Divine Mercy Sunday

Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,


This Sunday, April 23, is Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter.
Be sure to take advantage of the Promise of Jesus to St. Faustina and the Plenary Indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday.


Luisa was born on April 23, 1865, the Sunday after Easter.

The Sunday after Easter is now celebrated as Divine Mercy Sunday. 


This Sunday, April 23, 2017, is the 7th time since Luisa’s birth that her birthday
has come on the Sunday After Easter. The next time this happens will be
in 2028 and not again until 2090, assuming the calendar will remain as
it is now, for Very Great Changes are coming upon this world.
Below you will find some marvelous pages extracted from the Book of Heaven, which make known to us the ultra-high mission and holiness of the 
“Little Daughter of the Divine Will,” Luisa Piccarreta.
You will also read about Adam’s visit to her and what he had to say. On top of that you will read incredible things that we are called to do in the Divine will in imitation of Luisa.
Wishing you all many Eternal Blessings and Delights in the Adorable Will of God,
Thomas Fahy




Below, you will find some pages extracted from the Book of Heaven,

which make known to us the ultra-high mission and holiness of the

“Little Daughter of the Divine Will,” Luisa Piccarreta.


What it means to be the firstborn daughter of the Divine Will. 

Jesus feels drawn to visit the soul, disposing her to be with Him.


I felt plunged in the ocean of sufferings caused by the absence of my Greatest Good, Jesus.  And no matter how much I sought Him, going around Heaven and earth, it was not given to me to find Him for Whom I longed so much.  In this way, the waters of suffering swelled up more and more, and drowned me with sorrows and pain.  But it was the pain that only Jesus can give—and that only He knows how to give—to a poor, little, loving heart.  And because the heart is little, it cannot bear the whole immensity of the bitter waters of the pain of separation from Him.  And that is why it remains drowned and oppressed, waiting for the One for whom I yearn and long so much.


Then, while I was all oppressed, my ever beloved Jesus appeared within me, and in the midst of a cloud of light, He said to me:  Firstborn daughter of My Will, why are you so oppressed?  If you think of your great good fortune, your oppression will leave you.  Do you know what “firstborn daughter of My Will” means?  It means first daughter in the love of Our Heavenly Father, and first among all to be loved.  It means first daughter of grace, of light, and of glory.  It means first daughter-possessor of the riches of her Divine Father, and first daughter of Creation. 


As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she bears all the bonds, relations, and rights that befit a firstborn daughter—bonds of filiation, lines of communication with all the dispositions of her Heavenly Father, and rights to the possession of all His goods.  But all of this is not everything.  Do you know what it means to be the first daughter born of My Will?  It means not only to be first in the love of her Creator and in all of His things, but to enclose in herself all the love and all the blessings of His other children.  In this way, if the others are to have their own shares, she, as the firstborn, will possess, all together, the goods of all the others. 

And this she does by right and with justice—because, as the firstborn, to her did My Will entrust everything.  To her It gave everything.  And that is why in her exists the origin of all things, the reason why Creation was created, the purpose for which the divine action and love came into play.  She who was to be the firstborn daughter of Our Will was the primary cause of all the works of a God!  That is why—as a consequence—all good things come from her and to her they return.  See, then, how fortunate you are!  You cannot fully comprehend what it means to have the first place in love and in everything that belongs to Your Creator.


On hearing this, I said to Him:“My Love, what are You saying?  And, besides, what good do I receive from such a great fortune that You tell me about—when You withdraw Yourself from me?  Everything good turns into bitterness without You.  And, then, I have told You many times that I only want You—because You are enough for me in everything—and if I had everything, without You, everything would change into martyrdom and indescribable suffering for me.  Love, grace, light, the whole Creation, speak to me about You.  They make me know Who You are.  And when I do not find You, I become delirious, I enter into death agonies.  Indeed, You can give the primacy, the rights of the firstborn to whomever You want—I don’t care about them.  If You want to make me happy, stay with me—You alone!  That is enough for me.”


And Jesus added:  My daughter, I alone must not be enough for you—nor do I want you to say that you do not care about everything else.  No, no, if it is not enough for Me to give you Myself alone without giving you all of My things—if I want you to have the primacy and to be the firstborn daughter, you must care about that, too.  Don’t you know that My frequent coming depends on your being My firstborn daughter?  Don’t you know that, as long as Adam remained the firstborn son of My Will—and, so, enjoyed the primacy over everything—I visited him often?  My Will reigning in him gave him all the means that he needed to be with Me, like a son who is the consolation of his Father.

