(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

July 16, 2021

“You are my hiding place, O Lord!”

Dear Divine Will Family,

I am quoting above the song by John Michael Talbot, which was Fr. John Brown’s favorite song. We listened to it so many times when I lived in Italy! Fr. John was such a good friend and we went many places together, listening to that song on the road.

Researching this phrase in the Volumes, I find that Jesus uses us as His hiding place! I was surprised because from the song above, which I grew to know so well, I thought for sure He would be our hiding place, for we need one so much more than Jesus, I thought! But reading the writings below, I can see how He would want His Divine Will children to be His hiding place. Looking at the world today, it is very understandable why He uses us to hide from the enormous evil in the world! Praise God I did find where the Divine Will is the hiding place of love and all that we do in His Holy Will! Since we are all that we do, then it is our hiding place as well.

It is a duty of the children of the Divine Will to make reparation for all sins! Redoing, making holy acts Divine, and offering to God all the acts suspended, that only Jesus could do, for His glory and for His Kingdom to come!

The prayer that Luisa offers Jesus in the extract from the Hours of the Passion book is especially beautiful and efficacious.

I hope that from these readings we look more inside our souls for Jesus hiding there and that we love, adore and care for Him with all our love and acts! And that we carry Him within us with a concern for His sufferings much more than our own!

We love all of you so very much and we keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours! May the Jesus who hides within your most precious soul fill you with all the graces necessary to never step out of His Holy Will!
Ann Ellison

Twenty-Four Hour of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!
8:00 PM – Washing of the feet of the Apostles

“O my child (Jesus replies), as a poor beggar kneeling humbly before them, I ask for their souls. I weep and devise snares of Love to lure them to Me. With this water mixed with my tears, I want to cleanse them of any imperfection and prepare them to receive Me in this Sacrament. This act of purification is so important to Me that I do not want to entrust it even to the Angels or to my dear Mother. I Myself want to cleanse the souls of my Apostles to receive the fruit of the Blessed Sacrament. In this way, I intend to make up for all holy works and for all the sacraments administered with a spirit of pride and indifference instead of a divine spirit. Ah, how many good works reach Me more to dishonor Me than to give Me honor, more to grieve Me than to please Me, more to give Me death than to give Me life! These sins sadden Me the most. Yes, my soul, my child, go over one by one all of the most intimate sins that offend Me, satisfy Me with my own reparations, and console my embittered Heart.”

“My tormented Lord, I make your Life mine to atone for so many offenses. I want to enter into the most intimate hiding places of your Divine Heart and use it to make up for the most intimate and secret sins with which your dearest ones offend You. O my Jesus, I want to follow You in all that You do and go to all the souls who should receive You in the Eucharist to enter into their hearts with You. I place my hands into Your hands, to cooperate with You and do what You will with them.”

Volume 12
January 25, 1919

“Therefore, all my pains, united with the pains of my Mama, surpassed everything. It was right that my Celestial Mama had the first place in my Heart, both in sorrow and in love, because each pain suffered for love of Me opened seas of graces and of love, which poured into Her pierced Heart. All the souls who suffer because of Me, and only out of love, enter into this wound. You yourself enter into it; and even if all offended Me and nobody loved Me, I would find in you the love which can compensate Me for all.

Therefore, when creatures drive Me away and force Me to run away from them, I very quickly come to take refuge in you as though in My hiding place; and finding my own love, not their own, and a love suffering only for Me, I say: ‘I do not regret having created Heaven and earth and having suffered so much. A soul who loves Me and who suffers for Me is all my contentment, my happiness, my reward for everything I have done’”.

March 12, 1919

“My daughter, I tell you that the earth is the image of those who do not live in my Will. The human acts render them movable; weaknesses, passions and defects form the mountains, the sunken places in which dens of vices are formed. So, their movability causes darkness and cold for them. And if they enjoy a little bit of light, it is at intervals, because the mounts of their passions come up against this light. How much misery there is for those who do not live in my Will! On the other hand, my Will renders one who lives in my Volition fixed; It levels all the mountains of her passions, in such a way as to make of her a complete plain; the Sun of my Will darts through her as It wants, and there is no hiding place in which Its light does not shine. What is the wonder, if the soul becomes holier in one day lived in my Will, than in one hundred years outside of my Will?”

Volume 16
February 2, 1924

“My daughter, my Will is the life and motion of everything. But do you know who follows Its motion and takes flight in my Eternal Volition, in such a way as to go around as It does in the sphere of Eternity, be wherever It is, and do whatever It does? The soul who is completely abandoned in my Holy Will. Abandonment is the wings in order to fly together with my Will. As abandonment ceases, she loses the flight, and the wings are destroyed. So, everyone feels the motion, the life of my Will, because there is no motion which does not come from Me, but they remain at the point in which they are. Only one who has the wings of the abandonment in Me and follows the same course as my Will, hovers over everything, both in Heaven and on earth, enters into the sphere of eternity, goes around in the midst of the Three Divine Persons, penetrates into Their most intimate hiding places, and is aware of Their secrets and of Their beatitudes.

Be Faithful and Attentive
Number 422

“…when I descend into a heart which gives Me company, then, with fatherly care, I place my Life in communication with it and leave there, as on deposit, my virtues, the fruit of my sacrifices, participation in my Sacramental Life. That fortunate heart then becomes my abode, the hiding place of my pains, the place of my refuge. I feel myself in it as recompensed for the sacrifice of my Eucharistic Life, because I find someone who breaks my solitude, who dries my tears, who gives Me the liberty of letting Me vent my Love and my sorrows. … O, how content I am then!”

Number 816

“Likewise, the creature who lives in Our Will; as it loves it adores, hence It forms the beauty of the iris of its love in its works, the variety of its joys and the sweetness of its good acts which it jealously hides in its bosom. My Will is the hiding place of Love and of everything that the creature does in It and forms the most beautiful ornament of Our Divine Works and the sweet enchantment of Our pupils.

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