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Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

Below is PART TWO of The Loneliness of God and The Needs of Divine Love

Eternal Blessings to you all.

Thomas Fahy

Part Two

The Loneliness of God and the Needs of Divine Love

(From Part One) When it is said that God is complete in Himself and has no need of anything, this saying is better understood by the Holy Mystics, who are not enchanted so much by the Power of God as by the Nature of His Love. Because of their intimacy with God, and especially due to their intimacy with the Second Person of the Trinity as the Incarnate Word, Jesus, these, authentic Holy Mystics understand that Divine Love has an irresistible need to share, to give, and to be reciprocated with Love worthy of Him.

My daughter, all of Creation was made in one outpouring of Our most intense love. That is why the children of Our Fiat will meet the needs of Our love. Our love feels the need to pour Itself out—otherwise, We feel suffocated in Our flames. This is why the children of Our Will are necessary—as a continuous outpouring of Our love. (from Part One)

This, then, is how the destiny of souls and Ours are changed: loneliness is banished; companionship will be everlasting; and We will always have something to say and someone who listens. Our eternal pain will turn into joys and feasting—because We will have the soul living in Our Will. (from Part One)

The above three selections and others from Part One demonstrate how The Divine Love of the Holy Trinity has the irresistible need to share Their Life and Happiness, and chose to do so with Man, whom They would create, provided that Man live one same life with God by possessing and living in the Divine Will. This was the Original State and Destiny of our first parents, but this Original State and Destiny was lost with Original Sin.

Our Lady, Our Mother, Mary, was exempted from this great Loss; and we now know that Jesus had recovered for us the Original State and Destiny of Man in His Interior Life while on earth as Son of God and also Son of Mary. So that we could share in this recovery, Jesus prayed and taught us to pray to Our Father that His Kingdom of the Divine Will would come (at the appointed time) and souls could once again possess the Original State and Destiny of our first parents and do the Father’s Will as in Heaven, which is to possess and live in the Father’s Will, which is the One Will of the Holy Trinity.

This One Will of the Holy Trinity is the eternal generator, animator, operator and conserver of the Life and attributes of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Those who possess and live this Life will be the True Companions of God, fulfilling the Purpose of the Creation of Man.

Luisa Piccarreta was elected by the Holy Trinity to be the first fulfillment of Our Lord’s Prayer, and it is from her writings, dictated to her by Jesus over a period of forty years that other souls, from her days until the end of time, will learn this most sublime and most happy way of life, as the Life of Heaven is extended to Earth.

Man was formed in God from Eternity

Jesus (on behalf of the Trinity) to Luisa: “And when was man formed in Us? Ab eterno (from eternity)—thus he did not yet exist in time—but in eternity he always existed, he had his place in Us, his palpitating life, the love of his Creator.”

And We did not have the joy or the glory of seeing Our works outside of Ourselves, formed and finished outside of Us. That is why Our works were formed when the world was created; and if a soul goes around among them, looks at them, and wants to gather them all around Us, and says to Us: “How beautiful are Your works! They are perfect and holy. Their harmony and their perfect order proclaim who You are and tell of Your glory.”

Your beginning is God; and you [Luisa] must reach that point in eternity where the Eternal One created man, so that you can receive all the links of the chain of Creation and restore all the harmonies that can exist between the Creator and His creatures.”

My little daughter of My Will, you must know that the sole purpose of Creation was Our love, which externalized itself outside of Us and formed the center from which We could carry out the purpose for which We had brought forth Our love. Indeed, Our center was man—where with Our love fixed upon him, We wanted to let him feel Our life pulsating and Our love working within him.

And all Creation had to be the circumference of this center—almost like rays of the sun that had to surround, beautify, and sustain this center. And since it was fixed in Us, everything in creation had to give Us the field in which to reveal ever-new love—to adorn, enrich, and magnify the center where Our love found its support, and to make it a work worthy of Our creative hands. Now all of mankind, united together, was to form the place at the center of Our poured-out love.

Indeed, for Us, man has always been Our ideal—the little space where We unfold Our creative work, the support of Our life, the outpouring of Our eternal love. This is why humans do not understand so many things—they don’t know how to explain them because it is the work of the Divine Incomprehensibility.

These are Our ancient heavenly mysteries, Our divine fibers, whose mysterious secrets are known to Us alone—the keys that We must press when We want to do new and unusual things in man’s soul. And since men do not know Our secrets—nor can they understand Our incomprehensible ways that We have implanted in man’s nature—they resort to judging by their own ways of behaving, and they do not know how to explain what We do in the soul; while the soul is obliged to bow before Our incomprehensible action.

Now, one who does not do Our Will places in disorder all the acts that We have ordered “ab eterno” within him. In this way he disfigures Our divine acts and makes a void for those divine acts that We had formed and ordered within him. We loved Ourselves in him—We loved the continuous series of Our acts, formed by Our own pure love.

And when We brought man forth in time, We wanted him to agree with what We had done. But to be able to do this, man needed Our Will to give him divine virtue, so that he could do in time what had been done by Us, without him, in eternity. Nor should one be amazed if the Divine Being had formed him in eternity, and the same Divine Will confirmed and repeated Its work in time, continuing Its creative work in man.

