(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 8 , 2021

Dear Divine Will Family,
Wow, what a subject to cover!! It is hard to imagine that we, poor as we are, can become a living Hosts….Becoming another Jesus on earth! But as hard as it is to believe, it can and does happen with souls who live in and with the Holy Will of God! The big question is: are we really living in and with the Holy Will of God? Jesus told Luisa that all you have to do is desire it and He will do all the work. Great!! But the other question is: are we cooperating with Jesus’ work in our souls? He said He would make up for all that we lack in dignity and decorum. Our souls are so poor that we really need this promise from Jesus, and we must trust that He is making up for all that we lack and truly working in our souls to make us living Hosts. We must take Jesus at His word for His words are truth and life!

Although it is important for us to examine whether we are doing all we can to live as Jesus teaches us in His Will. In the quote below Jesus says that those souls who live in His Will “ponder, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and my Love.” Can we be honest with ourselves and say those are the only two things for which we ponder, desire and yearn?? If we do not cooperate with Jesus’ work in our souls, then Jesus cannot do what He desires so much to do in our souls…we tie His hands and bind Him so He can do nothing.

I’m sorry, I am not trying to put you on a guilt trip. I am putting myself on a guilt trip, so I may be doing the same to you! But this life in the Divine Will is a very serious thing and not at all to be taken lightly, and I guess that is the point I am trying to make. If we really want this Life of God reigning in our souls enough, we will sacrifice everything for It. And in doing so, we really do become Living Hosts…another Jesus on earth! And we really can fulfill the prophecies that Jesus speaks about in the writing below! Something to ponder for sure!!

I think we all get the point. Enough said!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in your prayers! May God help us become living Hosts for His glory and for His Kingdom to reign fully in our souls…so that we can become true Consecrated Hosts!
Ann Ellison


Volume 11
March 15, 1912
The Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities, and the soul who does It on earth as in Heaven is a queen among souls, who gives life to all the good done on earth and in Heaven. Such souls are the true Consecrated Hosts of the Divine Will.

As I continued in my usual state, I felt a great desire to do the Most Holy Will of Blessed Jesus; and He came and told me: “My daughter, my Will is the Sanctity of Sanctities. The soul who does my Will according to the perfection that I am teaching you—that is, on earth as It is in Heaven–however small, ignorant and unknown she may be, leaves even other Saints behind in spite of their prodigies, their stunning conversions and their miracles. Truly, in comparison, the souls who do my Will as It is done in my third “FIAT” are queens among souls, and it is as if all other souls were at their service.
It seems as if the souls who live in my Will do nothing, but they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are the light which illuminates, the wind which purifies, the fire which burns, the miracles which cause miracles. Those who perform miracles are channels; but the power to perform miracles resides in these souls. That is why they are the feet of the missionary, the tongue of the preacher, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the rule of those who govern, the obedience of their subjects, the long suffering of the slandered, the firmness of those who brave dangers, the heroism of the heroes, the courage of the martyrs, the sanctity of the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they take part in all the good that can ever be both in Heaven and on earth. This is why I can say with certitude that they are my true Hosts—but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and as she does my Will she influences and participates in all that I do. That is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are dearer to Me even than the sacramental Hosts, and my whole purpose for dwelling in the sacramental Hosts is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.

My daughter, I take such delight in my Will that, when I simply hear souls talk about It, I feel overjoyed and I invite the whole Heavenly court to celebrate. Imagine what will become of those souls who will do It! In them I find all my joys, and so I give all my joys to them. Their life is the life of the Blessed. They ponder, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and my Love. They need to do very little else, when in fact they do everything. The virtues themselves remain absorbed in my Will and in my Love. That is why they have nothing to do with them, since my Will contains, possesses and absorbs all things—but in a Divine manner, immense and eternal. This is the life of the Blessed.

December 17, 1914
How the soul in the Divine Will can become a living Eucharist.

I was continuing in my usual state and suffering greatly because of the absence of Jesus. Finally, after much suffering He came and showed Himself to me in my interior. It seemed to me as if I were just a cloak for Jesus. Then, breaking the silence, He told me: “My daughter, you, too, can form hosts and consecrate them mystically. Do you see the clothes that cover Me in the Sacrament? They are the accidents of the bread from which the Host is made. The Life that lives in this Host is my Body, my Blood and my Divinity. My supreme Will is the act which contains this Life. This Will provides the Love, reparation, immolation and all the rest that I do in the Sacrament. The Sacrament never separates from my Volition. Nothing comes forth from Me that is not directed by my Volition.

This is how you, too, can form a Host. The host is material and totally human; you too have a material body and a human will. This body and will of yours—as long as you keep them pure, upright and far from the least shadow of sin—are the accidents, the veil needed to consecrate Me and make Me live hidden in you. But this is not enough; it would be like the host without the consecration—my Life is needed. My Life is composed of Sanctity, Love, Wisdom, Power, and so on, but the engine behind them is my Will. So, after you prepare the host, you must make your will die in it; you must cook it well, so that it may not rise again. Then you must let my Will permeate your whole being; and my Will, which contains my whole Life, will form the true and perfect consecration. That is why there will no longer be life for human thought, but only for the thought of my Volition, which will consecrate my Wisdom within your mind; no more life for what is human—weakness and inconstancy—because my Will will form the consecration of the Divine Life, of fortitude, of firmness, and of all that I am. So, each time you let your will flow into Mine, I will renew the consecration of your desires, and of all that you are and all that you can do. I will continue my Life in you as if in a living Host—not a dead one, like the hosts without Me.

But that is not all. In the consecrated Hosts, in the pyxes, in the Tabernacles, everything is dead–mute. I do not receive the sensitivity of a heartbeat, nor a single burst of love in return for my great love. If I didn’t wait for hearts to give Myself to them, I would be very unhappy. I would remain defrauded of my Love, and my Sacramental Life would have no purpose. Though I tolerate this in the Tabernacles, I will not tolerate it in my living Hosts. In the Sacrament I want to be fed with my own food. The soul will take possession of my Will, my Love, my prayers, my reparations, and my sacrifices; she will give them to Me as if they were her own things, and I will nourish Myself. The soul will unite with Me, pricking up her ears to hear what I am doing, and to do it with Me. In this way, as she keeps repeating my own acts, she will give Me her food, and I will be happy. Only in these living Hosts will I find compensation for my loneliness, my starvation and all that I suffer in the Tabernacles.

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