(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

February 22, 2023


Prayer is reaching out after the unseen; fasting is letting go of all that is seen and temporal. Fasting helps express, deepen, confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves to attain what we seek for the Kingdom of God. Andrew Murray

Dear Divine Will Family,

Happy beginning of Lent…..Ash Wednesday!! I thought this might be a good time to look at what Jesus teaches us about the “voids” in our souls! This is also a very, very good time to fill those voids in our own souls and, for the glory of God and for His Kingdom to come to every soul, to fill them in the Divine Will for all souls, past, present and future!

One reason I chose “voids” as my subject for this Snippet is because I was at Adoration on Tuesday and Jesus just seemed to fill me up with the realization of the voids in my own soul, and how so many things I do and never think anything about is was a cause of some of my voids! I have to say that I was really convicted and couldn’t help but cry my eyes out. He seemed to help me understand that even the littlest things that we do not even give a second thought about are void in souls. Remember at Mass on Sunday we listened to the Gospel about being perfect as Our Heavenly Father is perfect! He was showing me, it seemed, just how imperfect I am. It seems that we really have to be very attentive and faithful to every moment and for every act we do, as He taught Luisa so many, many times!

But also, by doing this attentively and faithfully, we are emptying ourselves of ourselves; our egos, our pride, our selfishness…causing that void in our souls that God needs to be able to fill us up completely with His Own True Life living and animating all our actions so that there are no more voids of love in our souls!! Praise His Holy Will always and forever!!!

As we read below, Jesus expects His children to do all that He did during His time on earth…after all, we must live the Humanity of Jesus to get to the Divinity of Jesus! Jesus filled all the voids of all souls that He ever created and ever will create…all for the glory of His Father and to set up the foundation for His Father’s Kingdom to come fully on earth! And He said that this Kingdom will be even better than the Eden that Adam lived in….no sweat of the brow, full of peace, love, joy, happiness, abundance, and where every soul will be living in the Divine Will! Can you imagine what it will be like to live where everyone loves God completely and their neighbor as themselves? No selfishness, no bitterness, no hate, no anger, acceptance of all that we are! But, then again, we will be the same…full of God!! So, let’s do as Jesus did and fill the voids of all souls and most especially our own and those of our families every day and all the time! And empty ourselves of our human will so that we can be the void that God can fill completely with Himself!! His Real and True Life!!

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God fill all the voids in your most precious soul to overflowing!!
Ann Ellison

Volume 8
July 14, 1907

Everything in the soul must be love.

As I continued in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a brief visit, and, without thinking, I asked Him: “Lord, yesterday I went to confession. If I had died—since confession remits sins—wouldn’t You have brought me straight to Heaven?”

And He replied: “My daughter, it is true that confession remits sins, but the surest and most certain protection against Purgatory is love. Love must be the predominant passion in the soul. Love—her thoughts, her words, her movements—everything, everything must be enveloped by this love. In this way, finding her all love, the Uncreated Love absorbs the created love within Itself. Indeed, Purgatory does nothing but fill the voids of love in the soul; and once it has filled these voids, it sends her to Heaven. But if a soul contains no voids, she does not belong to Purgatory.”
Volume 15
January 2, 1923

Man’s lack of response to the Divine Will forms an immense void. The great void in the soul and in creation. The marvelous new creation brought forth by the Fiat.

I was praying and abandoning myself entirely in the arms of God’s Most Holy Will, and my ever-beloved Jesus came out from within me, took my hand, and told me: “My daughter, come with Me and look at the great void that exists between Heaven and earth. Before My Fiat was pronounced, this great void was dreadful to look at. Everything was disorder; one could not see any division of land, of water, or of mountains—it was one great mass that filled one with horror. But as soon as I spoke My Fiat, everything rolled about, bumping against everything else, and each thing took its place, ending up all ordered with the seal of My Eternal Fiat; so that nothing could move if My Fiat did not desire it. The earth no longer inspired fear; on the contrary, when one looks at the vastness of the seas, their waters no longer murky but crystal clear; when one hears their sweet murmuring, as if the waters were voices speaking softly, softly among themselves; and when one sees and hears their roaring waves—which rise up at times like mountains of water, and then fall back again into the same sea—how much beauty they contain! What design the sea displays! And how much attention it attracts from creatures! And then, the earth, all green and full of flowers—what a variety of beauty it contains!
But this was still nothing. The void was not completely filled; and just as My Fiat hovered over the earth, divided things, and ordered the earth, in the same way, It hovered on high, stretched out the heavens, and adorned them with stars. And, to fill the void of darkness, It created the sun which dispelled the darkness, filled this great void with light, and brought forth all the beauty of the whole Creation. But what was the cause of so many blessings? It was My all-powerful Fiat. But My Fiat needed a void in which to create this machine of the universe.

Now, My daughter, do you see this great void in which I created so many things? Yet, the soul’s void is even greater. The first void had to serve as man’s dwelling; the soul’s void had to serve as a dwelling place for God. I not only had to pronounce My Fiat for six days, as when I created the universe, but for as many days as man’s life contains—and for as many times as man would set aside his own will and let Mine act. Indeed, since My Fiat had more things to do in man than It did in Creation, It needed more room.

But do you know who gives Me free rein to fill this great void in the soul? It is the soul who lives in My Will. I speak My Fiats repeatedly; every thought is accompanied by the power of My Fiat, and O how many stars adorn the heaven of the soul’s intelligence! My Fiat follows her actions, and O how many suns arise within her! Invested by My Fiat, her words are sweeter than the murmuring of the waters of the sea, where the sea of My graces flows to fill this great void, and My Fiat delights in forming waves that rise higher than Heaven, and come back down more heavily laden, to expand the sea of the soul. My Fiat blows upon her heart, and forms fires of love from her heartbeats. My Fiat leaves nothing out. It invests every affection, tendency, and desire, and forms in them the most beautiful flowerings.

How many things My Fiat works in this great void of the soul who lives in My Will! O how it surpasses the whole machine of the universe! The heavens are amazed; they tremble as they watch the all-powerful Fiat working in man’s will; and they feel their happiness multiply every time this Fiat acts and renews Its creative power. That is why they all hover attentively around Me, to see when I speak My Fiat, to receive their double glory and happiness. O if everyone knew the power of My Fiat and the great blessings It contains, they would all allow themselves to be mastered by My almighty Will.

Yet, there is much to weep about. Bearing these great voids within themselves, how many souls are worse than the great void of the universe before My Fiat was spoken! Since My Fiat does not hover within them, everything lies in disarray. The darkness is so thick that it fills them with fear and horror. There is one mass, all mixed together—with nothing in place. The work of Creation is confused in them—because only My Fiat is order; the human will is disorder.

“My daughter, that is why, if you want order within yourself, let My Fiat animate all that is within you, and you will give Me great happiness, knowing that My Fiat will unfold, bringing forth all the wonders and blessings that It contains.”

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