That is why I spoke to him as to a son, and he spoke to Me as to his Father.  As he withdrew from My Will, he lost his primacy and the rights of the firstborn, and with them he lost all of My blessings.  He no longer felt the strength to bear My presence; nor did I feel drawn by a divine force and Will to go to him.  Indeed, all his bonds with Me were broken.  Nothing was due to him by right any more—nor did he see Me unveiled any longer—but surrounded by lightning bolts and eclipsed within My light (the light of My Will that he had rejected). 


Now, don’t you know that the primacy that Adam lost as the firstborn son of My Will has passed on to you, and that in you I must enclose all the blessings that I was to enclose in him, had he not withdrawn from My Will?  That is why I look at you as the first creature to come forth from Our hands—because one who lives in My Will is always the first before her Creator.  And, even if she is born later in time, this means nothing:  In Our Will, one who has never gone out of It is always first. 


Look, then: you must care about everything.  My very coming is the irresistible force of My Will which draws you to Me and disposes you.  That is why I want you to be supremely grateful for your good fortune—to be the firstborn daughter of My Will.

I did not know what to answer.  I remained confused, and in the depths of my soul, I said: “Fiat, Fiat.”



Adam Visits Luisa


Luisa: I was beginning my rounds in the Divine Will, and as I entered the earthly Eden where Adam had first withdrawn his will from the Divine, I said to my sweet Jesus:  “My Love, I want to annihilate my will in Yours, so that it may never have life—so that Your Will may have life always and in everything, to make up for the first act that Adam did, and to restore all the glory to Your Supreme Will, as if Adam had never withdrawn from It.  O how I wish to give back to him the honor he lost because he did his own will and rejected Yours!


And I intend to do this act for as many times as all souls have done their own will—the cause of all evils—and have rejected Yours: the source and fountain of all blessings.  That is why I beg You to make the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come soon, so that everyone—from Adam to all the souls who have done their own will—may receive the honor and the glory that  they lost, and so that Your Will may enjoy victory, glory and fulfillment.”


Now, while I was saying this, my highest Good, Jesus, was moved and touched, and He made my first father Adam present to me, and He let him speak to me for himself with great love and forcefulness:


“Blessed daughter, after so many centuries, my Lord God has finally brought to light the one who was to contemplate giving back to me the honor and the glory that I lost—alas!—by doing my own will.  How I feel my happiness multiplied!    Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back the honor that I lost.


That is why I thank God profoundly for having brought you to light, and I thank you, my dearest daughter, for taking on the responsibility of giving back to God the glory as if His Will had never been offended by me—and of giving to me the great honor of seeing the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat established once again among men.  It is right that I give you the place that had been destined for me, as the first man to come forth from the hands of Our Creator.”


After this, my beloved Jesus held me close to Himself and said to me:  My daughter, not only Adam, but all the blessed in Heaven await your acts in My Will—to receive the honor that their human will has taken away from them.  You must know that I have placed more grace in you than I placed in Adam, so that My Will might possess you and rule you triumphantly, and so that yours might feel honored to give up the life of your will, and to cede its place to Mine.


I did not give Adam My Humanity to be his help and his strength—and as the retinue of My Will—because I did not have It then.  But I have placed It in you, to give you all the help that you need so that your will might stay at its place, and Mine might reign—so that, united with you, It might follow your rounds in My Eternal Will to establish Its Kingdom.

I was surprised to hear this, and I said:  “My Jesus, what are You saying?  It seems to me that You want to tempt me and make fun of me.  How could You possibly have placed more grace in me than in Adam?”  And Jesus answered:  Certainly, certainly, My daughter!  I had to do it—so that your will might be sustained by another Divine Humanity—so that it would not falter, but would stand firm in My Will.  Indeed, I am not making fun of you, but I am telling you this, so that you respond to Me and stay attentive.



The soul will possess glory, beatitude and happiness in Heaven, to the degree that she has embraced the Divine Will on earth. 

As I continued my usual round in the Supreme Will, I said to myself:  “My Jesus, Your Will embraces and encloses everything, and I, in the name of the first soul who came forth from Your creative hands—until the last one who will be created—intend to make reparation for all the times that man’s will has resisted Yours.

And I gather within myself all the acts of Your adorable Will—rejected by men—so as to repay them all in love and adoration—so that there may be no act of Yours that does not find a response in one of mine; and so that when You find my little act (seemingly bilocated in each one of Your acts) You may be satisfied and come to reign triumphantly on the earth.

Could it not be that Your Eternal Fiat wants to build Its reign upon men’s actions?  To that end, in each one of Your acts, I offer You mine—as the ground upon which You can build Your Kingdom.”

