(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 24, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
It seems we have covered the subject of truth before, but the point here is to say or tell the truth in a way that is plain, simple and unadorned! There is no reason to make the truth elaborate, or grandiose! The truth is the truth and reading these Volumes as well as the Bible, you certainly do not hear Jesus making the simple truth more elaborate or grandiose. There is no need. It is like you are trying to convince someone of the truth, when that is God’s job as well. When we are teaching the plain, simple truth, God sends actual graces to the soul to whom we are speaking to realize the truth. It is up to the recipient to correspond to those graces, or use his human will to deny what we are saying, or to just push them aside. Here we are also talking about the planting of seeds again. Tell the truth of these writings plain and simple and all God to do all the rest.

I think that is enough said since we have gone over this several other times. You can even practice how you would teach or speak to someone about Luisa’s doctrine. In fact, it would be good to learn exactly what you would say if someone asked, or if God puts someone in your path to talk to about Luisa. Be prepared, and if they walk away, you walk away giving them blessings always, and smiling because you know in your heart that God is taking over now!

OK, now I am finished. Comments are always welcomed about any of these Points. And you are welcome to share these Points with your friends and family.

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God teach us how to explain Luisa’s writings in simple and plain truths!
Ann Ellison

Volume 7
September 16, 1906
The pure truth, plain and simple, exerts the most powerful attraction on human hearts.
When my confessor told me that the Bishop did not want people to come and visit me, so that I might not be distracted, I said to him: “You have given this order more than once, but it never works out. It is carried out for a little while, and then things go back to the way they were before. But if you commanded me not to speak any more, my silence would drive everyone away!” Then, having received Holy Communion, I said to the Lord: “If You please, Lord, I would like to know how You see things. You know the turmoil that I feel when I am with creatures, because I only feel comfortable with You. I cannot understand why they want to visit me. Anyone can see that I am a country woman. I don’t do the least thing to make myself attractive; on the contrary, I have terrible manners. I have no idea why they want to come. O Heavens, grant me the grace to be left alone!”

At that moment Jesus said to me: “My daughter, the most powerful magnet to attract hearts is the plain truth, simple and unadorned. It can dispose souls to endure any sacrifice for love of the truth and for love of the people who reveal this truth. Indeed, who disposed the Martyrs to shed their blood? The truth! Who gave so many other Saints the strength to conduct a pure and blameless life in the midst of so many struggles? It was the truth—and a plain, simple, and unbiased truth! That is why creatures want to visit you. Ah, my daughter, in these sad times, how hard it is to find anyone who shows forth this simple truth—even among clergy, religious, and devout people! In their speech and actions, they always preserve some human element—of self-interest or some such thing—and so the truth appears as though covered or veiled. That is why the person who receives the truth from them is not affected by the pure truth, but by the self-interest or other human purpose in which the truth has been clothed—and that is why he does not receive the Grace and the influence which the truth contains. And this is why so many sacraments and so many confessions are wasted, profaned, and bear no fruit, even though I do not withhold my light from them. But they do not listen to Me, because they secretly think that if they did so, they would lose their prestige and popularity, their nature would no longer be satisfied, and they would violate their own interests. But O how they deceive themselves! Indeed, a soul who leaves everything for love of the truth will superabound in everything more profusely than other souls. That is why I tell you, as much as you can, not to neglect to show forth this plain and simple truth—understanding, of course, that you must always obey the one who directs you—but as the opportunity arises, show forth the truth.”

All that regards charity I have said in a veiled manner, and since I have been directed to write everything in detail, I had the impression that I had not obeyed. But when I asked Our Lord about this, He told me that what I had written was fine as it was, because the person who labored under those weaknesses would understand.

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