Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta
Compiled by Ann Ellison
May 6, 2022


Dear Divine Will Family,

Well, I am home! I am not going to make any excuses for my lack of sending out any Snippets because I could write a book! I will only say that the House of Divine Will in San Sebastian de Garabandal is looking very, very nice and refurbished. It was extremely busy over there, too, because of the souls coming to Garabandal who already knew Luisa’s doctrine or wanted to know more about it. The little village is really a growing Divine Will village! Many Divine Will lovers have moved there permanently and there were several who are looking for housing there. It is truly like living heaven on earth in that little village. I really did not want to come home, but when God makes known His Will for your life, how can you resist it, if you love Him at all? You can’t. So, home I came, with my very trusty sidekick and dear friend, Felicia Murray.

I wanted to do a theme on Jesus’ love of souls and souls who love Him because God’s immense love and mercy for Felicia and I was so powerful and seen in so many ways during our stay overseas and on our trip home! Hopefully by trying to do His Will in everything and staying united with Him at every moment, we are showing Him our love for His Will!

Some fiats are very hard to give and you even feel you are failing everyone by not doing what you feel you should be doing, but we have to remember that God’s Will and Mind are not our will and mind. He knows all and He would never ask of us anything that would harm us or anyone associated with us. The Surrender Prayer and constantly abandoning myself to His Holy Will got me through a lot of the hard fiats. And we all know that giving our little fiat in all circumstances gives Him the glory that we all owe Him, brings many souls to the knowledge of His Divine Will, and it helps save many souls as well! Those hard fiats are the best ones to give Him!

It is wonderful to be back with reliable internet, time to do the things that I love, and be back with my Divine Will family as well as my earthly family. I have missed all of you so very much! Fiat always, my Good Lord…only Your Will! May God be always one with you in your heart, mind and soul!
Ann Ellison

[email protected] (Please change my email address…another problem during our time in Europe…my yahoo just quite working and I was not receiving nor could I send anything out.)

PS: Thank everyone for the beautiful and holy Christmas cards and well wishes! It made my coming home so delightful and fun. I love all of you so much and thank God immensely for putting you in my life! You are such a joy!

PSS: A very special message from Kathy Fahy below. Fiat always and may God alone reign in our decisions!
I know that I am not good at this but I am going to try and speak from my heart. My dear Tom was the one who use to contact you and request funds to print different books.

We here at the Center would like to reprint the Be Faithful and Attentive book again. It will not change except for corrected typos. We requested a quote from the printer to see if we could possibly reprint the book. Well, our hearts broke when we saw the figure that they sent to reprint 1,000 copies of the book.
We need to raise $30,000 in order to accomplish this task. This is a favorite book of those who have it and use it faithfully. We also know that the price for the book will also have to go up in order to help pay the bills to maintain this book in our Center. We do not and cannot charge what would be the regular markup for this book, if we are able to reprint this book, and we will not be able to continue any kind of discounts on this book. I know that this will be hard on us all as prices for everything have gone up, making it hard on us all to pay our bills and continue our regular lives.

Please pray and see if the Good Lord wants you to help us reprint this book. I appreciate all that you can do for us and especially all your prayers.
God bless,
Kathy Fahy


Volume 11
May 30, 1912

The love of souls gives life to Jesus; it forms Him and it feeds Him. Love forms their mutual rest.
As I continued in my usual state, I felt oppressed because of the absence of my always adorable Jesus. He came and told me: “My daughter, when you are without Me, use this very abandonment to double, triple, and increase a hundredfold your acts of love toward Me, so as to form an environment of pure love—within and without—and find Me within this environment, more beautiful than before, as if reborn to a new life. Wherever love is, I am there. That is why I cannot be separated from a soul who truly loves Me. Rather, we form one thing, because love seems to create Me, to give Me life, to feed Me, and to make Me grow. I find my center in love and I feel recreated and reborn, while I am eternal, with no beginning and no end. But thanks to the soul who loves Me, I enjoy love so much that I feel as if I am remade.

“Moreover, in this love I find my true Love, my true rest. My Intellect rests in the intellect of the one who loves me; my Heart, my desire, my hands and my feet rest in the heart that loves me, in the desires that desire Me alone, in the hands that work for Me, and in the feet that walk only for Me. That is why, bit by bit, I take my rest within the soul who loves Me; while the soul, with her love, finds Me everywhere, and rests entirely in Me. In my Love she remains reborn and embellished, and she grows, in an admirable way, in my own Love.”

Volume 12
April 15, 1920

Currents of sorrow between Jesus and souls.

