(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

January 7, 2024


Dear Divine Will Family,

The Center for the Divine Will wishes everyone a Happy and Holy New Year! We pray you had a marvelous and very holy Christmas, celebrating Jesus’ birth with family and friends!

It seems God had some special plans for me over the Advent and Christmas seasons, and so I give my fiat always to Him and His plans for we know they are always perfect for each one of us. I just pray that He will have mercy on this very poor soul!

We have some great news to share and some incredible new books to tell you about.

The great and most definitely Heavenly planned is the two retreats in Garabandal, Spain! The first will be May 14 – 21, 2024 with Mother Gabrielle Marie of the Benedictine Daughters of the Divine Will as our keynote speaker.
The second retreat will be held September 19 – 26, 2024 with Derek Williams as our keynote speaker! Derek is a brilliant teacher of the Divine Will and we thoroughly enjoyed his teachings at our November 2023 conference in Orlando, Florida!

Now if you are called to join either one of these retreats, please get in touch with Totally Yours Pilgrimages run by Guy Murphy. Their phone number is: 630-279-8424. Guy built a beautiful retreat house in Garabandal called “Mary’s House.” Totally Yours Pilgrimage is running the retreats, but the “Divine Will Institute and Retreat Center,” formally known as the “House of Sanctification,” is participating with Guy in these retreats.
We have new books for sale!

1st book we have is called: “The Extraordinary Journey of Lucas in the Divine Will!” compiled and written by Catherine Lavoie
For children and adults with a child’s heart!! Based on the writings of Luisa Piccarreta and with the special participation of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Accompany Lucas on a marvelous adventure, partaking in a grand journey. This large illustrated book is a story full of adventure and surprises, making it easy to understand the Gift of the Divine Will! A remarkable book whose entire content has been validated by Fr. Gabriel M. Tchonang!

2nd Book is called: “Imagine the Passion!” written and illustrated by Barbara Alger
An extraordinary book taken from the “Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ,” hour by hour with illustrations that are stunning in their beauty and passionate love of the suffering of Jesus Christ. This is an excellent book to carry with you at all times to keep in mind the Passion of Our Lord and to take to Adoration.

3rd Book is called: “The Gift of the Divine Will!” compiled and explained by Donna Hober. This is an excellent introduction book to help you, or anyone, especially Priests, to understand this extraordinary Gift of Living in the Divine Will! It begins at the beginning and goes through the Book of Heaven to make it concise and understandable! An incredible book to use at cenacles! This book goes fast so order yours as soon as possible.
Just remember that we love you all so dearly and keep each of you in our daily prayers!

May God share His Immensity with each of you filling your souls to overflowing, especially during this New Year!!

Ann Ellison

PS: Read these extracts very carefully. Wow, how magnificent God is to us all and how much He loves each one of us…..truly incredible!!
Volume 33
May 26, 1935
Jesus: “Oh, how she glorifies Us and loves Us, it seems that she says to Us: I am little nor is it given me to enclose and to contain all Your immensity, but what You are, such am I, your Divine Will has enclosed You in me and I love You with your same love, I glorify You with your light, I adore You with your sanctity, I can give You everything because I possess my Creator. What thing cannot my Divine Will do in the creature, when she lets herself be dominated by Him? Everything. Therefore, be attentive, if you want everything and to give everything.”

Volume 32
June 29, 1933
Jesus: “This tiny one with her efforts, with her embarrassments, with her sayings, she wounds Us, enraptures Us, enchains Us, and then do you know what We do? We take up the little one and We adapt Ourselves to her, with a prodigy of Our omnipotence, We make flow Our immensity, Our power, sanctity, love, beauty, goodness, in a way that our Divine Being remains inside and outside of her, inseparable from her, and she sees that everything is hers and the little one in her emphasis of love says to Us: how content and happy I am, I can say that Your immensity is yours and mine, and I love You with immense love, with powerful love, to my love there lacks nothing, neither Your sanctity, nor Your goodness, nor Your beauty that enraptures, conquers and obtains all; not to content the human littleness in our Will, proves impossible to Us, and since with her littleness she cannot adapt herself to Us, God adapts Himself to her, and it proves easy to Us, because there are not extraneous elements to Us, but everything is Ours, at the most she will be little, but this says nothing, she will be more to Our care to make her how much more beautiful We can.”
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