(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

June 1, 2020
Happy Feast of St. Hannibal de Francia!


Dear Divine Will Family,
I pray your feast day is a very happy and holy one!!
Remember, I only send out “The Way of Sanctification” once a week, so you do not have to read all of this in one day. You can spend one day on each reading, or read it all at once and over and over again. Whichever way you desire. But, these reading about St. Hannibal are wonderful and full of delicious knowledge of the workings of the Divine Will! How do you choose which you will send and which you will not! I did the best I could in choosing. There’s a lot more out there about this wonderful Saint! I pray you will read and study these a little each day, and share them with your cenacle members.
I need to request a few prayers, please. Dealing with some health issues right now. I am doing very well, but it could lead to something a little more serious. But, I have already given Our Good Lord my fiat for whatever His plan is for my life….as He Wills it, may it be done always!! No need for concern at this time. Thank you so much!
We love you all very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May all the joy and love contained in the Divine Will fill your most precious souls to the full!
Ann Ellison

Volume 22
June 1, 1927
Jesus can do any miracle, except one–to separate Himself from His Will. Luisa’s sorrow over Father Di Francia’s death. The benefits enjoyed by those who practice the truths that they know. Jesus makes Luisa see the blessed soul of Father Di Francia, and he speaks with her.
I had been deprived of Jesus’ presence for an unusually long time, and I felt that I could not go on any longer. “O how happy I would be,” I said to myself, “if I could only leave this dark prison of my body, and fly toward the Heavenly Fatherland, where nothing can separate me from Jesus! O Jesus, Jesus! Why don’t You have pity on me, on this poor prisoner? How could You leave me in this dark prison where I find myself, without visiting me? How much more gloomy, bleak, and terrible is this imprisonment in which You have placed me, telling me that I should remain in it for love of You and to do Your Will, but that You would not leave me alone—that You would keep me company. And now? And now everything is finished for me! I do not have Your smile that cheers me up. I do not have Your word that breaks my long silence, nor Your company that shatters my solitude. I am alone and imprisoned and bound by You in this prison, and then to top it all off you have left me. O Jesus! Jesus! I did not expect this from You!”
While I was pouring out my intense sorrow, Jesus came out from within me, embraced me, and strengthened me (because I had no more strength), and He said to me: “My daughter, take courage! I am not leaving you. Besides, you ought to know that your Jesus can work every kind of miracle and more, except for the miracle of separating Myself from My Will. If My Divine Will lives in you, how can I leave you? If that could be, I would be a lifeless Jesus. On the contrary, it is the immensity of My Fiat that conceals Me; and, while you feels Its life, you do not see your Jesus who lives within It.”
Afterwards, a great sorrow came upon my heart; not only over the long absences of my sweet Jesus, but also over the unexpected news of Rev. Father Di Francia’s death. He was the only person left to me, to whom I could lay bare my soul. How well he understood me! He was a saint to whom I had entrusted myself and who understood so well the value of what Jesus had told me about the Divine Will, and who was so concerned with It, that he had taken all the writings with him to publish them. After this, I thought to myself, that now Jesus had permitted him to take the writings at such great cost to me—because I did not want to do it, and I only gave in to him because he was a saint. And now Jesus had taken him to Heaven, and I felt tortured by sorrow. But fiat! Fiat ! Fiat! Everything comes to an end down here! I poured out my tears, and commended to Jesus that blessed man, who had suffered and done so much for Him.
And while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus stirred within me, and said to me: “My daughter, take courage! You must know that all that this soul so dear to me did, and all the truths that he learned about My Will, have become so much light within his soul, that each new pearl of knowledge forms a greater light that belongs to him. And each pearl of knowledge gives his soul a unique light, one more beautiful than the other, along with the seed of the distinct happiness that each light contains. Indeed, all that a soul can know of goodness—with the will to put it into practice within herself—all of that goodness remains in the possession of that soul. But if she does not have the will to practice the knowledge that she has gained, it will be as when a person touches a flower or washes himself once with very fresh water. In that act he will experience the perfume of the flower and the coolness of fresh water, but in this way he will not possess the flower or the source of the fresh water. Little by little, the fragrance vanishes, as does the blessing that comes with the freshness of the water, and he will find himself bereft of the fragrance and the freshness that he had enjoyed. It is the same with knowledge, when one has the blessing of knowing things and fails to put them into practice.