I was complaining to my sweet Jesus about my sorrowful state, and saying to Him: “Tell me, my Love, where are You? Which way did You take when you left—so that I can follow You? Show me your footprints so that I will be able to find You with certainty, step by step. Ah! Jesus, I can no longer go on without You. But although You are far away, I send You my kisses. I kiss that hand which no longer hugs me; I kiss the mouth which no longer speaks to me; I kiss the Face which I no longer see; and I kiss those feet which no longer walk toward me—but which turn their steps somewhere else… Ah, Jesus, how sad is my state! What a cruel end was awaiting me!”

While I was saying this and a lot of other nonsense, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, calm yourself; for one who lives in my Will, all points are certain ways to find Me. My Will fills everything: Whatever Road one takes, there is no fear that she may not be able to find Me. Ah, my daughter, I feel your sorrowful state in my Heart! I feel the current of sorrow which passed between Me and my Mama being repeated again. She was crucified because of my pains; I was crucified because of Hers. But what was the cause of all this? Love for souls! For love of them, my dear Mama bore all my pains, and even my death—and for love of souls I bore all her pains, to the extent of depriving Her of Me. O how much it cost my love and her maternal love to deprive my inseparable Mama of Me! But love for souls triumphed over everything.

“Now, it was for love of souls that you submitted to your state of victim; for love of them you accepted all the pains that took place in your life. For the sake of souls—and because of the sad times that are coming—my Divine Justice keeps Me from being with you in a familiar way, to permit more favorable times to come—rather than stirring up a tempest and keeping you on earth. It is because of souls: If it weren’t for the love of souls, your exile would be finished, and you would not have the pain of seeing yourself deprived of Me—nor would I have the pain of seeing you so tortured because of my privation. That is why you must have patience—and let the love of souls triumph in you as well, to the very end.”


Volume 1
No Date

Jesus: “When you are afflicted and dry and you suffer my absence—when you are filled with sadness, worries, and pains—come to Me! Clean the blood off me! Offer your pains to relieve Me in my most bitter agony! Then you will be able to stay with Me after Communion. You will still have to suffer—because the bitterest pain I can give to souls who love Me is to deprive them of Myself—but, knowing that your sufferings relieve Me, you will still be happy.

“Finally, in regard to the visits and acts of reparation you make to Me in the Sacrament of my Love—know that I continue to do and to suffer all that I did and suffered during the 33 years of my mortal life. I want you to visit Me 33 times a day in honor of the years I spent on earth. Unite with my intentions in the Blessed Sacrament—in reparation and adoration. Do this at all times. Let your first thought in the morning be to fly to Me—to visit Me in the tabernacle where I live for love of you. Let it be your last thought in the evening. Let it be your thought during the night—while you sleep, before and after you eat, at the beginning and end of all your actions, while walking and working, etc.!”

Volume 3
January 12, 1900

While my little brain was wandering in this way, my adorable Jesus told me:
“My Humanity alone was filled to overflowing with opprobrium (contempt) and humiliations. This is why Heaven and earth tremble before my virtues, and the souls who love Me use my Humanity as a staircase to ascend and lap up a few little drops of my virtues. Tell me now: compared to My Humility, where is yours? I alone can glory in possessing true humility. My Divinity, united to My Humanity, could operate prodigies at each step, word and work; yet, I voluntarily constrained Myself within the circle of My Humanity. I revealed Myself as the poorest of the poor, and I lowered Myself to mix with sinners. I could have done the Work of Redemption in a very brief time, and even with one single word; yet, during the course of many years, with many hardships and sufferings, I wanted to make man’s miseries My own. I wanted to perform many different actions, so that man might be completely renewed and divinized, even in his humblest works. In fact, once they had been done by Me, who was God and Man, those works received new splendor, and retained the mark of divine works. My Divinity, hidden within My Humanity, wanted to lower Itself to such depths, subjecting Itself to the course of human actions—while with one single act of My Will I could have created infinite worlds—feeling the miseries and the weaknesses of others as if they were Its own, seeing Itself covered with all the sins of men before the Divine Justice, and having to pay the penalty for their sins at the price of unheard-of pains and with the shedding of all Its Blood…. Thus It exercised continuous acts of profound and heroic humility.”

Volume 7
September 14, 1906

Jesus defends the soul who gives herself completely to Him. The place of souls in the Humanity of Jesus.

This morning I was outside of my body when I saw baby Jesus in a mirror—a mirror so very clear and large that I could see Him clearly no matter where I stood. I made a sign with my hand for Him to come to me, and Jesus made a sign that I should go to Him. In the meantime, I saw many devout people and priests who seemed to position themselves between Him and me, and who were talking about me. I refused to pay any attention to them—my mind was fixed on my sweet Jesus. However, He bolted out from within that mirror and wanted to beat those who were talking, saying to them: “Nobody touch her! If you touch a soul who loves Me, I feel more offended than if you touched Me directly. I will show you how I know how to defend the one who gives herself completely to Me—and to safeguard her innocence.”

