(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

December 3, 2021

Through the Rounds

Dear Divine Will Family,

I came across this quote from the biography that Hugh Owen wrote on Luisa, “Thy Kingdom Come! The Life and Mission of Luisa Piccarreta!” And I remembered what Fr. John Brown told me one time. He said no one understands the importance of the Rounds and how they must be prayed continuously! He knew that through the Rounds we were helping to re-establish God’s Kingdom on earth as in Heaven! May It come quickly to all souls!

So, I copied some Rounds in Volume 17 so that you have some beautiful Rounds to pray daily and several times a day, if possible. As Jesus tells Luisa, “…if, in truth, you want this Kingdom, continue with your acts so that when the established number has been completed; you can obtain that for which you sigh so insistently!”

I am making this short as it is more important to get this out than to continue to write about it. I think most people already understand the Rounds and do not need me to explain them anymore. But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. I would be most happy to help with this understanding in any way I can. My email address is below this Snippet.

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours! May God give you the immense grace to pray these Rounds every day to help re-establish His Kingdom of love, peace and joy on earth as It reigns in Heaven! What better good could we do??

Fiat always,
Ann Ellison


To reestablish the Kingdom of My Will on earth, there must be sufficient number of acts by creatures to keep My Kingdom from remaining suspended and enable it to descend and take form upon the very acts which creatures have formed to obtain such a great good.
That is why I urge you so much to make your rounds in all Our works, Our Creation and Redemption … if, in truth, you want this Kingdom, continue with your acts so that when the established number has been completed; you can obtain that for which you sigh so insistently.”
Quote at the end of Chapter 11 of “Thy Kingdom Come.” The Biography written by Hugh Owen


In Volume 17 we find the following
“Rounds of Love ” that Luisa made in the Divine Will:

(I have taken the liberty to change some of the writing so that it is a personal Round for you)

— Creation —
I want to honor God as Creator of all things, and that is why I go around to the stars and in each twinkling of their light imprints my “I love You” and “Glory to my Creator.” In each atom of the sun’s light that descends below I imprint my “I love You” and “Glory” and in all the vastness of the Heavens, in the distance of one step to another my “I love You” and “Glory”; in the singing of the bird, in the movement of its wings, “Love” and “Glory to my Creator”; in the blade of grass that sprouts from the earth and the flower that blooms and the perfume that ascends, “Love” and “Glory”; on the heights of the mountains and in the depths of the valleys, “Love” and “Glory.” I go around for each heart of the creature, as if I wanted to enclose within each one my “I love You” and “Glory to my Creator.” I would like that there be one single Will, one harmony among all things, and one single cry: “Glory and Love to my Creator.” And after having united everything together such that everything gives an exchange of love and declaration of glory for all that God has done in Creation, I transport myself before his Throne and say:

“My Supreme Majesty and Creator of all things, this little child comes into your arms to tell you that all Creation, in the name of all creatures, gives you not only the exchange of love but also the just Glory for so many things created by You for love of us. In your Will, in this immense void, I have maneuvered everywhere, so that all things might glorify You, love You, and bless You! And since I have harmonized the love between Creator and creature, ruptured by the human will, and the Glory everyone owes You, make your Will descend upon the earth so that It bind and strengthen all the relationships between Creator and creature. In this way all things return into the Primary Order established by You. Therefore, do it quickly; don’t delay any longer: Do You not see how full of evil the earth is? Only your Will can stop this current; only your Will can make the earth safe, that is, your Will known and dominating.”

