(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
October 30, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,

Well, the Holy Souls in Purgatory are relying on us to bring as many out of Purgatory as possible this November…and everyday as a matter of fact. But November is especially offered for the Holy Souls and so we must do our duty.

Pope Francis has extended the indulgence for the entire month of November this year, rather than just the first week. So, we have a great amount of time to get many, many, many souls out of Purgatory. The prayers of a soul praying in the Divine Will are the most powerful prayers for the Holy Souls and will release many more because for as many times as a soul has done the Will of God, the prayers become more efficacious for the Holy Souls. If we are praying in and with the Holy Will of God, it is the most efficacious of all!

Happy Eve of All Saints day and may we all imitate only the Saints this year for the glory of our Heavenly Father and for His Kingdom to come….and for this year’s election! Let us pray to our Father to show mercy to America!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God allow us to truly understand the importance of our prayers for this election. Let us go all out with all our acts
accomplished in and with the Holy Will of God, and with prayers, Adoration, Masses, Novenas, all and everything pleading for mercy and to keep America a Christian country!

And giving great gratitude to God for keeping souls who live in the Divine Will out of Purgatory! What an immense gift that is!! O Lord, purify my soul to rid it of anything that offense You!!
Ann Ellison

March 8, 1914
Another day He told me: “My daughter, by no means can the soul who does My Will go to Purgatory, because My Will purges the soul of all her defects. After guarding her jealously in My Will during her life, how could I allow the fire of Purgatory to touch her? At the most she may need some clothing, but My Will, before unveiling the Divinity, will clothe her with all that she needs. And then I will reveal Myself.”

March 13, 1907
Luisa prays to Jesus for her mother, that she may not go to Purgatory after her death.
My life almost always follows the same pattern. At best, Jesus appears to me in silence. In these last few days, when He showed Himself to me, He caressed me and kissed me, and, since my mama was sick, He let me know that He was coming to take her. I said to Him: “My Lord, You want her, and I give her to You as a gift even before You take her. I do not want to wait until You take her to give her to You. But I want You to pay me for the gift I am giving You. I want You to reward me by taking her straight to Paradise, without letting her pass-through Purgatory—even if it means making me suffer the Purgatory that my Mama deserved.”

And blessed Jesus said to me: “My daughter, let Me do what I must.”

And, resuming my prayers to Him, I said: “But, my sweet love, who will have the heart to watch my Mama suffer in Purgatory—she who suffered so much, and who cried so much because of me? The weight of gratitude presses me on, urges me, and gives me strength. As for everything else, do whatever You want, but in this, no! I will not give up. You will have to content me and do what I want.” And He answered: “My beloved, do not insist too stubbornly–—you are truly relentless, and by your persistence You are forcing Me to give in to you.” However, He would not give me a definite answer. I went back to plead with Him and I cried like a child. And as I pleaded with Him again and again, I kept offering all that He had suffered in His Passion—minute by minute, and hour by hour—applying it to my mother’s soul so that she might be purified, purged, and beautified—so that I might obtain what I sought. And, drying my tears, He added: “My dear beloved one, do not cry. You know that I love you—can I not make you happy? See: As you offer My Passion continuously, forgetting nothing of all that I suffered for your mother, her soul is plunged deep within an immense sea—and this sea beautifies, washes, enriches, and inundates her with light. And, to assure you that I will grant what you ask, when your mother dies, a fire will take you by surprise and you will feel a burning sensation”. His words left me satisfied, but not certain, because He had not yet told me whether He would take Mama straight to Paradise.

May 9, 1907
The Death and Purgatory of Luisa’s parents.
It has been a few months since I wrote, and I am writing again now with great repugnance, and only out of obedience. O what a weight I feel! I only consoled myself with the thought that I could say to my beloved Jesus: “See how I love You more and more—since for love of You alone I submit myself to this sacrifice. And, for as long as this trial lasts, I can say that my love for You is always growing!” And the mere thought that I can tell my Jesus I love Him more fills me with the strength that I need to sacrifice and obey.

