About the Writings

The Book of Heaven

Pictured are some of the 36 Original Volumes

The Title of the Book of Heaven has three parts:

The first part:
“The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in the Midst
of Creatures.”
The second part:
“Book of Heaven.”
The third part:
“The Call to the Creature Return to the
Order and to the Place and to the
Purpose for which it was Created by God.”

First Part: This refers to the content of the Book, which is to inform us about God’s purpose in creating the human race, which is for us to Live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The Book also informs us on How to Live in that Kingdom. The term “Fiat” indicates God’s verbalization of his act of willing the Kingdom for us. God has no need to verbalize his act of willing. He chose to utter “Fiat” (“Let it be done”), because He wanted to give even the spoken word a divine origin and also allow man to utter his own “fiat” to unite his will to the Eternal Fiat as Our Lady did in the Annunciation.

Second Part: “Book of Heaven” means the content of this Book was written in Eternity in Heaven and it comes to us from Heaven. Jesus told Luisa that these writings are suns impressed with characters of most refulgent light in the walls of the eternal city of Heaven and form the most beautiful ornament of those walls. He said that these characters about the Supreme Will enrapture and amaze the blessed inhabitants of Heaven.

Third Part: God is calling us to RETURN! RETURN means He wants us to go back to something the human race once had, namely the original state of our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the beginning. God wants us to RETURN to the ORDER that He established in Adam and Eve. This ORDER is none other than the Divine Order of things: Peace, Tranquility, Harmony, Unity, Divine Beauty and Holiness, Freedom from every kind of evil, Perennial Happiness, etc. God wants us to leave the Human Order of things: Disharmony, Disunity, Sinfulness, Ugliness, Strife, Unhappiness, Misery, Subjection to every kind of evil, etc. And God wants us to RETURN to the Place that He intended for humanity. He wanted us to live in the very Heart of the Trinity, in the Kingdom of the Father’s Will, but always recognizing the Truth of our own Nothingness. And Our Father wants us to Return to the Purpose for which man was created: To live in the Father’s Kingdom as legitimate children of the Divine Family. This would satisfy the Divine Nature to give, share, and communicate without limit. But describing this sublime Purpose would take many pages. So we stop.

When the soul wants to make the Rounds of Creation, she makes
the intention of fusing her will in the Divine Will. Since the
Divine Will is everywhere, the soul is diffused everywhere in the
Unity of the Divine Will and is present with the Divine Will in all
created things. The soul does with God what He is doing, and the
soul fulfills its role of dominion in created things by supplying
these created things with the soul’s own reasoning, will and
voice, uttering words of glory, praise, love, adoration and
gratitude to God! The soul can also command created things to
pray with her in the soul’s own prayers, like the Rosary.
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