Now, while I was thinking and saying this, my ever beloved Jesus stirred within me and said to me:  Little daughter of My Will, it is just, it is necessary, it is a right of both sides—both of your will and Mine—that one who is a child of My Will follow the multiplicity of Its acts, and that My Will receive them into Its acts.  A father would be unhappy if he did not feel his child at his side, so that His child followed him in his acts.  Nor would the child feel loved by his father if the father cast him aside and did not let himself be followed. 

That is why “daughter of My Will and newborn in It” means precisely this:  that you follow all of Its acts as Its faithful daughter.  Indeed, you must know that, in Creation, My Will entered the sphere of man’s activity—but, in order to act, It wants man’s act to be within Its own, so as to carry out Its work and to be able to say:  “My Kingdom is in the midst of My children—right within their innermost actions.” 

Indeed, to the extent that the soul receives from My Will, to that same extent do I extend My Kingdom in her—and she extends her Kingdom in My Will.  But to the extent that she lets Me reign in her acts, to that same extent does she expand her boundaries in My Kingdom.  And I give, and she takes more joy and more happiness—more good things and more glory.  


That is why it has been established that in the Heavenly Fatherland men will receive glory, beatitude and happiness, to the degree that they have embraced My Will in their souls on earth.  Their glory will be measured out by that very Will of Mine that their souls will possess—nor will they be able to receive more, because their breadth and capacity is formed by that very Divine Will which they have done and possessed while living on earth.  And even if My liberality wanted to give them more, they would not have room to contain it—and it would overflow outside.


Now, My daughter, of all that My Will has established to give to souls—of all of Its acts—they have taken little.  They have known little until now, because Its Kingdom not only has not been known—it has not even been possessed.  That is why, in Heaven It cannot give all of Its total glory, or all of the joys and happiness that It possesses—because It finds Itself in the midst of stunted, incapable children. 

This is why My Will awaits the time of Its Kingdom with so much love and yearning.  It longs to have total dominion, and to give from Its Fiat everything that It had prepared to give to souls—thereby forming children capable of receiving all of Its blessings.  And only these children will complete the glory of all the Blessed—of all the children of the Kingdom of My Will in the Heavenly Fatherland—because they have embraced what My Will wanted, giving It freedom to act and to reign. 

That is why they will have the “essential glory,” as well as the capacity and the space to contain it.  And, through them, the others will have the “accidental glory”; and, all together, they will enjoy the complete glory and the whole happiness of My Will.  In this way, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be the ultimate victory of Heaven and earth.

Then, I was thinking to myself:  “In the ‘Our Father’ Our Lord teaches us to pray:  “Your Will be done.”  Now why does He say that He wants us to livein It?”  And Jesus, ever kind, stirred within me, and said to me:  My daughter, The “Your Will be done” that I taught in the “Our Father” meant that all were to pray that they might at least do the Will of God—and this is for all Christians and for all times—nor can anyone call himself a Christian if he does not dispose himself to do the Will of his Heavenly Father.  But you have not thought of the other phrase that I added immediately after:  “On earth as It is in Heaven.” 

“On earth as It is in Heaven” means to live in the Divine Will.  It means to pray that the Kingdom of My Will may come on earth so as to live in It.  In Heaven, they not only do My Will, but live in It—they possess It as their own thing, and as their own Kingdom.  And if they did It, but did not possess It, their happiness would not be full—because true happiness begins in the depths of the soul.  To do the Will of God does not mean to possess It, but to submit oneself to Its commands—while to live in It is possession.  That is why, in the “Our Father,” I inserted the words “Your Will be done” as a prayer that all may do the Supreme Will, and I inserted the words “on earth as It is in Heaven,” so that man might go back into that Will from which he came—to regain his happiness, his lost blessings, and the possession of his Divine Kingdom.


The soul goes around in all of Creation and Redemption, keeping the Divine Will company in all of Its acts, and asking for Its Kingdom in each one of them.  The Fiat is the foundation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

I do not seem to be able to live without continuing my rounds in the Supreme Will.  I feel that It is my true home, and only when I go around within It—only then am I content—because I find everything that belongs to my sweet Jesus, and by the power of His Will, all that belongs to Him, belongs also to me.  Indeed, I have much to give to my beloved Good One.  Besides, I have so much to give Him that I never finish giving Him everything.