And now, since I do not remember everything clearly, I will relate all that happened, confusedly, starting from the time when I began praying that Jesus would take my mother to Paradise without passing through Purgatory. Afterwards, on March 19, on the feast of Saint Joseph, in the morning, while I was in my usual state, my mother passed from this life into eternity. Then blessed Jesus—allowing me to see her as He came for her—said to me: “My daughter, the Creator comes for His creature.”

At that moment, I felt I was being consumed, within and without, by a fire so keen that it made my bowels, my stomach and my whole body feel on fire. And if I ate anything, it was changed into fire, and I was forced to vomit it as soon as I had swallowed it. This fire consumed me and at the same time kept me alive. O how well I understood the consuming fire of Purgatory—which, while consuming the soul, restores her to life! This fire serves for food and water, life and death—but I was happy in that state. However, since I had only seen Jesus take her but He had not shown me where He had taken her, my joy was not full, and my very sufferings made me anxious—since I sensed they were the same sufferings that my mother would endure if she was in Purgatory. And when I saw blessed Jesus—who for several days had almost never left me—I cried and said to Him: “My sweet Love, tell me—where did You take her? I am at peace that You have taken her away from us because You keep her with Yourself; but I could not bear it if You do not have her with You—and I will cry and cry until You give in to me.” He seemed to enjoy my crying—He embraced me, strengthened me, dried my tears, and said to me: “My daughter, do not be afraid. Calm yourself. And, once you have calmed yourself, I will let you see her—and you will be very pleased. Besides, you will be able to know for certain when I have answered your prayer by the fire you will feel.”

But I continued to weep, especially when I saw Him, since I felt interiorly that something was still lacking to my mother’s happiness—so much so, that the people who gathered around me on account of my mother’s death, when they saw me crying so much, thought that I was crying because of my mother’s death and were almost scandalized, thinking that I had turned aside from the Divine Will—when in fact I was swimming in the sphere of the Divine Will more than ever before. But I do not appeal to any human tribunal, because they are all false—only to the divine tribunal, which is perfectly true. And good Jesus did not condemn me; on the contrary, He took pity on me, and to strengthen me, He came more often, which almost gave me a reason to cry even more—because if He had not come, to whom could I have cried and offered my prayer? The people judged rightly from an external point of view; and, besides, since I am so very bad, it is no wonder that people were scandalized by me.

Then, after quite a few days, as good Jesus came, He told me: “My daughter, cheer up, because I want to tell you where your mother is and to show you the place. Since before and after she passed away, you have suffered continuously all that I won, achieved, and endured for her sake during My whole life, she takes part in what I did and enjoys My Humanity. Only My Divinity is concealed from her—but It, too, will soon be unveiled to her. And the fire that you feel and your prayers have served to spare her from any other pain of the senses—pains which all souls must endure—because My justice, receiving satisfaction from you, could not demand it from you both.”

At that moment, I seemed to see my mother within a boundless immensity full of as many joys and delights as there are words, thoughts, sighs, works, heartbeats, and sufferings—in short, for as many acts as the Most Holy Humanity of Jesus Christ contains. Then I understood that Christ’s Humanity forms a second Paradise for the Blessed, and that to enter the Paradise of His Divinity all must pass through this Paradise of the Humanity of Christ. That is why the reality that mama has passed through no other Purgatory than this one has been a most singular privilege for my mother, one reserved for very few. However, I understood that even though she dwelt in the midst of delights rather than torments, her happiness was only about half of what it would be when it was complete.

May the Lord be blessed always!

