Messages of Gold


Dear Readers,

From time to time people ask us for something to help new people get started on their journey in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which Jesus wants to establish in our souls and bodies.Others want something to present to people that they can give to others, including some Priests,which will introduce those persons to the Reign of the Divine Will in souls.

Attached a couple of documents that might serve both those purposes. I am moved to share them with our readers after preparing them for another purpose.


Below are some short pearls of the New and Divine Holiness from Luisa’s writings:

We have a natural certainty that Jesus is the true author of what Luisa writes on the Divine Will. Nevertheless we await the final determination by the magisterium of the Catholic Church.



Now, you must know that all the knowledge I impart and every act done in My Will, hand in hand with the knowledge I have imparted, is a divine seed that the soul acquires. This seed will produce new divine science. And oh, how it will be able to speak the language of its Creator! Every truth will be a new heavenly language with the power to make itself understood by whoever listens to it and wants to receive this divine seed. This seed will produce a new life of holiness, new love, new goodness, new joys and happiness. This seed of My truths will be like so many new divine properties that the soul will acquire.

You must know that the more the soul acquires divine seeds through knowledge about My Fiat, the more will We give him from the wealth of Our knowledge and Our glory when, after finishing his life on earth, he enters our heavenly homeland. Along with the knowledge acquired on earth will be the added knowledge of Our Supreme Being that he will acquire in Our heavenly residence. And every divine seed he will have received will be a degree of glory, of glory and of happiness. So that the happiness, joy and glory of the Blessed will be in proportion to how well they have known Us.

Their glory and their joy will be all the greater in proportion to the knowledge they have acquired of My Divine Will. An increase of knowledge will make the blessed soul rise to such a height as to astonish the entire heavenly court, because every added bit of knowledge is a new divine life acquired by the soul; it possesses infinite good things and joys.

We are therefore waiting for Our children, who live in Our will, to make Us known upon earth. We will make them teachers, so they may be able to teach the new sciences of their Creator. We will make them into beautiful, wise, holy, and noble persons according to the knowledge they have acquired . . . We are waiting for them in Our heavenly court, to shower them with Our new joys, beauties and happiness, which up to now We have held back from giving.


Souls who live in the Divine Will become the Theater of Divine Love

I cannot say what I felt within my mind—the immensity of light which, turning into words, spoke of many creative expressions of my Creator’s love. Then my sweet Jesus added: My daughter, keep listening. Our love is so intense that it seems to give Us no peace if We don’t make new inventions of love—to love and be loved. If We didn’t do this, We would condemn ourselves to sloth—and this cannot exist in Our Supreme Being—because We are a continuous Act of ever-burning love and of endless works. Our Wisdom is so great that It always does new things. We enclose Ourselves in the soul within whom Our Will reigns, and We pour out Our love abundantly. We concentrate all that We have done, all that We do and will do, repeating within the soul Our most beautiful works, the outpouring of Our love, and the new inventions of Our Wisdom—so many that the soul cannot count them. O how many moving scenes We make! She becomes the theater of Our love, the treasury of Our unceasing works, the refuge of Our delights, joys and happiness—the hiding place for Our celestial and mysterious secrets and the revelation of Our varied beauty. Do you know why? It is so that We can enjoy them together—since none of Our works can be lacking where Our Will reigns.

The soul embraces Us within her soul, and she lets Us do what We do within Ourselves—and all this happens because We want her to know Who We are, what We can do, and how We love.

It is the continual movement of Love. And because the soul knows it has a love that never ends, it multiplies its works in order to give them to Me and to love Me. And what does it do? It enters the boundless enclosure of My Will. It sees the great theater of creation, the magnificence and the power of love with which creatures are endowed. The soul hastens from one work of Ours to the other and goes about gathering all the love we scattered throughout creation. It puts that love on its lap, as it were, and comes before Our Majesty to give Us as many varieties of love as we have placed in the created world. And the soul makes its own notes of love resound in the varied notes of love of Our creative love. And oh, the delight We take in this celebration between Heaven and earth, the oceans of love that surround Our throne!

Then, after the soul has celebrated Us in all creation, to love Us more and with a twofold love, it descends from Our throne and goes about re-scattering over all created things our twofold love. And with the strength of Our Will, which the soul has in its possession, it makes everyone say to Us: “Love, love to our Creator!”

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