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Back in early July, I was informed of a radio program by Patrick Madrid in which he read a letter from Fr. Staples. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, because they have been against Luisa for many years. But I got several emails from people in various places who seemed somewhat concerned, especially for those who are new to the writings of Luisa. I did write a letter to some of those who sent me emails to let them have some facts that they may not have known.

Immediately below is the Letter I wrote about three weeks ago with a small addition. BE SURE, HOWEVER, TO SEE WHAT JESUS HAD TO SAY ON THIS MATTER 88 YEARS AGO IN “THE BOOK OF HEAVEN,” WHICH FOLLOWS MY LETTER.

My letter: Dear X,
Concerning Patrick Madrid and also Fr. Staples, these attacks against Luisa and her writings has been going on and off since about 1995. I really do not pay any attention to them, due mainly to their ignorance of Mystical Theology, and also because Jesus explains to Luisa His extraordinary love for mankind as long as God has been God, and how we were supposed to live one same Life with God as is lived in all of Heaven.

Adam and Eve were created this special way, but freely chose to do their own will separately from the Gift of the Divine Will and by doing so, the human race lost this most wonderful inheritance, which Jesus regained for us while on earth and then asked us to pray Lord’s Prayer for that inheritance to be given back to humanity in the future, which is now happening, little by little to people of good will and proper disposition in these days of general apostasy.

Fr. Staples and Patrick Madrid are placing themselves above the Church, which has already appointed six Priest Theologians to examine Luisa’s writings (actually Jesus’ words given to her, to place them on paper). Those theologians have been very positive about these writings, which include Jesus’ predictions that one day the Roman Pontiff, will make all this known to the Church and the world. The first 19 of the 36 Volumes of these writings have received the Nihil Obstat from Saint Annibale Di Francia and Imprimatur from Archbishop Leo.

Fr. Staples was a convert from Pentecostalism, as I remember, who converted to the True Church. He studied for the Priesthood and was ordained back in the 1990’s and began to oppose Luisa’s doctrine in less than a year as a Priest, I have been informed that Mystical Theology is not taught in seminaries, but is a branch of theology that some, but not many, Priests choose to study after they have become Priests. Even so, there are aspects of Mystical Theology which are exceedingly profound, and it is totally unnecessary to study Mystical Theology to enter into the Reign and Life of the Divine Will.

One simply needs to hear of It, truly want It, and have the disposition to receive this Gift of All Gifts, which fulfills the very purpose of the Creation of human beings, and has already been given to human beings—Adam and Eve, in the beginning, and to Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother.

For those who are studying Luisa’s writings, please be comfortable with what the Church has already done: Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur, Opened Luisa’s Cause of Canonization, appointed six Priest theologians, the last two being specialists in Mystical Theology.

The Recent Radio Program Against Luisa Piccarreta was 88 Years too Late.

Read what Jesus had to Say on this Subject

Book of Heaven – May 19, 1931
Jesus to Luisa: My daughter, My love did not die with the fall of man, but burned even more strongly. And if my justice rightly punished him and condemned him, My love, while kissing My justice, and without hesitating a moment, promised the future Redeemer. And I said to the deceiving serpent: “You have used a woman to tear man away from My Divine Will. And I through another woman who shall have in her power the strength of My Fiat shall destroy your pride—and with her immaculate foot She shall crush your head.”

These words burned him more than the very hell of that infernal serpent and instilled such rage in his heart that he could no longer be still. He did nothing but travel around and around the earth to find Her who would crush his head—not to let himself be crushed, but to bring down with his infernal arts and his diabolical cunning the One who was to defeat him, weaken him and bind him in the dark abyss. And so, for four thousand years, he kept going around. And when he would see the most virtuous and good women, he armed himself for battle, tempted them in every way and left them alone only when he was sure, through some defect or weakness, that it was not She through whom he must be defeated; and so he continued to wander about the earth.

Then, there came in deed the heavenly creature who crushed his head. And the enemy sensed such power within her that it brought him down, and he had no strength to approach her. This caused him to be consumed with rage, and he used all of his infernal weapons to fight her. But he had no chance! He tried to approach; but he felt weakened, his legs broken; and he was forced to turn back. From afar, he spied on her marvelous virtues, her power and her holiness.

And to confound him and throw him into doubt, I made him see all the human qualities of the Heavenly Queen, such as eating, crying, sleeping, and so on. And he persuaded himself that it was not She, because being so powerful and holy, She ought not to be subject to the natural needs of life. But then his doubts returned, and he wanted to go back on the offensive—but in vain. My Will is a power that weakens all evils and all infernal powers. It is the light that makes itself known to all. And where It reigns, It makes Its power felt—and not even the demons themselves can ignore It. And so the Queen of Heaven was, and is, the terror of all of hell.

Now the infernal serpent feels upon his head the threatening word that I spoke in Eden—My irrevocable sentence that a woman will crush his head. So he knows that, with his head crushed, his reign on earth shall be turned upside down. He will lose his prestige, and all the evil that he did in Eden through one woman shall be undone by another.

