Fusing in the Divine Will

(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
September 17, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,

A friend sent me a copy of an old prayer booklet that we put together way back in the early 2000s, which I cannot find anywhere in my files now and I am so very sorry about that because it was a magnificent prayer booklet. On the back it quoted from Luisa’s writings about fusing yourself into the Divine Will. The front it had a little prayer that we wrote to get us fused into the Divine Will before we began our prayers in the booklet. It went this way:

“O Most Holy Trinity, I fuse my whole being into Your Divine Will! Gaze into my soul, purify, illuminate and sanctify it by burning away all the affects of Original Sin with the Light and Heat of Your Divine Will fused in my soul!”

So, I thought I would send to you a few quotes on fusing yourself in the Divine Will! The Volumes on the Life in the Divine Will contains so much knowledge that I know how easily it is to get distracted from the very basics of living in the Divine Will. There are so many concepts in the Volumes to create prayers that you can forget many of the basics. When ever I have a problem of living in the Divine Will; being too distracted, problems with constancy, etc., I have a very wise and wonderful friend who is a Priests and who has been studying Luisa for almost 50 years, and he always says to me, “Get back to the basics, Ann!” When I take his advice, I always do better! So, getting back to the basics, here are some beautiful and very incredible quotes from Jesus and Luisa!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God grant you the immense grace to be always constant, attentive and obedient to Life in the Divine Will!
Ann Ellison

August 27, 1915
Jesus: “My daughter, when a soul fuses herself in My Will, it is as if two containers, full of different fluids, were poured into each other and each one of them was filled with what the other contained. In the same way, the soul in My Will remains filled with Me, and I with her. And since My Will contains sanctity, beauty, power, love, and all My qualities, the soul that fills herself with Me—fusing and abandoning herself in My Will—comes to be filled with My own sanctity, love, beauty, and all My qualities in the most perfect way possible for a creature. And I feel Myself being filled with her, and finding My sanctity, My beauty, My love, and all My qualities in her, I look at her as if these were her own things. This pleases Me so much that I fall in love with her, keeping her jealously in an intimate place within Me—enriching her and embellishing her continuously with My divine qualities, so as to be delighted and to fall in love with her more and more.

March18, 1917
Jesus: “By fusing herself in Me, the soul repeats all that I did, and continue to do. What happiness those souls will enjoy with Me in Heaven who have lived their lives in Me, embracing all creatures and all reparations with Me! They will continue their lives in Me; and as creatures think or offend Me with their thoughts, those thoughts will be reflected in their minds, and they will continue the reparations they did on earth. United with Me, they will form the honor guard before the Divine Throne; and as creatures on earth offend Me, they will honor Me in Heaven. They will guard My Throne; they will have the places of honor; they will be the ones who comprehend Me the most—and the most glorious. Their glory will be completely fused in Mine, and Mine in theirs.
“To this end, may your life on earth be completely fused in Mine. Do not do any act without making it flow into Me; and every time you fuse yourself in Me, I will pour new graces and new light into you. I will become the vigilant sentry of your heart to keep the least shadow of sin far away from you. I will guard you as My own Humanity, and I will command the angels to surround you like a crown, that you may be protected from everything and from everyone.

May 12, 1922
When two waters are fused together, one is forced to do what the other does. On the other hand, if they are separated, each one follows its own way. My Will and your will are these two waters fused together, and what one does must also be done by the other. That is why I want you always in My Will.

June 6, 1922
Your fusion into My Will, devoid of all personal self-interest, has as its sole purpose to give Me what all souls owe Me. It has as its purpose the giving to all souls of every blessing that My Will contains. This is exclusively a divine life, not a human life; and it is only My Will that forms this divine sanctity in the soul.

January 4, 1925
Jesus: “My daughter, fusing yourself in My Will is the greatest, the most solemn, and the most important act of your whole life. To fuse yourself in My Will is to enter into the ambience of Eternity, to embrace It, to kiss It, and to receive the pledge of the good things that the Eternal Will contains. Moreover, as the soul fuses herself in the Supreme Will, everyone comes to meet her and to entrust her with all that they have. The angels and saints, and the Divinity Itself, entrust her with everything, knowing that they are entrusting it to that same Divine Will which keeps everything secure. And upon receiving these good things, the soul multiplies them with her own acts in the Divine Will and returns to all of heaven double glory and honor. In the same way, by fusing yourself in My Will, you set Heaven and earth in motion; and you inaugurate a new feast in Heaven.

“To fuse one’s self in My Will is to love and to give on behalf of everyone without excluding anyone. Accordingly, so as not to be outdone in loving by the soul, My goodness places everyone’s blessings within her—and all of the possible blessings that I hold within Myself. And there is no lack of space in which to place these blessings because My Will is immense and well-suited to receive all things. If you knew what you do and what happens when you fuse yourself in My Will, you would die of the desire to fuse yourself continually.

After that I was wondering whether or not I should write what I have written above, because I did not see it as something necessary or important and, even more, because obedience had not ordered me to do it. And my sweet Jesus stirred within me and said to me:

“My daughter, how can it not be important to make known that to fuse one’s self in My Will is to live in It? The soul that fuses herself in My Will receives, as on deposit, all My divine and eternal blessings. The saints themselves contend to entrust their merits to a soul fused in My Will, because they feel in this soul the glory and the power of My Will; and they feel themselves glorified in a divine way by the littleness of the creature.

“Listen, My daughter, to live in My Will far surpasses the merit of martyrdom itself. Indeed, martyrdom kills the body; but living in My Will means that with a divine hand the soul puts her own will to death and gives herself the honor of a divine martyrdom. And every time the soul decides to live in My Will, My Will prepares the death-blow to kill the human will and in this way forms the noble martyrdom of the soul.

January 9, 1920
I was praying, and in my thoughts, I was fusing myself in the Eternal Will; and, bringing myself before the Supreme Majesty, I said:

“Eternal Majesty, I come to Your feet in the name of the whole human family, from the first to the last man of future generations—to adore You profoundly. At Your most holy feet I want to seal the adoration of all souls; I come to recognize You in the name of all as Creator and absolute ruler of all things. I come to love You for all and for each one; I come to return love to You for everyone—for each created thing, in which You placed so much love that man will never find enough love to repay You in love. But in Your Will I find this love, and, wanting my love to be fulfilled—like the other acts—to be complete, fulfilled, and for all—I have come into Your Will where everything is eternal and immense, and where I can find love with which to love You for all. That is why I love You for each star You have created. I love You for all the particles of light and for all the intensity of the heat that You have placed in the sun. and so on.”

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