(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
July 24, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
Did you know there is a recipe for Living in the Divine Will? Well, Jesus give this recipe to Luisa and I want to share it with you. With the Lessons under your belt, you can really begin to practice the ingredients for this recipe. It is just a little more to help you go even deeper in the Divine Will. Remember there are infinite degrees to this Life, so we want to continue to go deeper and deeper and deeper every day! You will never reach the bottom, even spending your entire life going deeper each day!!
Jesus said to Luisa: “My delight, if you are to live in my Heart it will suit you to begin leading a more perfect way of life. I therefore desire from you:
Perfect uniformity to my Will, because you can never love Me perfectly unless you love Me with my own Will; or rather I say to you: that in loving Me with my own Will you will arrive at loving Me and your neighbor with my own Love.
So, there are four (4) ingredients in this recipe and I am going to share one at a time with you. (I may add a fifth, but I am not sure yet.) In this way, you can study each one carefully and understand what Jesus wants from us in each of these ingredients. If I just list them, you will read them and that will be that. I hope I am not judging you by what I do….if so, please forgive me. It’s so important to study, not just read, these necessities for Living in the Divine Will. To consume them so that they are deeply rooted in your souls! They must become a part of your whole being!
I will be adding some things that Jesus teaches from the Volumes for each ingredient. Enjoy!

We love you so much and pray for each one of you in our daily prayers! May God allow these ingredients to be consumed by you so that you may live much more united to His Holy Will!

Volume 3
May 21, 1900
The most sublime state is to dissolve one’s own will in the Will of God, and to live by his Will.
This morning my adorable Jesus did not come. Then, after I had waited for a long time, He came, caressed me, and told me: “My daughter, do you know My designs on you, and the state I want you to achieve?” And, after pausing a little, He added: “My plan for you does not entail prodigies that I could do in you to show my power. Rather, my plan is to absorb you in my Will, so that you perfectly exemplify the uniformity of your will with Mine. This is the most sublime state, the greatest prodigy, and the miracle of miracles that I have planned for you.
“My daughter, to make her will perfectly one with Ours, the soul must make herself invisible. She must imitate the way I fill the world by keeping it absorbed within Myself and by not being absorbed in it, making Myself invisible—for I do not let Myself be seen by anyone. (This means that there is no matter in Me, but that everything is most pure Spirit.) If in my assumed Humanity I took on matter; it was to render Myself similar to man in everything and to give him a most perfect example of how to spiritualize his material part. So, the soul must spiritualize everything and become invisible so as to easily make her will one with my Mine, because invisible things can be absorbed by other objects. If one wants to make one object out of two objects, one of the two must lose its shape—otherwise one could never succeed in forming one single being out of two.
“How blessed you would be if by destroying yourself and becoming invisible, you could receive a fully divine form! Moreover, by your being absorbed in Me, and I in you, we would form one single being, and you would come to possess the divine source of all things within yourself. And since my Will contains every good thing that can ever be, you would come to possess all goods, gifts, and graces, and you would not have to look for them anywhere but within yourself. And if virtues have no boundaries, when the creature is in my Will, she will reach as far as she can and find their limits, because my Will makes one acquire the most heroic, sublime and unsurpassable virtues.
“The height of the perfection of a soul dissolved in my Will is so great that she comes to participate in all of God’s works. And this is no wonder, because it is no longer her will that lives in her but the Will of God Himself. No one should be amazed if, by living with this Will, she possesses the power, the wisdom, the sanctity and all the other virtues that God Himself contains. I tell you this so that you may fall in love with Him and cooperate with Him as much as you can. When she reaches the stage of living by my Will alone, the soul becomes the queen of all queens, and she mounts a throne so high that it reaches the throne of the Eternal One; she enters the secrets of the Most August Trinity, and participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. O how all the Angels and Saints honor her, men admire her, and demons fear her, seeing the Divine Being within her!”

Volume 11
February 8, 1915
Jesus came and said: “My daughter, the union of our wills is such that the volition of one cannot be distinguished from that of the others. It is this union of Wills that forms the perfection of the Three Divine Persons. As We are equal in our Will, this uniformity produces a uniformity of Sanctity, Wisdom, Beauty, Power, Love and of all the rest of our being. That is why We reflect Ourselves to Each Other, and our satisfaction in looking at Ourselves is so great that it makes Us completely happy. So, each of Us is reflected in the Others, and each One pours into the Others all the qualities of our Being, like many immense seas of different joys. If anything were dissimilar among Us, our Being could not be perfect, or fully happy.
“Now, when We created man, We infused our image and likeness into him to overwhelm him with our happiness, to be reflected in him and to delight in him. But man broke the first link of connection—the will—between himself and the Creator, thus losing his true happiness. Worse still, every kind of evil rained down upon him. So, We can neither find our reflection in him nor delight in him. We can only work in a soul who does our Will in everything—in her We enjoy the complete fruit of Creation. Even those who have some virtues, who pray and receive the Sacraments, do not allow Us to be reflected in them unless they conform to our Volition. If their will is cut off from Ours, everything remains in disorder and topsy-turvy.
“Ah, my daughter, only our Will is acceptable, since It re-orders, delights and contains all benefits. Therefore, do my Will always and in everything, and be concerned with nothing else.”

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