But even if the Queen of Heaven weakened him and crushed his head—and I Myself bound him to the cross so that he is no longer free to do what he wants—he still destroys whoever has the misfortune to approach him. Even more so—as he sees that the human will is not subject to the Divine Will, and Its Kingdom is not yet formed—he fears that another woman will end up burning his temples, and that the divine sentence will have its fulfillment, with his head crushed by the feet of the Immaculate Queen. Indeed, he knows that when I speak, My word has the power to infuse power into other creatures.

And so, as he assured himself that She whom he feared was the Most Holy Virgin, and that he could no longer fight Her, he returned to his travels. He is all eyes as if on the lookout to see if God has given another woman the mission to make the Divine Will known so as to let It reign. And having seen you write so much about My Fiat, just the suspicion that this could be the case, has roused all of hell against you. This is the cause of all that you have suffered. That is why he has made use of evil men and made them invent slanders and imaginary things. Then, when he sees you cry so much, he has persuaded himself that you cannot be the one who will bring him the ruin that they all fear so much in their diabolical kingdom. This is what concerns the Queen of Heaven regarding the infernal serpent. Now I want to tell you what concerns creatures in regard to him.

My daughter, the Heavenly creature was poor. Her natural gifts appeared to be common: Nothing in her exterior appeared out of the ordinary. For her husband, She took a poor craftsman who earned his daily bread with his modest work. Suppose that it had been known beforehand that She was the Mother of the Word. If the great men of the world, the doctors and priests, had known who was the Mother of the future Messiah, they would have waged fierce war against Her. No one would have believed Her. They would have said: “Is it possible that this poor thing should be the Mother of the Eternal Word? Have there not been, and are there not other women in Israel? There was a Judith, an Esther and many others.” In this way, no one would have believed Her, and they would have raised innumerable doubts and difficulties.

They doubted My Divine Person, so as not to believe that I was the longed-for Messiah. And even now many still don’t believe that I came down to earth, even though I performed many miracles to persuade the more incredulous to believe Me. Ah! When hardness and obstinacy enter the heart, men make themselves incapable of receiving any good thing. For them, the truths, even the miracles themselves, are as if dead and lifeless. Indeed, this is even more true of the Heavenly Mother, in whom nothing miraculous could be seen from the outside.
Now, My daughter, listen to Me. The serious doubts and most severe difficulties that they have found in your writings are precisely these: That I told you that I called you to live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, giving you the special and unique mission of making It known, so that as I Myself said in the Pater Noster, and the Holy Church still says now: “Your Kingdom come”—that is—that “Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven.” It does not say in the Pater that this Kingdom is on earth, only that it would come. And I would not have composed a prayer if it were not to have its effects.

And, so, to achieve this, would I not have to choose another woman—one whom the infernal serpent fears so much? He ruined mankind for Me through the first woman; and to confound him, I employed a woman to rescue man from his ruin and to raise up all the goodness that the serpent tried to destroy. This is why the preparations and graces and all My visits and communications were needed.

This sounded bad to those who read it—and that is why the doubts and difficulties resulted—because for them it is impossible that none of the other great saints has ever lived in the Kingdom of My Will, and that you alone are to be preferred above everyone else. And then they read that I placed you close to the Sovereign Queen who had lived in My Divine Fiat, so that you could imitate Her. And they read that I wanted to make you into an image that resembled her. I placed you in her hands, so that She could guide you, assist you, and protect you—and, in this way, you would imitate Her in everything. But all of this seemed absurd to them, and because they misunderstood what I had meant, they thought that I had told you that you were another Queen. What nonsense! I did not say that you are like the Heavenly Queen, but that I want you to be like her—just as I have said to many other souls who are dear to Me that I wanted them to be similar to Me. But even so, these souls did not become God like Me. Moreover, as the true Queen of the Kingdom of My Will, the Heavenly Lady has the duty of helping and teaching those fortunate creatures who want to come to live in the Kingdom.

With their objections, they make it seem as if I didn’t have the power to choose whom I want and when I want. But, as for the rest, time will reveal everything. And as they cannot ignore the fact that the Virgin of Nazareth is My Mother, so they will not be able to ignore the fact that I have chosen you for the sole aim of making My Will known. And I will make use of you until “Your Kingdom come” is fulfilled.

You can be sure that men are instruments in My hands. And I do not look at who it may be, but I look to see if My Divine Will has decided to work through this instrument. And that is enough for Me to achieve My supreme designs. At the right time I will make use of men’s doubts and difficulties to confound and humiliate them. But I shall not stop, and I shall go ahead with the work that I want to do through a creature. So you, too, follow Me, and don’t draw back. For the rest, it is obvious from their way of thinking that they have only taken your humanity into account.

They have not calculated what My Divine Will can do and knows how to do. And when My Will decides to act in a soul to accomplish My greatest designs among the generations of men, no one can dictate the law to Me—neither regarding who it must be, nor the time, the way, or the place. But My Will acts in an absolute way. It takes no account of certain small minds that cannot ascend to the divine and supernatural sphere. Nor do they know how to bow down before the incomprehensible works of their Creator. And, when they want to think with their human reason, they lose divine reason—and it leaves them confused and incredulous.

Above Text from the “Book of Heaven” submitted by Thomas Fahy

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