(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

July 27, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

At our last cenacle, we got to talking about someone dying without the benefit of Baptism. Could they go to Heaven? The answer is no! And we cannot Baptize any child in the care of parents who oppose the child being Baptized. It is so heartbreaking, but it has to be left up to the parents alone. It is always good to try to show them the truth in a loving and kind way and praying to Our Lady to open their eyes to the danger of not baptizing their child is about all we can do.

Many relatives have even baptized the baby while bathing them or playing in the pool, or however they can get away with it…but it isn’t a valid baptism. A valid Baptism has to have the permission of at least one of the parents when the soul is under the age of consent, and it must to be recorded in the Church in which the baby and/or person is baptized. Without recording it, how can anyone really know the soul was baptized? And the only other way a lay person can baptize a soul is if that soul is in danger of dying or is dying.
Canon Law 849 states:
Anybody can validly Baptize and the reasons for this are theological: the Church teaches that Baptism is necessary for salvation and is the gateway to the other sacraments. In an urgent life and death situation, a Catholic can’t be expected to search out a Catholic Cleric so as to Baptize someone in full accord with the Church’s normal ritual – there simply isn’t time for that! All that’s required in an emergency is that the Baptizer (a) has the intentions to do what the Church requires, (b) uses the correct formula of words and (c) perform the correct action of pouring water, if possible, over the person.
But the more we got into the discussion, and realizing that if someone is dying, we can Baptize them, if they have not been Baptized, or if they are unconscious and can’t tell us if they have been baptized. We got so excited. Then we found a prayer from Catholics for Life that is said daily for unbaptized aborted babies, and it brought out a lot of what we were taught in the St. Joseph Catechism! Then realizing the enormous affect we could have in and with the Holy Will of God….we all became even more excited!

Here is a sample prayer which would be easily and quickly prayed everyday and think of the enormous affect it would have on the souls of good will dying that day!!

“O Sweet Lord, in and with your Holy Will,
we make the intention of Baptizing all
unbaptized souls of good will, from the
unborn, to the elderly who will die today,
and all unbaptized souls, past, present
and future! Please, dear Jesus, may all be
saved, and none be lost! Amen Fiat”

(God, seeing all our acts from the beginning of time can take this prayer and apply it to an unbaptized soul in the 1st century, or apply it to a soul in the year 2052, so all prayers in the Divine Will are Eternally valuable whenever they are prayed!)

Or you can use the prayer from the Catholic for Life, which is:

“Heavenly Father, Your Love is eternal.
In your ocean of love, you saved the world
through your only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
Now look at your only Son on the Cross who
is constantly bleeding for love of His people,
and for the forgiveness of Your world.
Purify and baptize aborted children with the
Precious Blood and Water from the sacred
Side of Your Son, who hung dead on the
Cross for their salvation, in the Name of
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
May they through the Holy Death of Jesus Christ
gain everlasting life, through His Wounds be healed,
and through his Precious Blood be freed.
There to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven. Amen Fiat!”

Or you can make a prayer of your own. God made us all unique, so many of our prayers will be unique as well, and I believe that God loves our uniqueness!!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God help us Baptize all the souls of good will, especially those in our own family!

Ann Ellison


Volume 18
5th November, 1925

When I see a newborn baptized, I weep for sorrow. Indeed, when I use Baptism to restore lost innocence, I find My child again; I give him back the rights lost at Creation; the smile of love and of peace that puts the enemy to flight so that he no longer has any rights over him. I entrust him to the Angels, and all of Heaven rejoices. Then, if I see that the baptized one will be My enemy, My new Adam, perhaps even a lost soul, My smile is quickly changed into sorrow, the feast into mourning. O how My Love groans in each Baptism! Especially if, added to this, the minister who performs the Baptism fails to do it with the respect, dignity and decorum that is proper to a Sacrament that contains the new regeneration. O many times he is more attentive to a trifle, to some passing scene, than to administering a Sacrament. That is why My Love feels pierced through by the one baptizing and by the one baptized, and It groans with unheard of moans.
So, do you not want to give Me a return of love in each Baptism, a loving moan, to keep My sorrowful moans company?

Volume 11
March 13, 1912

The effects of a victim soul’s Baptism by fire are superior to those of Baptism by water.

Jesus continues to speak about the victim state, telling me:

“My daughter, the Baptism one receives at birth is by water. It has the power to purify the soul, but not to take away her passions and inclinations. On the other hand, the victim soul’s Baptism by fire not only has the power to purify, but also to burn away any passions or evil tendencies. I Myself baptize the soul, bit by bit. My thought baptizes the thought of the victim soul; My heartbeat baptizes her heartbeat; My desire her desire, and so on. This Baptism takes place between Me and the soul, according to whether she gives herself to Me without ever taking back what she gave to Me. My daughter, this is why you don’t feel evil tendencies and the like. It comes from your state of victim, and I tell you this for your consolation. So, tell Father G. to be very attentive, for this is the mission of missions—the apostolate of apostolates. I want him always with Me, and completely absorbed within Me.”

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