(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
February 3, 2021

Dear Divine Will Family,
I am so very sorry about all the confusion from me changing my email address. I have a new email address and if you put my new email address in your contacts you should receive my Snippets. Many have been writing because they have not received anything since November. If you look in your junk email box, you should find several Snippets that I have sent out since November. Please put my new email address into you contacts. It is: [email protected]. You may want to also keep my Yahoo.com account, just in case the protonmail.com does not work for you.
Also, many have been writing about receiving the vaccine and I received something that I want to share with those who have decided not to receive the vaccine. It is a way to refuse the vaccine without causing any animosity among you and your health care providers, or your state government. I will have to type it since MailChimp will not allow me to copy and paste it, or upload it.

Step 1.
Do Not refuse the vaccine. Otherwise you will be considered belligerent. Instead you can politely decline the service by doing the following.

Step 2.
Ask the doctor, “Does this vaccine have MRC-5 in it? (They all do) These are aborted fetal cells and other DNA. If the vaccine contains MRC-5, your have a right to decline. Do so politely.

Step 3.
Also ask, “Is there a possibility of a “Latrogenic Reaction”? (an adverse reaction caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine. (They all do). When the doctor says, “Yes, it does.” That is your “Get out of the vaccine free card.” Thank the doctor for their offer and walk away.

Remember, doctors have sworn the Hippocratic Oath (which is to do no harm). They must honor it. This is how we can legally (and respectfully) decline their offered mandated services and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Now you know!
If you have decided to take the vaccine, that is your own decision and that is OK. But, there are others who have chosen not to take the vaccine. I have had several write to me and call me. So, I want to consider them as well.
As you all know very well, Tom Fahy died December 14, 2019, over a year ago. Kathy and I have been doing our best to keep Tom’s organization alive and well and spreading the knowledge and understanding of this most magnificent Life of God reigning in His creature’s souls! It is a pleasure and a privilege to do this work, and there is nothing we would rather be doing. If you feel in your heart that God wants you to help us with our operating expenses, it would greatly appreciated! It is tax deductible and we send you a tax letter for your files, along with our immense gratitude and prayers! But, as always, fiat!
Lent is coming faster than we can keep up with so remember to begin reading your “Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.” If you need to purchase the book or get a new one because your old one is falling apart…please call Kathy at 423-566-5178. We have plenty on the shelves!
Now for the creme de la creme – the writings of Luisa Piccarreta! How blessed we are to know her and these incredible writings! And to understand the concepts, and to be able to practice them daily! Praise God’s Holy Will always! Now for a short list of ways to obtain

1. Making Frequent Acts of Fusing and Diffusing Oneself in the Divine Will.
2. Abandoning One’s Self to the Divine Will
3. Being Convinced of One’s Nothingness
4. Fulfilling One’s Duty with contentment
5. Being Always Obedient
6. Forgetting the Past
7. Avoiding Thinking of One’s Self and Seeking Self Interests
8. Doing Things without a Human Purpose but with a Divine Purpose
9. Detaching One’s Self from Everyone and Everything
10. Being a Constant Companion of God
11. Accepting Everything with Gratitude as a Gift of Divine Love
12. Simplicity and Peacefulness of Spirit
13. Being Aware of Becoming a Living Host
14. Immersing One’s Self in the Light of the Divine Will—the Passport to Everything
15. Wanting and Letting the Divine Will Expand the Capacity of One’s Soul
16. Listening to the Truth and Sharing the Truth
17. Faithfulness & Attentiveness to the Operation of the Divine Will within One’s Self
18. Gaining Increasing Knowledge of the Divine Will
19. Calling the Divine Will in What One Does, Thinks, and Says.
20. Loving and Speaking the Plain Truth—Simple, Unadorned, and Peaceful
21. Giving One’s Acts to be Transformed by Jesus into Divine Acts
22. Offering One’s Human Will as a Receptacle for the Divine Will
23. Visualizing Jesus Living the Divine Will within One’s Own Humanity
24. Resolving within One’s Self that You and Jesus are Alone in the World
25. Thinking about the Passion of Jesus
26. Taking Spiritual Things from the Divine Will Rather Than Asking for Them
27. Developing the Attitude of Perfect Trust and Confidence in Jesus – No Scruples
28. Developing the Mode of Silence
29. Accepting Humiliations with Serenity
30. Recognizing the Immense Value of One’s Cross
We love each of you and keep you in our daily prayers! May God fill your soul with the determination needed this Lent to live these points with constancy, joy and love and for God’s Kingdom to reign in all souls!
Ann Ellison

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