(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
November 16, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,

The reading below is so comforting and helps us understand the levels of living in the Divine Will, and not matter which level you are living in, you will always be living in the Divine Will.

But, even more importantly, it explains to us the power of living and praying in the Divine Will. It explains about the electrical wires that carry electricity everywhere, and although that is extremely limited, living in the Divine Will, our wires go everywhere without limits! So, our acts, which include our prayers, go everywhere without limits when accomplished in the Divine Will, and as Jesus says so beautifully, “With what enchanting speed it will make its way among souls!”

So, this shows us that our prayers, go everywhere without limit, and that includes the very Throne of God!! And of course, this makes sense since we know that the Divine Will created all of creation, It created all time, It created the heavens and the earth, It created everything!! So, therefore, our prayers go throughout human history, and in all places and in every circumstance, and even through all eternity! That is how powerful our prayers are!

So, pray, pray, pray in the Divine Will always! And everyone and all things in all times and even in Eternity will be touched!

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God help us understand fully the awesome power of praying in and with the Holy Will of God!
Ann Ellison

August 4, 1926
The Soul Who Lives in the Divine Will Dwells Everywhere in Safety, but in the Divine Will there are Four Levels.

My days, my hours, are always weighed down by the nightmare of my abandonment by my sweet Jesus. O how sad it is to pass from light to darkness; and while one thinks he is bound to enjoy the light, in a flash it disappears—and he is left in a deeper darkness than before.
Now, while I found myself under the wine-press of the abandonment of the light of my Jesus—and feeling that I could not go on any longer—my dear Life, my greatest Good, stirred within me. And when I felt Him, I said to Him: “Jesus, how can You leave me? Without You I do not know where I am.” And He, all goodness, said to me:

“My daughter, how can it be? Don’t you know where you are? Are you not in My Will? The house of My Will is large. If you are not on one floor you will be on another, because It has four levels. The first is the ground floor of the earth; there is the sea, the earth, the plants, the flowers, the mountains, and everything else that exists in the lower part of the universe. My Will rules and reigns everywhere. It always plays the queenly part and holds all things in Its power.

“The second level is the sun, the stars, the spheres. The third is the firmament. The fourth is My homeland and that of the saints. In all these levels My Will reigns as Queen. It holds the first place of honor, so that no matter which of the levels you may be found in, rest assured—you will always be in My Will. If you go around in the lower regions of the universe you will find It waiting for you in the sea, so that you join together to do what It does, as It unfolds Its love, Its glory, and Its power. It awaits you on the mountains, in the valley bottoms, and in the flowery meadows. In all things It waits for you to keep you company, to be sure that you haven’t neglected anything—rather, that you will repeat Its acts.
“And, when you have gone around the first level, pass on to the second; and you will find My Will waiting for you majestically in the sun—so that Its light and Its heat transform you, making you forget yourself, and making you know how to love and glorify a Divine Will. So, go around in Our house, in the works of your Creator—because He awaits you everywhere to teach you His ways. Repeat what My Will does in all created things so that you will always be sure of finding yourself in the Supreme Will. Not only that, but you will always be found with Me; and, although you do not always see Me, you must know that I am inseparable from My Will and from My Works. That is why, as I am in the Divine Will, I will be with you—and you will be with Me.”

Having said that, Jesus disappeared in a flash; and I remained in more darkness than before, continuing my acts in the Supreme Will. But, while I did that, I prayed that He would return to His little daughter, and I said to Him: “My Jesus, I beg You, for the sake of Your own Will, to come back to Your little newborn. And since Your Will is diffused throughout Creation and fills It all, it is Your own Will that prays to You in the sun to come back to me. I pray to You in each star. In the blue sky I beg you to come back to her who cannot live without You. I beg You in the sea, in its breaking waves, and in its sweet murmuring—that You quickly come back to Your little exile. My Love, do You not hear my voice in Your Will that resounds in all created things? Do you not hear how all Creation prays, pleads, sighs, and cries out for You to come back to the little one of Your Will? How can so many voices not move You! How can so many sighs not press You, and not put you to flight! Do You not know, O Jesus, that it is Your Will that begs You? And, if You do not listen to It, and I believe that You cannot go on without listening to It.”
“The teachings that I give you about the Reign of My Will shall be like a network of electric wires that have been joined together properly with the necessary preparations—so that a single one of its wires can light up a city or an entire province. Faster than the wind, electric power gives light to public and private places.

“The teachings about My Will shall be the wires; the electric power will be the Fiat Itself, which—with an enchanting rapidity—will make the light scatter the night of the human will, the darkness of the passions. O how beautiful the light of My Will shall be! We will see it placing devices in souls to attach the wires of Its teachings so that they can enjoy and be strengthened by the light that the electricity of My Supreme Will contains.

“Do you want to see how it will happen? Look, I take a wire of My teachings and connect it to your soul; and you speak into the wire and say: “I love You, I adore You, I bless You,” or whatever you want to say—and be attentive and watch carefully.’

I said, “I love You.” That “I love You” was changed into characters of light; and the electric power of the Supreme Will multiplied it in such a way that my ”I love You” of light flowed through the entire vault of the sky, fixing itself in the sun and in every star. My “I love You” pierced the heavens, fixing itself upon each of the blessed, forming its crown of light at the foot of the Divine Throne, and entering into the very bosom of the Supreme Majesty. In short, wherever the Divine Will is found, It produces Its electric light.

And Jesus resumed speaking and said: “My daughter, have you seen what power the electricity of the Supreme Fiat has? Have you seen how it reaches everywhere? At the most, the electricity of the earth is diffused in the lower places; it does not have the power to reach to the stars. But the power of My electricity diffuses itself below, on high, into hearts—everywhere—when the wires are in place. With what enchanting speed it will make its way among souls!”

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