redeemer, Jesus the Incarnate Word. The third renewal is now in progress having begun before the end of the 20th Century, that is before the end of the third two thousand years, and is continuing now into the early part of the Seventh Millennium. There are and will be stages of the current purification affecting both the spirit and the flesh, finally ending with Fire from Heaven.

Thus we see that the three renewals of the world involve the three great purifying agents of water, blood and fire.

Because the coming of the new era will be identified with the coming of the Kingdom of God’s eternal Will and Its reign in souls, the last petition of the Lord’s Prayer, “deliver us from evil,” will be granted in an extraordinary way. It will be granted by a special grace of preservation from all evil. There will be no sin or sickness, and death will simply be a passing from a state of bodily and spiritual health into a state of perfect spiritual health in Heaven, while the body remains incorrupt until the resurrection at the end of Time.

It seems that associated with this coming special grace to preserve souls from all evil is God’s present allowance of evil to reach to such a degree that man will exhaust himself in evil to the point that he cannot think of any more evil to commit. Then those, who survive the great cleansing of the world and do the Will of the Father as in Heaven, will never want to return to the spiritual death of sin, or even the slightest willful defect.

But the current, manifold evils of our present times will not go unpunished. Divine Justice will exercise Its rights! During the coming time of holiness and happiness, God will not exercise this attribute of Divine Justice; instead, all will be Mercy! In order for God to maintain the equilibrium of his attributes, He will exercise his Divine Justice prior to the universal era of holiness and happiness; and that means that Divine Justice is inexorably underway in our present time in a variety of ways and will be even more manifest in the proximate future.

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