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Dear Readers,

I want all those who have been offering prayers for me that I am definitely feeling the effectss of you offerings. Please continue. I Thank you in the Will of the Eternal One.
I am hopeful that I will be speaking at the Ft. Worth Conference in November and get to see you there with the several great speakers who will be giving presentations.

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Extracts from Luisa’s Writings very worth studying carefully.

June 19, 1922
Each Time the Soul Acts in the Divine Will it Causes New Joys
and Happiness to Emerge from God.

Continuing in my habitual state I was lost in the Supreme Will of my dear Jesus and it seemed that each small act of mine, when done in the Divine Will, caused new joys to emerge from within the Supreme Majesty. Then my lovable Jesus said to me:
“My daughter, I possess so much and such great joy, happiness and blessedness that I could give at every moment ever new joys and blessings. Every time a soul acts in my Will it opens up space into which I can project new blessings and new joys that I possess. And since my Will is immense and penetrates all creatures and all things, when my blessings emerge, they first flow in the soul that is acting in my Will because such a soul is the primary reason I am able to bestow my blessings. Therefore, every time you act in my Will you cause Me to bestow as many new blessings and joys; and I feel the happiness of making all creatures share in the bliss that I possess.

When it desires to do my Will, a soul opens the doors to my Will, empties itself of its own will, and prepares a little space for Me to place my possessions. When it begins to act in my Will it gives Me the opportunity to release new blessings from within Myself. That is why I anxiously await for souls to act in my Eternal Will, so that I may release from within Myself new joy, and thereby let the soul know that I am that God who never exhausts his riches and who always has something to give to a soul that does my Will.”

Jesus. . . So also am I … alone, always alone. Yet being among men I am the light of their every thought, the sound of their every word, the movement of their every act, the footsteps of their every walk, the palpitation of every heart. Nevertheless, ungrateful man leaves Me in isolation, never giving me a ‘thank you,’ nor an ‘I love you.’ I am abandoned in man’s intelligence because man uses for his own ends the light I give him, perhaps even to offend Me. I am abandoned in man’s words, whose sounds often blaspheme Me. I am abandoned in his acts, which man uses to bring Me death. I am abandoned in his steps; and I am abandoned in his heart, a heart devoted to disobedience and to loving what does not pertain to Me.

Therefore, when my Sacramental Life is formed within them, the same Will that acts within Me, acts also within them. As I feel their lives within my Sacramental Life, their lives are multiplied in each host; and I feel that they give Me in reciprocity Life for Life.

I have formed my Life in you, and I have enclosed my Eternal Will in whatever you do so that it flows in everything in a wonderful and surprising manner. My Will is acting in you in one continual and actual act. Because I have formed my Life in you, and my Will is acting in you and in your acts, then your volition has been impregnated by Mine and transfused into Mine. Thus my Will has life on earth.

There, in the Bosom of the Divinity, you will live for some time, and your will shall act with My Will to enlarge your will as much as is possible in a creature. Then you will descend anew to earth taking with you the Power and prodigies of my Will.

Do you believe it is a small thing to live in my Will …? It has no equal, nor is there sanctity that approximates it. It is Real Life, not an illusion, not a figment of one’s imagination. This Life of mine lives not only in the soul, but also in the body. Do you know how this Life of mine is formed? First my Eternal Will becomes the Will of the soul and then my palpitations, beating within its heart, conceive my Life. The soul’s love, its sorrows, and all its acts done in my Will form my Humanity. These make Me grow so much within the soul that I cannot remain hidden, and the soul cannot help but feel my presence. Don’t you feel Me alive within you?

The only thing left for Us to do in Creation relates to our Will: namely that It act in creatures as it acts in Us. Our Love wants to project our Will from within our Bosom to place it within creatures. It goes in search of someone, who is disposed to receive It, who will recognize It and cherish It. You are that someone. That is why (you have received) so many graces, so many manifestations concerning my Will. The Sanctity of my Will requires that before It is placed within a soul, that soul come to know It, love It and venerate It. Then It will be able to develop within the soul all its Virtue and its Power, and the soul will be courted by our very own graces.

Now I want to do with you what I did with my Mother, in so far as you are able. It is necessary that by means of a miserable creature, my Volition be able to live and act on earth. But how could my Volition have this operative Life if It did not give what It contains and what made my Humanity suffer? My Volition found true, operative Life in Me and in my inseparable Mother. Now I want my Volition to have that operative Life in you. I absolutely need a creature … so has it been determined by my Volition.”

Now, my daughter, that is why I have called you in a special way into this equilibrium of my Volition, so that your living in It will be the beginning of the Life wherein all the acts of a disordered humanity will be returned to equilibrium. By living in my Volition you yourself will find equilibrium. You will be in an ordered state and in perfect harmony among Us and among all created things. As all things become attuned We will feel in you – and anyone else who lives and acts in our Will – the order and harmony of all intelligences, of all words, of all acts and of all steps of those who move in the boundaries of our Will. We will constitute your acts in our Will as governors of the acts of all others and recover from the chaos of unfortunate humanity. As a seal represents the sender of a message, so every act done in our Will shall be a seal representing the order and equilibrium that We will receive from all the rest.

Hide yourself in the Will and in the Uncreated Love of your Creator. My Volition has the power to make everything that enters into my Will infinite, and to elevate and transform the acts of creatures into Eternal Acts. This is because what enters into my Will acquires the Eternal, the Infinite, and the Immense, losing what has beginning, what is finite, and what is small. What my Volition is so does it renders their acts.
“Therefore say: ‘Shout loudly ‘I love You!’ In my Volition I will hear the note of my Eternal Love, I will feel created love hidden in Uncreated Love, and I will feel Myself loved by the creature with Eternal, Infinite, and Immense Love-hence a love worthy of Me, that substitutes for Me and can requite Me with the love of all.
I remained surprised and enchanted, saying: “Jesus, what are You saying?”
Then He: “My dear, do not marvel. All is eternal in Me; nothing has a beginning, nor will it have an end. You and all creatures were eternal in my Mind. The Love with which I formed creation, which sprang from Me and which was given to every heart, was eternal. Why marvel, therefore, that the creature, leaving her own Volition, enters into Mine? Or that by uniting herself to the Love that yearned for her and loved her even from Eternity, and by linking herself to the Eternal Love from which she came, she would do her acts, would love Me, and would acquire Its Value and Its Eternal, Infinite, and Immense Power?
“Oh, how little is my Volition known; thus It is neither loved nor appreciated. Moreover, that is why the creature is content to remain with bare things and works as if she does not have an Eternal beginning—but temporal!”

submitted by Thomas Fahy

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