Divine Mercy Sunday

Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,


This Sunday, April 23, is Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter.
Be sure to take advantage of the Promise of Jesus to St. Faustina and the Plenary Indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday.


Luisa was born on April 23, 1865, the Sunday after Easter.

The Sunday after Easter is now celebrated as Divine Mercy Sunday. 


This Sunday, April 23, 2017, is the 7th time since Luisa’s birth that her birthday
has come on the Sunday After Easter. The next time this happens will be
in 2028 and not again until 2090, assuming the calendar will remain as
it is now, for Very Great Changes are coming upon this world.
Below you will find some marvelous pages extracted from the Book of Heaven, which make known to us the ultra-high mission and holiness of the 
“Little Daughter of the Divine Will,” Luisa Piccarreta.
You will also read about Adam’s visit to her and what he had to say. On top of that you will read incredible things that we are called to do in the Divine will in imitation of Luisa.
Wishing you all many Eternal Blessings and Delights in the Adorable Will of God,
Thomas Fahy

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