“Now that soul had bent his whole will on putting these truths into practice, so much so that on seeing the great blessing that he experienced, he wanted to make that knowledge known to others by publishing them. That is why, as long as he remained on earth, his body—more firmly than a wall—contained that light; but as soon as his soul left the prison of his body, he found himself clothed with the light that he possessed, and all the seeds of happiness that he possessed—the effects of the knowledge of My Divine Will—enveloped him, and he began to experience the beginning of the life of true beatitudes. And, as he dove into the eternal light of His Creator, he found himself in the heavenly fatherland, where he will continue his mission on behalf of My Will, helping with everything from Heaven.
“O if you only knew the difference between the glory, beauty, and bliss of the soul who departs from the earth bearing the light with him along with the seeds of great happiness—and one who only receives this light from his Creator. The distance between these two is greater than the distance between Heaven and earth. O if all mortals knew the great blessings that they gain by knowing a truth—something truly good—and by absorbing it into their blood, so as to make it a part of their own lives! They would compete among themselves, forgetting everything else, to know one truth—and they would lay down their lives to put that truth into practice.”
Then, while Jesus was still speaking to me, I saw the blessed soul of Father Di Francia standing near my bed. He appeared surrounded by light and suspended in mid-air. He was looking at me intently but without saying a word. I remained speechless in his presence, and Jesus said: “Look, My daughter! Do you see how he has been transformed? My Will is light, and has transformed this soul in light. My Will is beautiful, and It has given him all the hues of perfect beauty. It is holy, and it has sanctified him. My Will possesses every kind of knowledge, and his soul has been filled with divine knowledge. There is nothing that My Will has not given to him. O if only everyone knew what the Divine Will means! They would set everything else aside; they would not care about doing anything else; and their only care would be to do My Will.”
Afterwards, I was wondering why blessed Jesus had not consented to work a miracle on behalf of Father Di Francia. And Jesus stirred within me and said to me: “My daughter, in the Redemption, the Queen of Heaven did not perform any miracle. Indeed, her condition did not allow Her to raise the dead or heal the sick, because since her will was the Will of God Himself, whatever her God willed and did, so did she. She had no other Will to ask God for miracles and healings, because She never gave life to her human will, and to ask this Divine Will for miracles She would have had to make use of her own. And that was what She never wanted to do—because she would have had to descend into the human sphere—but the Sovereign Queen did not want to stray even one step away from the Divine sphere. And whoever dwells in the Divine Will must will and do what the Creator wills and does—all the more so since with the life and light of this Divine Will, what is best, most perfect and most holy, even for creatures, is that which her Creator wills and does. And, that being the case, how could She go down from the heights of the Divine realm?
“And, just as the Queen of Heaven desired no other miracle but that of giving her Jesus to creatures, so should you now desire no other miracle but to do My Will, and to give My Will to creatures—to make It known so as to make It reign. And with this miracle you will do more than all the rest. You will secure the salvation, sanctity, and nobility of men, and you will even banish their bodily ills, which occur because the Divine Will does not reign. Not only this, but you will make the Divine Will secure in the midst of creatures, to restore to them all the glory and honor that man’s ingratitude has taken away from them. This is why I did not allow you to work the miracle of healing Fr. Di Francia. But you have given him the great miracle of making My Will known to him. And he has left the earth in possession of My Will, and already he rejoices in the ocean of the light of the Divine Will—and that is greater than anything else.

