(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 10, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
Happy Mother’s Day!! May your Mother’s Day be the best ever and the happiest ever, always in and with the Holy Will of God!! We are so very blessed and very humbled that God chose us to know and understand the doctrine of the Gift of Living in His Holy Will!! And He gave us the graces necessary to strive to live in It as perfectly as our weak, poor souls can! But at least the desire is there and it is burning to live and love as God does!! O Lord, we pray you to please give us ever more graces to live even deeper and understand even more clearly the Life of Your Holy Will in Heaven so that we can live it even more perfectly here on earth….all for Your Glory, for Your Kingdom to come, and for the salvation and sanctification of all souls!! We love You, our God! We love You, our Father! We love You, the Author of my life, with Your Will, and with Your Love, we love You!
We love You for giving us such a Heavenly Mother! A Mother who loves us even more than our own earthly mothers! Who is always there to care for us, to keep us from falling into sin, to remind us of our spiritual duties and earthly duties, Who holds us in Her Immaculate Heart as our refuge and under Her Mantel for safekeeping! Our beloved Blessed Mother, Mary!! We love You with the Holy Will of God and with our own weak filial love, Mother! We thank You for all You have done for each one of us and we thank You with all our hearts because we know if it were not for You we would not know about Luisa and the Gift of Living in the Divine Will!! Thank you, Mother!!!
Now, let’s read some remarkable things that Jesus teaches us about His and our Mother!!
We love you all so very much and pray that all the mother’s out there will have a wonderful Mother’s Day, filled with the love and joy of life in the Divine Will!
Ann Ellison and Kathy Fahy

Volume 34
April 21, 1936
Jesus: “You have seen the conception of our Sovereign Queen, and being in my Will, you found yourself conceived within her Maternal Heart. See the great difference for those who live in my Will: The Immaculate Conception was an unprecedented wonder. My Will, which no one can escape, animated this conception, and called all the creatures to be present, that they might be conceived within her virgin Heart and receive her maternity, her aid and her protection, finding shelter and support in this Heavenly Mother.
“Now, one who lives in our Will finds herself in the act of being conceived. She is like a daughter whose will spontaneously looks for her Mother and takes her place, shutting herself within her Maternal Heart to have the Heavenly Queen as her mother. And so the creature will partake of the wealth of the Sovereign Queen, of her merits and love, and will feel her nobility and holiness, because the creature knows to whom she belongs and God shall allow her to partake of the infinite goods and the exuberant love that He had when he conceived this Holy Creature. And so for all our works: just as the creature looks for them and calls them into our Will in order to know them and love them, so We call our works to become operative and place the creature in their center, allowing her to feel and experience all our love and the power of our creating force, and her smallness receives and reaches her fill until she overflows.”

Volume 35
August 9, 1937
If you only knew how much this Celestial Queen loves souls! As a faithful copy of her Creator, She looks within Herself and finds her seas of love, grace, holiness, beauty and light. Then She looks at souls and wants to give Herself entirely with all of her seas, so that souls may have their Mama with all her riches. Having to see her children poor, while their Mother is so rich—and only because they do not live in the inheritance of their Mother—is so painful! She would like to see them within her seas of love, loving their Creator as She does, hidden within her holiness, adorned with her beauty, filled with her grace. But, not seeing them there—if She were not in the state of glory, where pains can have no place—She would die of pure pain for each soul who does not live in the Divine Will. That is why She prays unceasingly. She places all of her seas in prayer, to plead for the Divine Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven.
Our love is such that, by the power of Our Will, She bilocates Herself within each creature, to prepare the interior of her soul, binding her to her motherly Heart, squeezing her in her arms, to dispose her to receive the life of the Divine Fiat. O how much She prays, in every single heart, to Our adorable Majesty, saying: “Hurry up. My love can no longer be contained. I want to see my children living united with Me in that same Divine Will which forms all of my glory, my riches, my great inheritance. Trust Me, and I will know how to defend my children and Your own Will—which is also mine.”
The love of this heavenly Queen and Mother is unsurpassable. Only in Heaven will souls know how much She loves them and how much She has done for them. Her most exuberant, magnanimous and greatest act is to want them to possess the Kingdom of My Will as She possesses It. O what would the heavenly Lady not do to achieve this purpose! You, too, unite with Her—and pray for the fulfillment of a purpose so holy.