— Redemption —
And after this, feeling that my rounds are incomplete, I correspond to my Jesus for the work of Redemption. And, as though finding everything He did in operation, I want to give Him my exchange for all the acts that all creatures should have given Him if in waiting for Him and in receiving Him on earth. And then, as if I wanted to transform everything into love for Jesus, I return to my refrain and say: “‘I love You’ in the act of descending from Heaven to Incarnate Yourself, and I imprint my ‘I love You’ in the act in which You were conceived in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary. ‘I love You’ in the first drop of blood that was formed in your Humanity; ‘I love You’ in the first beat of your Heart and, in this way, I want to seal all your heart beats with my ‘I love You.’ ‘I love You’ in your first breath; ‘I love You’ in your first pains; ‘I love You’ in your first tears You shed while still in the maternal womb; I want to correspond for your prayers, your reparations, your offerings with my ‘I love You.’ I want to seal each instant of your life. ‘I love You’ in your birth; ‘I love You’ in the cold that you suffered; ‘I love You’ in each drop of milk that you imbibed from your most Holy Mother; I intend to fill with my ‘I love You’ the swaddling clothes with which your Mother wrapped you; I extend my ‘I love You’ in that soil over which your dear Mother laid You in the manger, and where your most tender members felt the harshness of the straw, but more than straw, the harshness of hearts. I seal my ‘I love You’ in each of your sobs, in all the tears and pains of your Infancy. I make my ‘I love You’ flow in all the relationships and communications and love that You had with your Immaculate Mother; ‘I love You’ in your most tender kisses, in all the words that You spoke, in the food that You ate, and in the steps that You took, and in the water that You drank; ‘I love You’ in the work that You did with your hands. ‘I love You’ in all the acts that You did in your hidden life; I seal with my ‘I love You’ each of your interior acts and each pain You suffered. I extend my ‘I love You’ over the ways You traveled, in the air You breathed, in all the sermons of your public life. My ‘I love You’ runs in the power of the miracles that You worked, in the Sacraments that You instituted. In everything, oh my Jesus, even in the most innermost fibers of your Heart, I imprint my ‘I love You’ for me and for everyone. Your Volition makes everything present to me, and I want nothing to escape upon which my ‘I love You’ is not imprinted. The little child of your Volition feels the duty that, if I don’t know how to do anything else, at least You will have a little ‘I love You’ for all You accomplished for me and for everyone. Therefore, let my ‘I love You’ follow You in all the pains of your Passion, in all the spittle, scorn and insults they gave You. Let my ‘I love You’ seal each drop of Blood You shed, each blow You received, each wound inflicted in your Body, each thorn that pierced your Head, in each bitter sorrow of the Crucifixion. In the words You pronounced upon the Cross until your last breath I intend to imprint my ‘I love You’; I want to enclose all your Life, all your acts with my ‘I love You.’ In everything You touched, saw and heard, my continual ‘I love You’ will never leave You because your own Volition is the life of my ‘I love You.’

“But do you know what this little child wants? I want that the Divine Volition of your Father, which You loved so much and did during your entire life on earth, be known to all creatures so that all love It and fulfill your Will as in Heaven. The little child wants to win You over in love so that You give your Will to all creatures. Oh, make this poor little child happy who does not want anything other than what You want: That your Will be known and reign upon all the earth.”

Now I believe that obedience in some manner, may be satisfied. It is true that I have had to omit many things; otherwise, I would never finish. For me, fusing myself in the Supreme Will is like an inexhaustible fountain that rises up; and each little thing that I feel, hear or seek, or an offense committed against my Jesus, is an occasion for new and different ways to fuse myself in his most Holy Will.
— Sanctification —
Now we continue with what Jesus revealed to Luisa when she finished the previous portion:

“My daughter, it is necessary to add another name to what you have written regarding fusing oneself in my Will, a name which is to fuse oneself in the order of Grace, in everything that the Sanctifier has done for those being sanctified. This is the Holy Spirit. Moreover, if Creation is attributed to the Father—the Divine Persons always being united in their works—Redemption is ascribed to the Son, and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” will be attributed to the Holy Spirit. It is precisely in the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” where the work of the Holy Spirit will overflow. You do this when, coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say:

“‘I come to correspond with love for everything the Sanctifier does for those He sanctifies. I come to enter into the order of grace, to be able to give the correspondence of love as if all had become holy, and to make reparation for all the opposition and failure to correspond with grace.'”

“And in as much as you are capable, search in our Will for the acts of grace of the Sanctifying Spirit to make your own his sorrow, his secret moans, his grieving sighs in the depth of hearts where He is so poorly received. And since the first act that He does is to bring our Will as a complete act of their sanctification, in seeing Himself rejected, He grieves with unutterable laments. And you, in your childlike simplicity, say to Him:

“‘Sanctifying Spirit, I beg and implore You to do it quickly: Make your Will known to all so that, knowing It, they may love It and receive your first act of their complete sanctification which is your most Holy Will!’

“My daughter, the Three Divine Persons are inseparable and distinct, and this is how We want to manifest to the human generations our work for them: That while We are One among Ourselves, each of Us wants to manifest distinctly His love and his work towards the creature.”

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