For twelve days I continued to suffer so greatly that my life hung by a thread. However, obedience intervened to keep that thread from breaking, and I returned to my natural state. I don’t know, but obedience seems to have cast a spell over me, and it seems as if the Lord wants to humble obedience, break that spell, and take me to Himself. I felt upset that obedience always blocks my way and keeps me from entering Heaven; but good Jesus told me, “My daughter, the Blessed in Heaven give Me much glory because of the perfect union of their will with Mine—for their life proceeds from My Will. Our relationship is so harmonious that their breath, breathing, movements, joys, and all that makes up their blessedness flows from My Will. However, I tell you that if a pilgrim soul is permanently united to My Will so that she never departs from It, her whole life becomes Heavenly, and she gives Me the same glory that I receive from the Blessed. Or, rather, I take more pleasure and delight in that pilgrim soul, because the Blessed do what they do without sacrifice, in the midst of delights, while pilgrim souls do what they do with sacrifice, in the midst of sufferings. And wherever there is sacrifice, I take more pleasure and delight. And since the pilgrim soul who lives in My Will forms one Life with them, the very Blessed who live in My Volition share in My delight in that pilgrim soul.”

I remember another time, when I feared that My state might be a work of the devil, good Jesus told me: “My daughter, the devil can also speak about virtue, but while speaking about virtue, he plants repugnance and hatred for virtue within the soul. Then the poor soul finds herself divided against herself and lacks the strength to do good. On the other hand, when it is I who speak—since I am the truth—my word is full of life; it is not sterile, but fruitful, and that is why while I speak I infuse love for virtue, and I produce that very virtue in the soul. Indeed, the truth is strength, light, and support—a second nature for the soul who lets herself be directed by the truth.”

I will go on by adding that only about ten days after the death of my mother, my father fell gravely ill, and the Lord made me understand that he, too, would die. I gave him to the Lord in advance as a gift, and I repeated the same plea that I had made for my mother—that He should not let my father pass through Purgatory. But the Lord appeared more reluctant this time, and He would not listen to me. I was terribly afraid—not for my father’s salvation, because good Jesus had made me a solemn promise almost fifteen years before that none of my family or loved ones would be lost—but I was very much concerned about Purgatory. I kept praying, but good Jesus hardly ever visited me. Only on the day my father died—that is, after about fifteen days of illness—blessed Jesus appeared to me, all kindness, clothed in white as if for a feast, and He told me: “Today I am waiting for your father, and for love of you I will appear to him not as a judge, but as a kind father. I will welcome him with open arms.” I insisted on bringing up Purgatory, but He would not listen to me, and He disappeared. After my father died, no new sufferings came to me as had happened after my mother’s death—and from this I understood that he had gone to Purgatory. I prayed and prayed again and again, but Jesus would only appear to me fleetingly, without spending any time with me; and what was worse, I could not even cry because I had no one to cry with me, and the only One who could listen to my crying, kept running away from me. O the adorable judgments and ways of God!

Then, after two days of interior pains, as I beheld blessed Jesus and asked Him about my father, I sensed that papa was behind Jesus’ shoulders—and he seemed to be weeping and asking for help. Then they both disappeared. I felt lacerated in my soul, and I kept praying and praying. Finally, after six days, as I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of my body in a church where many poor souls had gathered. I was begging Our Lord at least to let my father spend his Purgatory in a church, because I could see that the poor souls in the churches receive continuous relief from the prayers and Masses that are offered there—and even more from the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacrament. Indeed, It seems to give them continuous refreshment. At that moment, I saw my father, looking quite venerable, and Our Lord let me lead him to a place near the Tabernacle. At once my interior sufferings seemed to subside.
In a confused way, I remember that, on another day, when blessed Jesus came, He made me comprehend the great value of suffering, and I prayed that He would let everyone comprehend the blessings that suffering contains. And He said to me: “My daughter, the cross is a thorny fruit, irritating and prickly on the outside, but full of rare and delicious fruit when its thorns and skin are removed. But only one who has the patience to endure the irritation of the thorn-pricks can discover the secret of the value and flavor of that fruit. And only one who has come to discover this secret looks at it with love, and goes eagerly in search of this fruit, without caring about the thorn-pricks—while all the others look at it with contempt, and despise it.” And I asked: “But, my sweet Lord, what secret does the fruit of the cross contain?” And He answered: “It is the secret of eternal beatitude, because the fruit of the cross contains many little coins which are used only to enter Heaven—and these little coins enrich the soul and bless her for all eternity.”

The rest I only remember in a confused way, and since I sense that I do not have my memories in good order, I will end my account of them here and move on.

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