(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
OCTOBER 7, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,

I pray all of you are well and healthy and living as fully as possible in the Divine Will daily! It is the striving that God loves so much from us. He knows we will fail daily, but it is the picking yourself up and beginning again for love of His Holy Will that gives Him the most glory! So, keep up the striving daily with a positive attitude knowing how much God loves you!

Today I would like to share with you the Transtemporal Rosary! Most of you out there probably know of the Transtemporal Rosary, but for those who are not familiar, hopefully I can explain it because it is a most beautiful and intimate way to pray the Rosary in the Divine Will!

As we are all taught, God is Omnipresent, which means He is  everywhere, in all creatures and in all creation to sustain them! God is in every soul to sustain it and give it prime motion. A soul can’t move or exist without God sustaining it or giving it it’s prime movement, or motion! God is in ever tree and all creation to sustain it. The tree is not God, but God has to be present in the tree to sustain it. That’s the reason Jesus told Luisa when she was complaining about not being able to go to Adoration (because of being unable to leave her bed), that to worship Him in the sun, in all creation because He is there!

God is also Eternity! He has no beginning, and He has no end, He is Eternity, and when we go into His Divine Will, we go into the ambience of Eternity! In other words, time does not exist for our souls in the Divine Will. We can go and be with Jesus at His birth, or comfort Him during His Crucifixion. We can go and be in the wood of the Cross He was Crucified on because we are wherever God is and God is in that wood, in the nails, in the whips that beat Jesus! God is in the straw that Our Lady laid Jesus on when He was born, in the swaddling clothes that Mary wrapped Jesus in! So, in the Trans-Temporal Rosary praying each Mystery, we can go and support, love and/or comfort Jesus and Mary, and even St. Joseph, St. Elizabeth, or whoever is in that Mystery. We can be warmth to Jesus in the swaddling clothes! We can do whatever we desire in the Transtemporal Rosary.

I have attached the Sorrowful Mysteries so you can get an idea of how to pray this extraordinary Rosary!

Also, if you do not have a Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will book, which everyone should be reading this month, just call Kathy Fahy at 423-566-5178 to order you very own book to read this month!

The Center for the Divine Will is getting ready several old and very dear books to publish. These books are the ones which we were weaned on and are like mother’s milk to the old timers. There are so many new people coming into the Divine Will, praise God, that we thought these wonderful books could help them as much as they have helped us. Anyone who would like to help out with donations, we will be most happy to let you know what books we are planning to publish next.
We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! They say that God is closer to your soul than your soul is to your body, so may your Rosaries be as intimate with the Holy Family as God is to your soul, all accomplished in the Holy Will of our Father!
Ann Ellison

PS: This incredibly beautiful Transtemporal Rosary was written by Thomas M. Fahy! How we miss you, Thomas!

Transtemporal Rosary
Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony in the Garden:
Let us enter into the ambience of Eternity and from there enter in all reality with God into the actual events of time concerning the Passion of Jesus in the Agony of the Garden following the Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper on that First Holy Thursday.

Let us unite intimately with Jesus as He hastens from the Upper Room across parts of Jerusalem to the Garden of Olives. Let us step together with Him in his steps, breathe in his breathing, and beat in his heartbeats. United with the Holy Trinity, let us not only observe the Man-God, but act with Them in the Humanity of Jesus while conserving Its existence; let us conserve the ground He walks on, the air He breathes, the light of the stars twinkling with tears, the sounds of the insects, and the movements of the little creatures of the night.

Let us enter with Jesus into the Garden of Olives and walk with Him to the large rock —that rock upon which He will find Himself leaning during his great agony. Let us with the Holy Trinity conserve the existence of that rock and the olive trees in that garden, speaking, in their stead, words of compassion and words of supplication for God’s forgiveness for the sins of the human race.

