Jerry Lawson

Jerry W. Lawson

Jerry was born in a small town in West Virginia. His family moved to Florida when he was in junior high school. He completed his education in Jacksonville and lived there off and on for most of his life. He worked as a loan officer and a real estate professional for many years before his retirement.

He was a volunteer at the Center for the Divine Will for a few years as time permitted and has always had a deep affection for the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. Jerry has actively been studying the writings of Luisa Piccarreta for 14 years. He recently moved to LaFollette,TN and is once again active at the Center for the Divine Will. He will be assisting the Center in the areas that relate to maintaining the Center’s video and audio productions that will be sent out to all those who are interested in the teachings on the Reign of the Divine Will. Jerry will also help with staying in touch with all of the people who are in correspondence with the Center for the Divine Will.

Jerry is married to Gail Lawson, who also is assisting with work at the Center for the Divine Will, and their daughter, Erin, attends St. Leo’s Catholic College.

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