Messages of Gold

Dear Divine Will Children,

We at the Center for the Divine Will wish each of you a very happy, holy and blessed New Year! We pray it will be filled with the immense joy of the glorious Gift of Living in the Divine Will!

First, I am extremely sorry it is I writing this Letters of Gold and not our beloved leader, Thomas M. Fahy. His knowledge and writing skills far exceed mine and please feel free to send me input or suggestions about the Letters of Gold. It will never be a Tom Fahy LOG, but I do want it to be something you enjoy reading and to continue to learn more and more about this marvelous Life that God has so generously gifted us! I pray you will have patience with me. With prayers and the Divine Will writing in me, maybe I can do some good. I pray that Thomas will help me with this effort to let everyone know that the Center is still going strong. Thomas did not want the Center to shut down or to quit! No! He wanted us to carry on with the huge task of spreading the message of Jesus to Luisa throughout the world!

There is so much I wish to share with you. One thing is the death of our illustrious leader Thomas M. Fahy. Thomas passed into Eternity on December 14, 2019. What sorrow and pain Kathy, his beloved wife, Evelyn, his and Kathy’s only child, and I felt at losing him! But the Divine Will gave us so much peace even in the sorrow and pain. I kept thinking of how Our Sweet Mother felt at the Crucifixion of Her Most Beloved Son….there is, of course, no comparison of Her sorrow and pain to ours, but it still helps me understand the peace She had even in that most sorrowful time. It was the peace of knowing that God’s Will was being fulfilled. How awesome the Divine Will is to comfort us in such a way. I knew that God had a plan. He has a plan for each one of us. It’s already played out in Eternity, we just have to go wherever It leads us down here.

The Fahy family had Thomas’ funeral at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in La Follette, TN, on December 20, Tom and Kathy’s parish Church. There was a beautiful Mass with lots of friends and parishioners.

They buried Thomas on December 23 in Raleigh, NC. Evelyn Fahy, who lives in Raleigh, wanted her father close. There’s a place right beside him for Kathy. It was a cold and rainy day, which seemed appropriate. Even the Heavens were crying with us. They are rejoicing in Heaven with Thomas but crying down here with us. It was a lovely ceremony with several Priests in attendance and lots of friends.

A quote from Luisa:
Death—endured in the divine order and to fulfill the Divine Will—produces Divine Life, so that all souls might receive this Divine Life.

But I know Thomas would not want us to get bogged down in self-pity, but to pick ourselves up and pray that the Divine Will through Thomas’ intercession will help us get many things accomplished for the Reign of the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven!

As you all know, we have a retreat house in San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain, the House of Divine Will, which is going under new management! David Russell and his wife, Gloria, have agreed to come over this spring to begin to learn the operations of the retreat house. Gloria speaks fluent Spanish and is a wonderful cook. David is very charismatic and a wonderful speaker and teacher of the doctrine of Luisa Piccarreta! Plus, there are day trips to many wonderful Marian sites close to Garabandal and to the largest Piece of the True Cross in existence in the world! It is only an hour away and you can kiss it! We are planning to have several weeks open for retreats this spring, beginning in March, to learn more about the Gift of Living in the Divine Will and to visit some beautiful, holy sites around the area! So, keep your calendar open for that announcement!



Thank you so very much for all your prayers and support during Tom’s illness. The sadness we felt in watching his earthly life fade during his final weeks was immense, but your messages and phone calls to let us know you were praying for him, and for us, provided strength. Then, following his death, we were humbled by the outpouring of messages, cards, and Mass cards, as well as by the distance many of you traveled to participate in his funeral – particularly at a time so close to your own Christmas celebrations. As his wife and daughter, it touches us deeply to realize how many people around the world appreciated Tom both as a person and as an apostle of the Divine Will. We continue to grieve, but take comfort in your love.

Kathy Fahy & Evelyn Fahy


These writings from Luisa are about a new year coming in and the dying of the old year, as our will should die at each and every moment for the glory of our Heavenly Father! Have a very blessed day!

January 1, 1927
The will of the soul as present for Baby Jesus. How His whole life was the symbol and the calling of the Divine Will. How knowledge is the means in order to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of His Will.