With God the Father let us present to afflicted Jesus the sins and ingratitude of mankind from Adam to the last person, which cause Jesus to tremble from Head to foot, his Heart to pound violently, and anguish Him to the point of death: Murder, abortion, impurities of every kind, thievery, dishonesty, apostasy, rebellion, vengeance, disobedience, covetousness, Pride, Envy, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Anger, betrayals, scandals, sins of Priests and Religious, sins of Heads of Government, sins of the tongue, lying, slander, calumnies, blasphemy, false oaths, cursing, sins of thought, family feuds, unjust warfare, plots against the Church…The punishments due to sin: war, earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanoes…
Let us unite with that Eternal Love, which wanting the primacy in everything, makes Jesus suffer all at once and in the most intimate parts, that which the executioners will make Him suffer little by little.
Let us enter into Jesus and exude his bloody sweat; share his immense anguish which causes the rock to crack beneath his pounding Heart. Let us unite with Jesus in asking the Father to let this cup pass— the cup all the ugliness of human sin and perfidy; and let us say with Him on behalf of all humanity: “not my will but yours be done.”

Let us go to the area where the Apostles are sleeping, and with the power of the Holy Trinity, conserve their existence, the ground they sleep on, the air they breathe. With sorrowful Jesus let us ask the sleeping apostles, “Couldn’t you wait one hour with Me?”

Let us join with Mary and come in spirit, and in reality give support to Jesus in his greatest affliction, so great that He arrives at the point of death! Then suddenly, let us rise with Jesus in renewed strength and allow the perfidious Judas to complete his betrayal with a kiss. With the Holy Trinity, let us conserve the existence of this traitor and the soldiers who have come to arrest Jesus and give them the prime movement of all their actions. Let us ask with Jesus whom the soldiers seek and reply with Jesus to their response that they are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, with “I am He.” Let us conserve the lives of the soldiers as they fall to the ground at Jesus’ words. Let us provide the prime movement of Peter as he takes his dagger and cuts off the ear of Malchus. Then, united with Jesus, let us work the miracle of restoring Malchus’ ear. As Jesus meekly surrenders to the soldiers, let us walk with Him away from the Garden of Olives to carry out the rest of his Passion.

The Scourging:
Let us continue our flight in the ambience Eternity and with our God enter into the time of the event of the Scourging of Jesus. Let us suffer with Jesus the indignity of Pilate’s order to be scourged and let us walk with Him to the place of the scourging pillar. Let us, with the Holy Trinity, conserve the pillar’s existence and all the atoms and molecules of which it is composed. Let us conserve the ground Jesus walks upon and the buildings he passes, the air He breathes, the rays of the Sun that touch Him. In and with Jesus let us meekly submit to being stripped and tied to the pillar. Let us blush with Jesus as He is stripped of his garments and with Him make humble reparation for the sins of indecency, immodesty, impurity, luxury, and sensuality.

Let us conserve the existence of the soldiers who will whip Him and give them the prime movement to carry out their atrocious and bestial acts of violence against his sacred flesh. Let us enter into the very whips and thongs that strip away this sacred flesh of Jesus and cry out to Him in these whips and thongs; “Our Lord, we are constrained by the Will of your Father to be instruments of your torture, for the sake of ungrateful humanity. We long to be exempt from this constraint but we must submit meekly to the Divine Will.”

Crowning of Thorns:
Let us continue our flight in the ambience Eternity and, with our God, enter into the time of the event of the Crowning of Thorns.

After the atrocious scourging, Jesus is mocked as a king. Let us unite with Jesus and produce with Him that sweet and gentle smile of love as the rabid soldier form a crude crown of long and piercing thorns, which they press and hammer upon his adorable Head, some thorns even penetrating the back of his neck. With the Divine Trinity, let us conserve the thorns in existence as well as the soldiers, giving them the prime movement to continue the torture of Jesus. Let us together with Jesus make reparation for the pride of men who aspire to places of authority over others as the soldiers further mock the King of kings by dressing him with a purple rag.

Let us enter into the thorns and become their voice, confessing their love for their God as they are constrained by the Will of the Father to torture that Sacred Head, for the sake of humanity.
Let us conserve and provide the air for Jesus to breathe as well as that breathed by the soldiers and the crowds witnessing this awful tragedy of misjustice. Let us enter the sorrowful Heart of Mary and grieve with Her at the sight of her beautiful Son being so disfigured by the cruelty of sin. Let us conserve the ground that Jesus walks upon, staggering as He is shuffled rudely to the praetorium to be viewed by the shocked eyes of Pilate. Let us conserve the atoms and molecules of the praetorium and Pilate’s own existence as he shouts to the Jews, “Ecce Homo!”

