(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 12, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
There are several things that we must do which are essential to living and growing in the Divine Will!
One of the most important, in my humble opinion, is living for God’s Kingdom to come! The coming of the Kingdom of God is what all this is about!

God almost did not create man because when He foresaw the fall of Adam, He realized that He would not have the intimacy with mankind for which He was creating him!!

Explaining this in human terms, the only way I know how, Jesus told His Father that He will go and redeem this fall. I will go and lay the foundation for Your Kingdom to come in the future and I will redeem this fall, Father and look, Father, look, You will have Your Kingdom, and the intimacy that You so crave with Your creatures and that You intended to have in the first place, in the future! Look, Father, look! And so, God when ahead with the creation of the entire universe and Adam. O how it crushed the Most Holy Trinity when Adam fell. We can relate to it a tiny way by thinking of a time when maybe one of our children went against our will to the extent that it crushed our hearts, too. But God’s love knows no boundaries and the Holy Trinity went to work to bring back a Kingdom so holy; one of total happiness, joy and full of the love of God!

So, everything that has happened since the fall of Adam has been to bring back the Kingdom of God which Adam lost. Jesus spent 30 years laying the foundation for the Kingdom of God to return to mankind, and only 3 years on Redemption. This should tell us the importance of helping to bring the Kingdom of God to all souls!

In the ‘Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will’ book, our Heavenly Mother stated that She did nothing other than ascend and descend to Heaven, throwing Herself into the arms of Her Father pleading with Him to send the Savior to earth for the great benefit of all mankind. When Our Lady worked and was doing Her duties much of this was accomplished interiorly through Her intentions, in the great depth of Her soul. She accomplished this, and everything, in and with the Holy Will of God perfectly, and for this reason Our Lady’s intentions are what brought the Messiah down. But I feel certain that God touched many hearts to pray solely for the Redeemer to come.

Maybe He is touching your heart to be focused only on calling His Kingdom to come in all souls! It is important to voice our intentions when we enter into the Divine Will. Then everything is accomplished in the depth of our souls….from our souls to God’s ears!

Although it is important as well to voice our intention to live in the Holy Will of God for His glory and for the salvation and sanctification of all souls. God can take His Divine Acts accomplished through us and save a soul in 300 AD, or save a soul in 2054! Time does not matter to God…He is Eternity and sees and knows everything from the beginning of time until the end of time. After all, He created time! We have to live in time physically, but not spiritually. Our souls and acts are in Eternity constantly as long as we remain in a state of grace in the Divine Will. That is why we call it living Heaven on earth!

Jesus told Blessed Dina Belanger, who received the Gift of the Divine Substitution, that once she received that Gift, her soul was now living in Heaven while it was also sustaining her life on earth! It is the same for those who live in the Divine Will, only more so! Although not to the degree that Dina or Luisa lived it!
Our life in the Divine Will is a Heavenly life, not a worldly life. It is totally necessary to remove ourselves from the world completely! As Jesus states that we should be of the world, not in the world. Use the world for your necessities and let the rest go! Live only for God and for His Kingdom to come! You will receive many, many graces and kudos living this way for the love of God!

It is important for us to continually plead for God’s Kingdom to come in everything we think, say and do! Until God’s Kingdom comes fully on earth, mankind will live in tumoral and confusion. Death will follow those who do not love God and evil will reign on earth.

But when the Kingdom of God comes to all souls on earth to reign, then there will be peace, harmony, love, abundance, and a happiness never before known to mankind since the fall of Adam.

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God help us all realize the sublime life of His Kingdom on earth as in Heaven!
PS: I am going to share some quotes from Jesus about His Kingdom coming and Its importance to Him!
Volume 19
June 20, 1926
Jesus told Luisa: “The Kingdom of My Will in the soul of the creature was the ideal which moved Me to the work of creation. My primary purpose was that of making of man an image of the Divine Trinity, in virtue of the fulfillment in him of My Supreme Will. But when he withdrew from It, I lost My Kingdom in him, and for a full six thousand years I had to sustain a severe battle. And yet, for however long it might have been, I did not abandon My first purpose, just as I shall not renounce it in the future. It was in order to realize it that I descended upon the earth and redeemed man. At the time of My coming, I laid the foundation and made the preparations; nevertheless, the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine continues still.”

February 23, 1926
Jesus tells Luisa: “Do you think it is a simple matter for the Divine Sovereignty to give this Kingdom of My Will to creatures without It being requested or anyone giving the slightest thought to It or having the slightest desire to receive It? It would be a repetition of the history of the earthly Paradise……and perhaps worse! Furthermore, our justice would be justly opposed to this.
“This is the reason for everything I ask you to do, all your continuous rounds in the Supreme Will, your unceasing prayers calling for my Will to come and reign, your life of sacrifice over so many years, a life dedicated to the sole end of calling down My Kingdom. These are the supports before my Justice to surrender its Rights!”

Volume 36
May 10, 1938
Jesus also tells Luisa the following about “wanting what God wants”: “The person who lives in My Will–what can he not do? He can do everything for Me, because his life keeps him in contact with all My sufferings. And I will do everything for that person. We take turns watching and resting. How beautiful it is to live in My Will! The creature puts himself in the very condition We are in: what We want, he wants. And this is the holiest, greatest and most noble thing, full of majesty and purity: wanting what God wants.

“No other act can reach a height so sublime and a treasure that never ends. Wanting what God wants. God is holy and pure. He is perfect order and goodness. Wanting what God wants, the creature wants what is holy, pure and good. With a fullness of order, he feels reborn in God. He does what God does. God does everything, He embraces everything, He moves in all. And the creature participates in all that God does. Can he do a greater good than this? Living in My Will–there is nothing that can rival it or surpass it. So, live always in My Fiat, and you and I will be happy.”

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