Knowing Our Nothingness – Podcast #1

Join us as we read from the Book of Heaven about the importance of knowing our own nothingness to allow God to be our all. Jesus tells Luisa, ” Completely divested of herself, she does not notice merits or self-interest. Rather all intent to only make me content, she gives me absolute dominion in all her acts, without wanting to know what I do with them.”

We will be reading from: Volume 5  (March 24, 1903) & Volume 12 (June 14, 1917) & Volume 12 (December 6, 1917) & Volume 7 (February 28, 1906) & Volume 10 (January 11, 1912) & Volume 8 ( November 18, 1907) &
Volume 3 (June 27, 1900)


Messages of Gold

Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

Below is PART TWO of The Loneliness of God and The Needs of Divine Love

Eternal Blessings to you all.

Thomas Fahy

Part Two

The Loneliness of God and the Needs of Divine Love

(From Part One) When it is said that God is complete in Himself and has no need of anything, this saying is better understood by the Holy Mystics, who are not enchanted so much by the Power of God as by the Nature of His Love. Because of their intimacy with God, and especially due to their intimacy with the Second Person of the Trinity as the Incarnate Word, Jesus, these, authentic Holy Mystics understand that Divine Love has an irresistible need to share, to give, and to be reciprocated with Love worthy of Him.

My daughter, all of Creation was made in one outpouring of Our most intense love. That is why the children of Our Fiat will meet the needs of Our love. Our love feels the need to pour Itself out—otherwise, We feel suffocated in Our flames. This is why the children of Our Will are necessary—as a continuous outpouring of Our love. (from Part One)

This, then, is how the destiny of souls and Ours are changed: loneliness is banished; companionship will be everlasting; and We will always have something to say and someone who listens. Our eternal pain will turn into joys and feasting—because We will have the soul living in Our Will. (from Part One)

The above three selections and others from Part One demonstrate how The Divine Love of the Holy Trinity has the irresistible need to share Their Life and Happiness, and chose to do so with Man, whom They would create, provided that Man live one same life with God by possessing and living in the Divine Will. This was the Original State and Destiny of our first parents, but this Original State and Destiny was lost with Original Sin.
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