He clasped me with one arm, while He threatened them with the other. Their speaking ill of me did not bother me at all; I was only sorry that He wanted to beat them, and I said to Him: “My sweet life, I do not want anyone to suffer because of me, and from this I will know whether You love me: If You make peace with them and do not beat them;–otherwise, I will be very unhappy.” Then He seemed to calm Himself down, and He pulled me out of the midst of those people, and put me back in my body.

As I continued to see Him, no longer as a child but as my crucified Lord, I said to Him: “My adorable Good, since all souls had a place in your Humanity when You suffered your crucifixion, what was my place?” And He replied: “My daughter, all loving souls found a place in my Heart. In your case, I not only kept you in my Heart, so that you could cooperate in my work of Redemption as a victim—I also kept you in all of my members, as my help and consolation.”

Volume 11
February 28, 1912

The sign that one loves only Jesus. How one who loves Him is united with Him.

This morning, when my adorable Jesus came to visit me, I asked Him: “O my Heart, my Life and my All, how can one know if she loves You alone?”

He answered: “My daughter, if the soul is completely full of Me up to the brim, to the point of overflowing—that is to say, if she does not think, seek, speak to or love anything other than Me (so that it seems as if nothing else exists for her and the rest bores and annoys her)—at the most she will throw some scraps to things that are not God, like an afterthought, or one word or act to fulfill a natural need. To do this is merely to give her leftovers to nature, which is what the saints do. I did it, too, with Myself and with the Apostles, when I planned where to spend the night, or what to eat…. To give in to natural needs in this way harms neither true love nor true Sanctity, and proves that a soul loves Me alone. But if the soul vacillates among various things—now thinking of Me, now of something else; now speaking of Me, and then for a long time about something else, and so on in all that she says and does—this shows that she does not love Me alone, and that I am not pleased with her love. Indeed, if she squanders herself on everyone and in her own thoughts, giving Me only her leftover thoughts, words, and deeds, this shows that she does not love Me; and that even if she gives Me something, it is nothing but a wretched leftover. Yet this is what most souls do.

“Ah, my daughter, those who love Me are united to Me as branches to the trunk of a tree. Can the trunk and the branches ever separate, forget each other or receive different food? One is their life, one their purpose, and one their fruit; or better yet, the trunk is the life of the branches, and the branches are the glory of the trunk—they are all the same thing. such are, to Me, the souls who love Me.”

Volume 12
May 10, 1917

Jesus gives life and movement to all creatures with his breath.

As I continued in my wretched state, I tried to fuse myself in my sweet Jesus as I usually do, but as much as I tried, I could not succeed. Jesus distracted me Himself, and, sighing deeply, He told me: “My daughter, a creature is nothing but my breath. As I breathe, I give life to everything. All life flows in the breath. Without breathing, the heart no longer beats, the blood no longer circulates, the hands remain inactive, the mind loses its intelligence; and so with all the rest. That is why all human life depends on giving and receiving this breath. But while I give life and movement to all creatures with my breath, desiring to love, enrich, beautify, and sanctify them with my holy breath, as they return to Me the breath they have received from Me, they send Me ingratitude, offenses, rebellions, blasphemies, betrayals, and the like. I give them pure breath, and they return it impure. I send it with blessing, and it comes back with cursing. I send it in pure love, and it returns with offenses that pierce Me to the heart. But Love makes Me continue to send my breath, to maintain these machines of human lives. If I did not, they would no longer function, and they would all break down.

“Ah! my daughter, do you hear how human life is maintained? By my breath. And when I find a soul who loves Me, how sweet her breath is! How she delights Me! And I feel comforted. An echo of harmonies arises between Me and her; so that she remains set apart from other creatures—and she will also be set apart in Heaven. My daughter, I could not contain my Love, and I wanted to pour Myself out with you.”


Beautiful Prayer I thought you might like:

In Your Will and with Your Love, I pray:
My God, I offer You my every heartbeat and breath of life as an act of love for You, and sorrow for having offended You. I wish never to cease loving You, never cease praying. If I should become unconscious in sickness, or from a heart attack, or an accident, or an operation, or live to be mentally incapable to pray, I offer all my heart beats and all my breathing at that time as a continuation of my present acts of love and sorrow for my sins. And, Good God, at the moment of death when my heart quits beating and I gasp my last breath, which will be my last act of love for You in this world, I hope to awake in Eternity hearing You say, calling me by name, “I love you!” Amen
Mary, Pray for me!

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