So the desire to go back and continue my rounds always remains with me—to be able to give Him everything that belongs to His adorable Will.  In this way, as I was going around, thinking of the great blessing that the Supreme Will brings to the soul, I prayed to Jesus that He would soon make It known to all—so that they might take part in so great a blessing.  And to obtain this, as I reached each created thing, I said to Him:  “I come into the sun to keep company with Your Will reigning and ruling within it—with all the splendor of Its majesty.

But while I keep You company in the sun, I beg You to make known Your Eternal Fiat, so that—just as It reigns triumphantly in the sun—It may come to reign triumphantly in the midst of creatures.  Look: The sun is also praying to You: All of its light turns into prayer—and as it spreads over the earth and fills plants and flowers, mountains and plains, seas and rivers with its light, it asks that Your Fiat may be one upon earth, harmonizing with all creatures.”

“Indeed, I am not the only one who is praying—rather, the power of Your own Will that reigns in the sun prays.  The light prays: Its innumerable effects, benefits, and hues all pray that Your Fiat may reign over all. Can You resist such a great mass of light, which prays with the power of Your own Will?  And I, little as I am, while keeping You company in this sun, bless, adore, and glorify Your adorable Will, with that magnificence and glory with which Your own Will glorifies Itself in Its works.  Indeed, is it only in souls that Your Will does not find the perfect glory of Its works?  Then, come—may Your Fiat come!”

But while I am doing this, I feel all the light of the sun praying for the Eternal Fiat to come. Rather, it is His own adorable Will which fills the light and prays.  And as I leave It there praying, I move on into the other created things to make my brief  little visit, to keep company for a moment with the adorable Will in each one of Its acts, which It carries out in each created thing.


That is why I go through the heavens, the stars, and the sea, so that the heavens may pray, and the stars may pray, and the sea may pray with its murmuring that the Supreme Fiat be known and reign triumphantly over all creatures—just as It reigns in them.  Then I go around among all created things to keep company with the Divine Fiat, and to ask, within each thing, that It may come to reign on earth.  How beautiful it is to see and to hear the whole Creation praying that Its Kingdom may come in the midst of creatures.


Then I go down into everything that my Jesus did in Redemption—into His tears, into His baby cries, works, steps and words; into His pains, wounds, and blood, and even into His death—so that His tears may pray that His Fiat come—so that His cries and everything that He did may plead all together in chorus, that His Fiat be known, and that His very death may make the Life of His Divine Will rise again in His creatures.


Then, while I was doing this and other things besides—I would take too long if I wanted to say everything—my sweet Jesus held me close to Himself and said to me:  Little daughter of My Will, you must know that My Will left Itself reigning in all Creation, to give souls the opportunity to visit It as often as the number of things It had created.  My Will wanted the soul’s company in speaking the mute language of the whole universe.


How hard it is to bear the isolation of this Will so holy, which longs to sanctify, and which finds no one with whom to share Its sanctity.  My Will is so rich and so full of longing to give, and It finds no one to whom It can give.  It is so beautiful, and It finds no one to beautify.  It is so happy—and It finds no one to make happy.  Being able to give, wanting to give, and having no one to whom to give is always a sorrow and an unspeakable pain—and, then, it is an even greater sorrow to be left alone.  That is why when My Will sees a soul enter the sphere of Creation to keep It company, It feels delighted, and It feels that the purpose for which It left Itself reigning in each created thing is being fulfilled. 

But what makes My Will even happier and more glorified is that, as you reach each created thing, you ask that Its Fiat be known and reign over everything, and you move My very Will in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea—in  everything—to pray that the Kingdom of My Will may come.  Indeed, since My Fiat is in you, one could say that My Will Itself prays and moves all of My works—and even My tears and sighs—so that the Kingdom of My Will may come.

You cannot understand how happy you make Me—what a wound you make in My Heart and in My very Will—when you make Us hear all Our works praying because they want Our Fiat.  Indeed, you see My happiness, as I see that you seek nothing for yourself—neither glory, love, nor graces.  And when you see that your littleness cannot obtain a Kingdom so great, you go around in all My works, wherever an act of My Will is present, fulfilling its purpose, and making My own Fiat say:  “Your Kingdom come.  O please! Let It be known, loved and possessed by generations of men.” 

A Divine Will that prays with Our works, and with Its little daughter, is the greatest of wonders.  A power equal to Our own prays in that prayer—and it is impossible for Us not to grant what it asks.  How holy, pure, noble and fully divine—without a shadow of humanness—is the Kingdom of Our Will!  Our own Fiat will form the root, the foundation and the depths of that Kingdom.  It will extend above, below, and among these children of Our Heavenly Family; It will make their steps firm; and the Kingdom of My Will shall be unshakeable for them.

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