November 7, 1937
Jesus: “My blessed daughter, one who lives in My Will can enter everywhere, and can give Me everything—even My Celestial Mother as if She belonged to the soul—the way She loved Me, and everything that I did. This soul can even duplicate My life—as if It were her own—and she can give It to me to show her love for Me.
You ought to know that, as I formed man’s day by revealing many truths about My Divine Will to you, so the Queen of Heaven, with her love, sufferings, prayers and acts—which filled heaven and earth because they were done in My Divine Will—formed the fitting gift for the souls who will live in My Will, and with great anxiety She longs and sighs to be able to equip her children! She sees Herself immersed in many riches of grace, love and holiness—but She can’t find her children to equip them—since they don’t live in that same Will in which She lived. Look, My daughter, and see how in everything that She did and suffered is written: “For my children.” That is why, if She loves, She calls her children to receive the endowment of her love to make Us recognize them as her children and as Our children too—and to love them as We love Her. If She prays, She wants to give the gift of her prayer. In short, She wants to provide her children with all of her holiness, with her sufferings, and with the very life of her Son.
How moving it is to hear Her and to watch Her keeping her children within her Motherly Heart, as if inside a tabernacle. In all of her acts and breaths She calls her children, and says to Our Supreme Being: “All that I am and possess is all for my children. Please, listen to Me! I feel my Heart bursting for love! Have mercy on a Mother who loves and wants to provide for her children, to make them happy! My happiness is not complete. I feel it cut in half because I don’t have my children rejoicing with Me. So, hurry! May the Divine Will be known, so that they may also know their Mother’s longing—and how much I want to provide for them and make them happy and holy!”
Do you think that We remain indifferent before this moving scene—before her agonies of love—who with her motherly tenderness and maternal rights prays and pleads to Us? Ah, no! How many times, because of her concerns, I reveal more amazing truths about My Fiat, to give Her free rein to pour out upon her children a more generous provision—since She will only be allowed to give to them according to their knowledge. That is why you, too, should enter My Divine Will and with this heavenly Mother pray and plead that Our Will may be known and reign in all souls.

December 8, 1937
Jesus: “The Celestial Queen is like the sun. Even if someone doesn’t want the light of the sun, its light imposes itself anyway and says: “Whether you want me or not, I must run my course. I must give you light.” But if someone could hide from the light of the sun, nobody can hide from the Sovereign Lady. If they could, She could not in truth be called universal Queen and Mother of everyone and everything—and We do not know how to speak words without doing deeds.
“Do you see, then, the extent of Our power and Our love in the Conception of this holy creature? We reached the point of raising Her to such a height and glory that She can say: ‘Wherever my Creator is, there am I to love Him. He clothed Me with such power and glory that I am sovereign over all. Everything depended on Me. My dominion reaches everywhere, to the extent that, while I am conceived in all things, I keep the sun, the wind, the sea—and everything—conceived in Me. I possess everything within Myself—even my Creator—and I am the Sovereign and the Owner of all things. This is the substance of my unreachable height; my glory—which no one can equal—and my great honor: that with my love I embrace all, I love all, and I belong to all. I am the Mother of my Creator.’”

