(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
June 16, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,
As you can read from this little snippet, we have a lot to do each day if we truly want to live in complete unity with our Heavenly Triune God and our Heavenly Mother! This snippet, I pray, will us understand more clearly what our duties are as children of the Divine Will! Jesus says we are to live in the world, but not be part of the world. He also tells Luisa to keep her total attention on Him alone.
And I think we will begin the 30 day “Lessons to Begin Living in the Divine Will.” I pray it will help all of us to be more focused. I hope you will enjoy reading these lessons as much as we enjoy sending them. Fiat always!
We love you all very much and we are keeping each of you in our daily prayers!
We pray that you will receive the greatest of all graces….that your beautiful soul will be filled to the brim with God’s Holy Will!

June 17, 1927
My poor mind felt as if it were fixed in the center of the Supreme Fiat, and, as I revolved around this center, I diffused myself in all of Its acts, embracing everyone and everything in the immensity of Its light. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: “Why do I need to embrace everyone and everything when I live in the Divine Will?” Then my sweet Jesus stirred within me and said to me: “My daughter, My Will is everything. There is nothing in the world that has not taken life from It. There is no place where It cannot be found. There is no good effect that does not arise from It. Everything belongs to It and depends upon It. That is why in the soul in whom My Will reigns I want to find everything and everyone that is Mine. And, if I did not find everything and everyone, My Kingdom would be divided and My Will would be separated from Its acts—something that can never be.
“This is the reason why, when you feel the life of the Divine Fiat within yourself, you feel everything and everyone along with It. You feel the life of the sun that gives light, warming things and making them fruitful, and you feel the earth breathing this life-giving light, clothing itself with plants, and flowers, as the earth and the sun hold hands to sustain and delight all the generations of men. It is My Will that gives life to the sun, and that makes the earth breathe, to delight all of Creation, making birds sing, lambs jump and bleat, and all that happens in the universe. Don’t you want to feel all that My Will does?
“As It encloses everything in you as in one sole center, My Will makes you feel human hearts beating, minds thinking, hands working, and as it gives life to all of this activity, since everyone does not give their all to It, My Will does not receive a return for Its divine acts in the acts of the soul, and It wants from you what they do not give. My Will wants all of its acts to be filled by you with the acts of Its own Divine Will. Indeed, your mission is great, and it demands your full attention.

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