(I was meditating on the old year, which was setting, and the new one which was rising.)
My state continues in the flight of the light of the Divine Will, and I was praying the pretty little Baby that, just as the old year was dying never to be born again, so He would make my will die and live no more; and as present for the new year, He would give me His Will, just as I gave Him the gift of mine, so as to place it as footstool at His tender little feet, that it might have no other life but His Will alone. Now, while I was saying this and other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me:

“Daughter of my Will, how I love, want – yearn that your will may end in you. Oh, how I accept your present! How pleasing it will be for Me to keep it as soft footstool at my feet. In fact, as long as it remains in the creature, outside of its center which is God, the human will is hard; but when it enters again into the center from which it came, serving as footstool at the feet of your little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I use it to amuse Myself. Is it not right that, little as I am, I have an amusement? And that in the midst of so many sorrows, privations and tears, I have your will to make Me smile?

Now, you must know that one who puts an end to her will, returns into the origin from which she came, and the new life, the life of light, the perennial life of my Will, begins in her. See, when I came upon earth, I wanted to give many examples and similes of how I wanted the human will to end. I wanted to be born at midnight, so as to break the night of the human will with the refulgent day of Mine. And even though at midnight the night continues, it does not finish, it is yet the beginning of a new day; and my Angels, to give honor to my birth and to point out to everyone the day of my Will, from midnight on, gladdened the vault of the heavens with new stars and new suns, such as to turn the night into more than daylight. This was the homage that the Angels gave to my little Humanity, in which resided the full day of the Sun of my Divine Will, and the calling of the creature into the full day of It.
Still little, I submitted Myself to the so very cruel cut of circumcision, which made Me shed bitter tears for the pain – and not only Me, but with Me cried my Mama and dear St. Joseph. It was the cut of the human will that I wanted to make, so that creatures might let the Divine Will flow within that cut, and so that a broken will might have life no more – but only Mine, which had run within that cut in order to begin Its life again.

Still little, I wanted to flee to Egypt. A tyrannical and iniquitous will wanted to kill Me – symbol of the human will which wants to kill Mine; and I fled, in order to say to all: ‘Flee the human will, if you do not want Mine to be killed.’ My whole life was nothing other than the calling of the Divine Will into the human. In Egypt I lived like a stranger in the midst of that people – symbol of my Will, which they keep as though estranged within their midst; and symbolizing that whoever wants to live in peace and united with my Will, must live as though estranged from the human will. Otherwise, there will always be war between the two of them – they are two irreconcilable wills.
After my exile, I returned to my fatherland – symbol of my Will which, after Its long exile of centuries upon centuries, will return to Its dear fatherland, into the midst of Its children in order to reign. And as I went through these stages in my life, I kept forming Its Kingdom in Me, and I called It with incessant prayers, with pains and with tears, to come to reign in the midst of creatures.
I returned to my fatherland and I lived hidden and unknown. Oh! how this symbolizes the sorrow of my Will which, while living in the midst of the peoples, lives unknown and hidden. Being hidden, I impetrated that the Supreme Will be known, that It might receive the homage and the glory which are due to It. There was nothing I did which did not symbolize a sorrow of my Will, the condition in which creatures put It, and a call I made in order to return Its Kingdom to It. And this is what I want your life to be: the continuous calling of the Kingdom of my Will into the midst of creatures.”

Then, after this, I was going around through the whole Creation in order to bring the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the sea – in sum, everything, to the feet of little Baby Jesus together with me, so as to ask Him, all together, that the coming of this Kingdom of His Will upon earth might come soon. And in my desire, I was saying to Him: ‘See, I am not the only one who is praying You, but the heavens are praying with the voices of all the stars; the sun, with the voice of its light and of its heat; the sea, with its murmuring – they are all praying You that your Will may come to reign upon earth. How can You resist listening to so many voices that pray You? It is innocent voices – voices animated by your very Will, that are praying You.’

Now, while I was saying this, my little Jesus came out from within my interior to receive the homage of all Creation, and to listen to their mute language; and squeezing me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, the easiest means in order to hasten the coming of my Will upon earth is the knowledge about It. The knowledge brings light and heat, and forms within themselves the prime act of God, in which the creature finds the first act on which to model her own. If she does not find the first act, the creature does not have the virtue of forming the prime act; therefore, the acts, the things which are most necessary in order to form this Kingdom, would be missing. See then, what one additional knowledge about my Will means. By carrying the prime act of God within themselves, they will bring with them a magnetic force, a powerful magnet, in order to draw creatures to repeat the prime act of God. With their light, they will bring the disillusionment of the human will; with their heat, they will soften the hardest hearts to bend before this divine act; and creatures will feel captivated to wanting to model themselves on this act. Therefore, the more knowledge I manifest about my Will, the more quickly is the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat drawn upon earth.”

Ann Ellison

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