Messages of Gold


Dear Readers,

Fr. Robert Young: Most or all of you have learned about the passing of Fr. Robert Young, OFM, who died on Sunday, November 6, 2017, in St. Joseph Hospital in Tampa, Fl. He had just taken someone to the Tampa airport, and while driving away from the airport, he had a massive heart attack, which caused him to drive into the wall of a building and crash the car he was driving. Earlier reports said that he crashed into a fire hydrant. There was some large piping on the wall, near where the car crashed, according to what I have heard.

Two men, working nearby, rushed to the scene. Fr. Young was still alive but very dazed. Police were called and then an ambulance. Fr. Young died in the hospital. Family members were eventually contacted, and his funeral and burial were held in Orange, Texas, close to the border with Louisiana, where one of his sisters lives and where his parents are buried.

Fr. Young was well-liked and loved as a very active missionary of the Divine Will. I knew him in the early stages of his journey in the Life of the Divine Will, and he shared with me stories pertaining to his adult life and Priesthood, when he was in Jacksonville, FL, and when Kathy and I were living there. Father and I traveled together at times, even to Australia, on half of the Divine Will. [This is just a brief report.]

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