(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
September 1, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,
Hopefully, we all understand the importance of praying the Rosary for the coming of the Kingdom (“This is another beautiful sign that, just as the Sovereign Lady conquered Her Creator, adorned Him with her chains of love, and drew Him down from Heaven to earth to make Him establish the Kingdom of Redemption, so will the sweet and powerful crown of her Rosary make Her victorious and triumphant again before the Divinity, conquering the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, to make It come among men.”)
The Rosary is not only important for the coming of the Kingdom, it is extremely important for America in these very stressful times. The Rosary will bring us peace of soul, and make it so much easier to abandon our little feeble and sinful wills to the Most Holy and Loving Divine Will, who knows all things and has the powerful to change and correct as He Wills!
It is an extreme time for prayer and making sure each and every act we do is accomplished in the Divine Will That is where the power comes from, the holiness, the sanctity, the peace, the abandonment made easy…it is from where all good comes!
Doing the Rounds of reparation and re-doing all human acts, good and sinful is just as important for bringing the Kingdom upon earth to all souls!
If you read the first extract I have quoted here, you will be able to understand the importance of our acts of doing and re-doing.
Jesus spent 30 years of His Life setting the foundation for His Father’s Kingdom, He spent only 3 years on Redemption, but He spent His entire 34 years re-doing man’s acts to satisfy for what man owed His Father and for His Father’s glory!
So, read and understand the importance of doing reparation and re-doing human acts for the coming of the Kingdom upon the earth, and to obtain aid in these very dangerous times we are living in.
We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God grant us peace and protection in and with His Holy Will! But as always…Fiat, Lord, not my will, but Yours alone!
Ann Ellison

Volume 11
August 3, 1916
Jesus told me: “Daughter, do you think that I am the one who wants to scourge them? Ah, no! On the contrary, my love is so great that I spent my whole life redoing what man was obliged to do for the Supreme Majesty; and, since my acts were divine, I multiplied them enough times to redo them for each and for all, to fill Heaven and earth, and to defend man against the blows of divine Justice. But man, by his own sin, destroys this defense, and when he has broken it down, the scourges strike him.
Volume 12
January 29, 1919
Luisa: I was adoring the wounds of blessed Jesus, and as I finished I recited the Creed, intending to enter into the immensity of the Divine Will where all the acts of creatures, past, present and future dwell—and even those acts that souls should do but do not do, because of negligence or ill will. And I was saying: “My Jesus, my Love, I enter your Will, and with this Creed I want to redo and make reparation for all the acts of faith that creatures have failed to do—for all of their unbelief, and for all of their failures to give God the adoration due to Him as Creator…” (This is how to truly “re-do” acts in the Divine Will!)
I asked Jesus: “My Love, if this living in the Divine Will is such a good thing, why didn’t You make it known before?” And He answered: “My daughter, first I had to make known what my Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to know what my Divinity did interiorly. But human beings are incapable of understanding My work all at once; and that is why I keep revealing Myself little by little.
Later, from your link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who will live in my Volition and who will redo all the acts of their brothers and sisters. I will receive the glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, which souls will also do. And these souls will come from all classes: They will be virgins, priests, and lay people, each one acting according to his duty. They will no longer work in a merely human manner; but, rather, as they penetrate my Will, their acts will multiply in the name of all souls in a purely divine manner. And I will receive from souls the divine glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others that have been stained with self-interest, and of many good works which bring Me more dishonor than honor. I yearn very much for this time… And I want you to join Me in praying and yearning for that day—without breaking your link of connection with Me. For you are the first one.
Volume 13
February 4, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will take part in the eternal activity of the Divine Will.
While I continued in my usual state, as soon as my sweet Jesus came to me He said: “My daughter, the souls who live in my Will are the little wheels that rotate in the great wheel of Eternity. My Will is the motion and the life of the wheel of endless Eternity. As they enter into my Will to pray, to love, to act, and all the rest, the wheel of Eternity makes them go around within its immense circumference. And since in that wheel they find all that has been done and must be done, and all that should be done but is not done, as they rotate they cast light and divine waves into what has been done and must be done, giving divine honor to their Creator in the name of everyone—and so they redo what has not been done by creatures. O how beautiful it is to see a soul enter into my Will! As she enters, the great wheel of Eternity winds her up, to make her go around within its great expanse; and the little wheel does its eternal rounds. This winding-up by the great wheel puts her in touch with all the Divine windings, and while she goes around, she does all that her Creator Himself does. Indeed, they are as it were the first and the last to be created by Me, because, as they go around, they find themselves at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. So, they will form the crown of the whole human family: the glory, the honor and the atonement for all; and the restoration to God of the whole order of things that He created. So, may your rounds be continuous in my Will; I will give you the wind-up—and you will be ready to receive it, won’t you?
Volume 16
June 6, 1924
Jesus added: “But I am in your heart directing everything, and all those paths were walked by Me. I enclosed everything, I did not let even one heartbeat or pain of any creature escape Me. And you should know that having to enclose my Will in you as center of life, it is necessary that my Supreme Will find in you all the paths and all that your Jesus did, because they are inseparable from It. Not accepting one single thing that It contains is sufficient to prevent Its center from being formed. It is enough to prevent Its full dominion or having Its point of departure from you to make Itself known and to rule others. It will have it from Itself, but not from you. See then how necessary it is that you embrace everyone and you redo the journeys of everyone, taking upon yourself the difficulties, the pains and the acts of everyone, if you want the Majesty of my Will to descend into you to take its course there.”

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