Carrying of the Cross:
We continue our flight in the ambience Eternity and, with our God, enter into the time of the event of the Carrying of the Cross.

Let us enter within the Humanity of Jesus and pick up the Cross upon which the Man-God will be crucified. Let us, with the Divine Trinity, conserve the wood of the Cross, the streets Jesus will traverse, the air He, the soldiers, and the spectators will breathe; the prime movement to the birds that fly by and the clouds that pass overhead. Let us supply the prime movement to all those participating in the spectacle of the Redeemer of mankind being pushed, kicked, mocked, cursed, and otherwise abused. Let us fall repeatedly to the ground with the weakened Humanity of Jesus under the weight of the Cross, which represents the weight of the sins of the world. In the stones upon which the Savior falls, let us drink in His most Precious Blood.

Let us gaze with the broken but love filled Heart of Jesus at his Mother as He passes Her on the way to Calvary. Let us accept gratefully in and with Him the momentary relief that Veronica gives Him as she wipes his bloody Face, while at the same time we move in Veronica, giving her the prime movement to carry out her act of precious charity to her God.

Let us provide conservation to the existence of Simon the Cyrenean and prime movement to his reluctant and forced assistance to the struggling, staggering Jesus in carrying the Cross. Let us provide conservation of existence and prime movement to the holy women of Jerusalem who weep over the sight of Jesus making his way to the appointed place of his Death. And let us, in Jesus, reply to these women, saying, “Weep not for Me but for yourselves and your children; for if they do this when then wood is green, what will they do when the wood is dry?…” Let us speak, in and for the wood of the Cross, words of love to the condemned Creator, confessing its regret at causing Him so much pain, especially to his shoulder, but so constrained by the Will of the Father.

Thoughts to incorporate in the Transtemporal Rosary
Cross represents the sins of the world, streets, stones, air, sun, ground, people buildings, wood of the cross, wound in Jesus’ shoulder, His falls under the weight of the cross, his labored breath, the wounds to his knees when He falls, the rubbing against the crown of thorns, the reluctant help if Simon from Cyrene, Veronica wipes his face, visual contact with his Mother, the holy women of Jerusalem

Death on the Cross:
We continue our flight through the ambience Eternity and, with our God, enter into the time of the event of the Crucifixion and death of Jesus.

In and with Jesus, we meekly submit to his poor, wounded Head experiencing once again the unspeakable pain of being roughly torn off as the soldiers strip Him of his seamless tunic. With Jesus, as the soldiers throw dice over his tunic, we look back in time with immense sorrow at guilty Adam, who gambled his seamless tunic of celestial light, at the very dawn of man’s creation.

Then with unimaginable humility and promptness with our Jesus, we lie upon the cross and immediately extend his arms to be cruelly nailed at the wrists. We shudder all over in Jesus as His sacred body is jolted at the setting of the cross in the ground. With the Most Blessed Trinity, we conserve the existence and provide the prime movement to the executioners as they go about the business of assuring the death of the Innocent One. With God we work in the thieves crucified beside Jesus, giving them the graces to repent of their sins and acknowledge their dying God, though only one of the thieves corresponds to these graces. By the Power of the Spirit of God we, in Jesus, say with Him those last seven words to be recorded in the Gospel.

We agonize with Jesus for three long hours, thirsting for souls and gasping for breath, gazing down upon his Mother, St. John and the holy women. With the Blessed Trinity we communicate life to Jesus until the appointed moment of his last breath. We conserve and provide the air He and the others breathed, the Sun in the sky which shone down on this most dolorous scene. Then as we take the last breath with Jesus, we bring about with God a great earthquake, darken the sun, and rip asunder the great curtain before the Holy of Holies in the Temple.

Having given up his spirit, we depart with Jesus for the Limbo of the just souls and transform it into paradise, while conserving the Sacred Body of Jesus on the Cross. We wait for the spear of Longinus to pierce the Sacred Side, and we with God burst forth a last gush of Blood and water, spurting some into the dimmed eyes of Longinus.

In and with the lovers of Jesus at Calvary we take down the Most Sacred Body of Jesus and place it in the arms of his most sorrowful Mother.

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