February 14, 1938
So, my beloved Jesus showed me all the acts that He had done with His heavenly Mother, and while they were working together, the seas of love that flowed from them both merged and raised up their waves to Heaven, filling all things. The seas of love from both of them merged and raised their waves to Heaven, filling everything, even Our Divinity. And Jesus said, “Those waves formed a downpour of love upon Our Divine Being. They bore everyone’s love—the healing balm that left Our Divine Being calm—changing justice into a movement of love for souls. One could say that Our love regenerated the human family with new love, and God loved it with double love—but where? In the Queen and in God’s beloved Son.
Now, listen to another surprise. When, as a little Baby, I nursed at My Mama’s breast, I suckled souls—because She kept them safe—and, as She gave Me her milk She entrusted all souls in Me; She wanted Me to love them and kiss them all, and make them My victory and her own. What is more, in giving Me milk She also made Me suckle her maternity and her tenderness, impressing her character on Me so that I loved souls with both motherly and fatherly love. I received her maternity and her unspeakable tenderness within Me, so that I loved souls with divine, maternal and paternal love.
After She had placed all souls within Me, with one of My loving stratagems of love—with a breath, with a sweet gaze—I replaced them again in her maternal Heart, and, to repay Her I gave her My fatherly love—My divine love which is unceasing, unshakable, immovable and firm. Human love changes easily, so I wanted My inseparable Mother to have the same attributes of My love, and to love souls as only a God can love. That is why every single act We did, from the least to the greatest, was a mutual exchange of deposit of souls—Mine in Her, and Hers in Me. I can even say that We reproduced this safeguarding of souls, because I kept in My Divine Heart, with supreme jealousy, all that I received from My dear Mama, as the greatest gift She could give to Me. And She received My gift so jealously that She used all her Maternity to keep that gift that her Son was giving to Her. Now, in these mutual exchanges Our love grew and We loved all souls with new love. We planned how to love them more and how to win them all through love, laying bear Our life to rescue them.

April 10, 1938
Jesus wants to find everything in the soul who lives in the Divine Will, and He wants to find her in everyone. In man’s love God wants to find support for His works and a hiding place for His divine life.
My poor mind keeps going back to the Divine Will. After I had received Communion, I was saying to my adorable Jesus: “In your Will all is mine; so, I love You with the love of my Mother and Queen (and Yours). I kiss You with her lips; I hug You so tightly with her arms; and as I carry You with me, I take refuge in her Heart—to give You her joys, her delights, and her maternity—so that You may find the sweetness and protection that only Your Mama can give You” But while I was enclosing myself with Jesus inside my Mama, sweet Jesus, all tenderness, said to me: “My daughter, and daughter of My Mother, how happy I am to find the daughter with My Mother, and My Mama with her daughter. She wants souls to love Me with her own love and to use her lips to kiss Me, and her arms to hug Me. She wants to give them her Maternity to keep Me safe, so that I may have all of them as My Mama. To find the daughter and the Mother loving Me with one single love, is My greatest joy—I feel that both of them give Me a new paradise on earth.
“But this is not enough. I want to find everything in the soul who lives in My Will. If something is missing, I cannot say that My Will is complete within her. Not only do I want to find My Mama in the soul in her place of honor as Queen and Mother, but also My heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I also want her to make Their love her own, and to love Me with the immensity and the infinity of Their love. So, My daughter, delight Me by telling Me that you love Me as the Father and the Holy Spirit love Me.”

Volume 36
May 6, 1938
Jesus: “I would never have come down from Heaven without the court of My people; without a Kingdom in which I could rule with My laws of love. All the centuries are just like a point for Us, where everything is Ours, and in act. That is why, when I came down from Heaven as ruler and king of My children, I felt courted and loved—as We Ourselves know how to love—and My love was so great that My children were all conceived together with Me. To live without them was impossible for Me. I could not find My loving children. So, they grew with Me in the womb of My Queen Mother; they were born with Me, wept with Me, and did everything I did. They walked, worked, prayed and suffered with Me, and I can say that they were with Me even on My Cross, to die and rise again to new life for the generations of mankind.
“Indeed, the Kingdom of Our Will is already established. We know the number of its people—and We know them all by name. We already feel them throbbing in ardent love. O how much We love them and yearn for the time to bring them forth into the daylight of Our Will on earth. Then the children of My Will shall have My conception, My birth, My steps, pains and tears in their power. They will be able to be conceived and born again as many times as they want. They will feel My steps and pains in theirs. And, since in My Will, My life and My birth, are repeated—renewed in every instant—they can take them for themselves, give them to others, or do whatever they want. I know that they would never do what I do not want. These children of Ours, born again, formed and fed by Our Will, will be the true glory of Our Creation. They will crown Our creative work, placing the seal of their love on every created thing for the One who did everything for them and loved them so much.

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