June 17, 1927
Luisa sees Father Di Francia again, and he reveals to her the many surprises that he made in Heaven.
I found myself outside of my body and, while I was looking for my sweet Jesus, I met Father Di Francia, who was full of happiness, and who said to me: “Do you know how many beautiful surprises I have found? I did not believe it when I was on the earth, although I thought that it was a good thing to publish the Hours of the Passion. But the surprises that I found were wonderful, amazing beyond anything that I had ever seen. All of the words that you wrote about the Passion of Our Lord were changed into light, one more beautiful than the next, all braided together. And these lights grow larger and larger as souls do the Hours of the Passion, and so new lights are added to the first.
“But what amazed me the most were the few words that I published about the Divine Will. Each saying changed into a sun that filled it with its rays of light and formed so many beautiful surprises that they leave one enraptured and enchanted. You cannot imagine how amazed I was to see myself in the midst of these lights and of these suns—how delighted I was! And I thanked our Greatest Good Jesus who had given me the opportunity and the grace to do this work. You should also thank Him on my behalf.”
I was left in a state of amazement after hearing this!

Volume 20
November 6, 1926
Do you think that the coming of Father Di Francia—who shows so much interest and who has taken to heart the publication of all that concerns My Will—was an accident? No, no! I arranged it Myself. It is a providential act of the Supreme Will that wants him to be the first apostle of the Divine Fiat and Its herald. And since he happens to be the founder of a congregation, it is easier for him to approach bishops, priests and lay-people—and the members of his own institute as well—to proclaim the Kingdom of My Will. This is why I help him so much and I give him special light, because it takes enormous graces to understand My Will–not little lights, but the sun, to comprehend a Divine, Holy and Eternal Will—as well as great docility on the part of the one entrusted with this mission. I also arranged the daily coming of the priest to you, so that I might quickly find the first apostles of the Fiat of My Kingdom, so that they might proclaim the message of My Eternal Will. So, let Me finish first, so that, after I have completed it, I may entrust it to the new apostles of My Will; and you will be able to come to Heaven, to see from up there the fruits of the longed-for Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.

January 28, 1927
Jesus: “My daughter, true poverty occurs when a man is in need—he wants to get the necessities of life but he has nothing—and he is forced to ask others for the bare necessities of life. This kind of poverty is born of necessity, and is almost imposed. On the other hand, My Heavenly Mama and I—in whom dwelt the fullness of the Eternal Fiat—we did not practice poverty out of necessity—much less out of compulsion. Rather ours was voluntary, spontaneous poverty, squeezed out of the press of Divine Love. Everything belonged to us. At one wish of ours, luxurious mansions would have been raised, and exotic banquets would have been prepared. Indeed, when it was necessary, even a small wish of our was enough for the birds to wait upon Us, bringing Us fruits, fish and other things in their beaks, making merry because they were serving their Creator and their Queen. With their trilling, singing and warbling, the birds played the most beautiful melodies for Us — so much so, that as not to attract people’s attention with our uniqueness—We had to command the birds to depart, to continue their flight under the firmament where Our Will awaited them. And they would obediently withdraw. In this way, our poverty expressed our love: It was an exemplary poverty—to teach men detachment from the lowly things of the earth. It was not a poverty of necessity—nor could it be so, absolutely—because wherever the fullness of the life of My Will reigns, all evils come to end as if they were destroyed with a single blow—and the life goes out of them.
Then, since the most reverend Father Di Francia had heard that I had a fever, he let me know that, if I needed anything, I could take whatever I needed from the money he had left with me for one of his good works.

Volume 21
March 19, 1927
Whoever does not complete his mission on earth shall complete it in Heaven.
I was worried about Fr. Di Francia’s health. The letters I had received from him were quite alarming. I was thinking about the future of my writings, as he had had such a great interest in my manuscripts. He had taken them all with him, and where would they end up—if Father Di Francia were to be called by God to the heavenly Fatherland?
And then his mission to publish the truths about the Fiat would be without fruit, because one could say he has not done anything yet. At most, one could call this a beginning—this desire that he has to publish them—but to bring forth so lengthy a work, who knows how long it may take?
And just as for Father it will be a fruitless mission if Jesus takes him away at the very beginning, so would it be for me if I were fortunate enough to be called to my heavenly Fatherland. What will be the fruits of my mission? What will be the fruit of having sacrificed myself so much, and of spending entire nights writing? Moreover, Jesus’ intentions would never be fulfilled. Indeed, a good thing—as He Himself has said—only brings forth good fruit when it is known. That is why if these truths remain unknown, they will remain hidden fruits, without anyone receiving the blessings that they contain.
Now, while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus stirred within me and said to me: “My daughter, one who has been given a mission—and who has only started it without completing it (because, in the middle of it, he was taken to Heaven)—would certainly continue his mission from up there, because he would carry with him the pledge of the blessings and truths he had acquired during his life. And in Heaven he will understand much more clearly, and as he understands the great blessing of this knowledge of the Supreme Fiat, he will pray, and he will make all of Heaven pray that these truths will be known on earth. He will beg for more clarity and light for those who must take charge of them.
”Moreover, each truth about My Will would bring him one more degree of glory, a greater happiness, and every time its blessings are made known on earth, his happiness would be redoubled every time he saw the mission entrusted to him carried out on earth. And it is only fair that he receive the fruit of his mission, as it is fulfilled on earth.
”This is why I told him to hurry, and I urged him not to waste time—because I wanted him not only to start, but to make great progress with the publication of the knowledge of the Eternal Fiat, so that he would not have to do everything from Heaven. On the other hand, one who has completed his mission on earth can say, “My mission has been accomplished”; but one who has not completed it on earth must continue it from Heaven.”
One of my favorite prayers;
“O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, through and in the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of my Heavenly Mother, I enter into the very center of Your Heart and gathering all souls from the first to the last, I pray: in Your great Mercy forgive our sinfulness, heal our brokenness and renew our hearts in the faith, peace, love and joy of Your Kingdom that we may all be one in You as He is in You and You are in Him!” Amen!

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