My little daughter of My Divine Will, you ought to know that Our first sphere of action was the Creation. This was a work that We held in Our divine bosom from eternity. We loved man in every created thing that We were to bring forth to the light of day. It was only for him—because We loved him so much—that We decided to create so many things: to make the light of day for him, the blue unfading firmament; a flowery earth as a pavement. And then We made the greatest thing of all—the concentration of Our love within each created thing—love which served as a lap for him, and which bore him in Our arms, delighted him, and constantly gave him new life.

And do you know the reason for all these preparations—why We have to go out of Ourselves, as if into a sphere of activity, to work for the love of the soul who had to let Our Will reign? For such a great work We wanted Our recompense—Our divine goal—which man and all created things had to keep as life and rule, nurturing it with Our Will. This field of action still endures.

Our love still flows at incredible speeds—because We are not subject to change. We are immutable, and what We do once, We do forever. And what is more, with such an extended field of action—with so much work and so much love throbbing in every created thing and in every fiber of man’s being—Our goal of Our Will reigning and ruling in man’s heart has not yet been fulfilled.

Could we ever form so extensive a field and still keep working upon it, without ever achieving Our purpose? That could never be! The fact that the Creation has endured until now is the sure sign that the Kingdom of My Will shall have Its life and Its full triumph among souls. We do not know how to do useless things; rather, with supreme wisdom We first establish the goodness, the usefulness, and the glory that We must receive—and then We act.

Now, I want to tell you another amazing thing. As the soul enters Our Will to let It reign, We thrust Ourselves once again into this sphere of activity. We renew Our work, and only for this soul do We concentrate Our new love in each created thing. Then, in the fervor of Our love, We say to her: “See, how much I love you! For you alone We expand Our sphere of activity. For you alone We repeat all of Our works.”

Listen carefully, and you will hear in everything the new notes of Our love which tell you how much We love you, and how you are clothed and hidden in Our love. O the joys and delights that you give Us—to the point that We can renew Our sphere of activity for the soul who lives in Our Will, and who does not want to know anything but Our Will.

Now, the whole Creation as well as We Ourselves—when We find her in Our Will—recognize her as Our daughter. And since Our Will gives her rights over all, the whole Creation remains centered within her, and she within Us, so that she becomes inseparable from all created things.

Here Our sphere of activity finds Its reward, the recompense for Our work: that this one soul lives in Our Will and works in union with Us—that she wants to do what We do and to love Us with equal love. Since there is one Will that animates us, there can be no dissimilarity or disparity between us. We no longer feel isolated within the sphere of Creation—We have companionship. This is Our triumph, Our victory—the greatest blessing that We can give to souls.

As I continued in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus kept speaking to me very often about his Most Holy Will. I will relate the little I remember. As I was not feeling well, blessed Jesus came and told me: My daughter, the soul who lives in my Will can say of all that I do: “All this is mine.” This is because the will of the soul who gives herself to Me is so identified with my Will that everything my Will does she does as well.

As she lives and dies in my Volition, she bears every blessing within herself, since nothing good exists outside of my Will. My Will forms the life of all the good that souls do. That is why the soul that dies to this life carries within her all the Masses being celebrated, and all the prayers and good works that are being done, since they are all the fruits of my Will. This is still very little, compared to the work of my Will which the soul carries within her as her own. One instant of the work of my Will is enough to surpass all the work of all creatures, past, present and future.

As the soul dies in my Will, no beauty, height, wealth, sanctity, wisdom or love can equal her–nothing. Nothing can be compared to her—nothing equals her. And when the soul who dies identified with my Will enters the Heavenly Fatherland, not only will the gates of Heaven open to her, but the whole heavenly court will bow to welcome her into her celestial home, to honor the work of my Will in her.

How can I describe the rejoicing and astonishment of all the Blessed on seeing this soul entirely shaped by the work of my Divine Will; or on seeing that all that this soul did during her whole life—having done everything in my Volition—each word, work, thought and action—are so many Suns that adorn her—each one different from the others in light and beauty?

How can I describe the surprise of the Blessed on seeing in this soul many divine streams which will inundate all the Blessed and flow over the earth for the benefit of pilgrim souls since Heaven cannot contain them? Ah, my daughter, my Will is the wonder of wonders. It holds the secret to light, sanctity and riches; It holds the secret to all good things—but it is not yet intimately known, and therefore cannot be appreciated or loved as It deserves! But I want You to appreciate It, to Love It, and to make It known to souls whom you find open to receive.

Another day, when I was suffering, I felt as if I couldn’t do anything; so I felt oppressed. And Jesus came to me, hugged me, and said to me: My daughter, do not trouble yourself. Try only to be abandoned in my Will, and I will do everything for you. One single instant in my Will is worth more than all the good you could ever do in your entire life.

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

I am not sure if there will be a Part Three to the themes of the last two “Messages of Gold,” I hope to go on to other themes of the “Book of Heaven,” which are written on the walls in Heaven for all, who are there, to read.

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