(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 28, 2020


Volume 12
February 22, 1921
Jesus: “The generations will not end until my Will reigns upon earth. My Redeeming FIAT will place Itself in the middle, between the Creating FIAT and the Sanctifying FIAT. All three of them will intertwine and accomplish man’s sanctification. The third FIAT will give man so much as to make him return almost to his original condition; and only then, when I see man just as he came forth from Me, will my Work be complete, and I will rest perpetually in my final FIAT. Only life in my Volition will bring man back to his original state. That is why you must be attentive, and united with Me, help Me to complete man’s sanctification.
As soon as I heard this, I said to Him: “Jesus, my Love, I am not able to do as You do, nor what You are teaching Me; and I am almost afraid of your reproaches if I don’t do well whatever You want from me.” And, full of goodness, He said to me: “I too know that you cannot do what I tell you perfectly, but wherever you cannot attain, I will make up for you.”

Volume 24
June 12, 1928
Luisa, I thought to myself: “How can we return to the original state of Creation since the human will has cast man down into an abyss of miseries, almost deforming the nature that he received when he was created?” And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, My Will can do anything. Just as It made man from nothing, so can It draw the new man out of his miseries—and without changing the method that We used in creating him. Leaving him his free will, We will use another loving invention. The light of Our Will shall unleash Its most brilliant rays even more powerfully. It will draw near to him, in such a way as to confront his human will head on. And his human will shall be enchanted by a piercing light that will dazzle it and draw it sweetly to Itself. And being attracted by a light so radiant and of so rare a beauty, the human will shall long to see what is so beautiful in this light. And as it looks, it will become enchanted, it will experience happiness, and it will love—not by being forced, but spontaneously—to live in Our Will. Does the Sun not have this power—that if one wants to stare at it, the pupil of man’s eye remains dazzled within its light; and if it tries to look, it will see nothing but light—since the intensity of the light keeps the pupil from seeing its surroundings? And if man is forced to lower his eyes to be freed from the light, it is because the excessive light annoys him and makes him unhappy. But if he felt happy, he would not quickly withdraw his pupils from within the light of the Sun. On the other hand, the light of My Will shall not disturb the pupils of the soul. On the contrary, she will have the blessing of seeing man’s own acts transformed into light, and she will yearn for this light to send forth its rays more powerfully so as to see her acts clothed with the enchantment and beauty of this divine light. My Will has the power to solve the problem of man. But It must use a more excessive act of greater generosity on the part of Our Supreme Fiat. That is why you ought to pray and plead for such a holy intention on behalf of poor mankind.

Ann: I may share more on this subject with you! So many beautiful writings on this subject, so much so it was hard to pick!

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