(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)

Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 3, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,

I wanted to send out something of consolation during these uncertain times.  We all know that God is in control, not ourselves, nor our government, and not even evil.  Only God…in Whom we must trust totally, abandon ourselves completely and know for certain that everything that happens in this world is for the sanctification of our souls…EVERYTHING!!  All we have to do is cooperate!  Remember also, that He holds us all in the very Palm of His Hands and nothing can happen to us or to our world without Him allowing it!

Before you begin to read the extraordinary writings of Luisa, so full of God’s love for each of us, I wanted to copy and paste this you-tube I received from a very good friend, which was fun to watch and is another way to keep busy during the time of quarantine, that is besides reading Luisa!!  Also, I love word games, so I did a little research and there are Catholic crossword puzzles out there that you can down load….and so many places to learn more about the Saints, even great movies on the Saints!  Get back into the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Begin a Bible study at home with the kids!  Just some suggestions.  I am sure many of you have been creative and we would love to pass anything you are doing on to those who are looking for holy things to keep them busy!

Here is the link I think you might enjoy!  Love you all so much and keeping each of you in our daily prayers!  May God bless and protect each of you from all harm and illnesses!  Fiat always!

Ann Ellison

Link:  https://youtu.be/925MJJ1qeN4


Volume 13

January 14, 1922

The Most Holy Trinity, inaccessible Light that gives Life to all.

I found myself outside of my body, and I saw the Heavens opened, and a Light, inaccessible to any creature. Rays descended from within this Light, which penetrated all creatures—the heavenly, the earthly, and the poor souls.  Some rays were so dazzling that, though one was penetrated, enraptured and delighted by those rays, he would not know how to describe anything that they contained.  There were some other less dazzling rays, and one could describe the beauty, the happiness and the truths that they contained.  But the power of the Light was so great that I myself didn’t know whether my little mind would ever be capable of going back into my body again.  If my Jesus had not shaken me with His words, no human force could have pulled me back from that Light, to call me back to life.  But, alas, I am still unworthy of my dear Heavenly Fatherland!  My unworthiness forces me to wander in exile, but O how hard this is for me!

Then Jesus told me: “My daughter, let us go back into your bed together.  What you are seeing is the Most Holy Trinity, as it were holding all creatures in the palm of Its hand; and as It gives life, preserves, purifies and gives delight by its mere breath, there is no creature that does not depend upon It.  Its Light is inaccessible to the created mind.  If anyone wanted to enter, it would be as if he wanted to enter a great fire—and, not having enough heat and power to face this fire, he would be consumed by the flames. That is why, he will never be able to say either how much or what kind of heat that fire contained.  The rays are the Divine virtues.  Some virtues are less accessible to the created mind; and this is why they delight that mind—it can see them, but it is unable to describe anything.  The other virtues, which are more adaptable to the human mind, can be spoken of, but only in a stammered way, because no one can speak about them in a just and fitting way.  The virtues which are most accessible to the human mind are Love, Mercy, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, and Science.  That is why, together with Me, let us offer our homage to the Most Holy Trinity in the name of all—to thank It, praise It and bless It for so much goodness toward creatures.


Volume 17

April 26, 1925

To Hide the Divine Will is Impossible.  The Sign that the Divine Will lives in a Soul is if She Loves and Does the Will of God.

I was thinking about certain things concerning the Will of God that Jesus had said and that had been published.  Consequently, they were going around and falling into the hands of anyone who wanted to read them.  I felt so ashamed that I went about in indescribable sorrow.  And I said: “My beloved Good One, how can You allow this?  Our secrets that I have written out of obedience and only for love of You are already being read by others. And if they continue to publish other things I will die of shame and sorrow.  And after all of that, to reward my harsh sacrifice, You leave me in such sorrow!  Ah, if You had been with me, You would have had pity on my pain and given me the strength to bear so much shame and sorrow!”

But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus came out from within me and put one hand on my forehead and the other on my mouth—as if He wanted to stop the many sad thoughts that came to me—and He said:

“Be quiet, be quiet.  Don’t go on any more.  These are not your things but Mine.  It is My Will that wants to make Its way to become known.  And My Will is greater than the sun.  Much is needed to hide the light of the sun; indeed, it is completely impossible.  And if they block it on one side, it dodges the obstacle they put before it and rushes to the other side, going majestically on its way.  And it leaves those who wanted to hinder its course confused—because they saw it radiate in all directions without being able to contain it.  One can hide a lamp but never the sun.  It is just like that with My Will—and My Will is greater than the sun.  If you wanted to hide It, you would find it impossible.  So, be quiet, My daughter, and let the Eternal Sun of My Will make its way, even by means of the writings, by the printing, by your words and by your behavior.  May It go forth like light and run through the whole world.  I long for it; I want it.

Besides, how much has really been made known of the truth of My Will?  One could say that it has hardly been a few atoms of Its Light.    And even though it is just a few atoms, if you knew how much good they do!  What will it be when all the truths that I have made known to you about My Will are gathered together—the fruitfulness of its Life, the blessings that It contains?  What will be like when, it will form—not a few atoms or a sunrise, but the noon-day sun?  What blessings this Eternal Sun will bring forth in the midst of creatures?  And how happy you and I will be to see My Will known and loved!  So, let Me work.

And how can you not feel Me within yourself?   Do you not hear the echo of My prayer within you?  Do you not feel that I embrace everyone and everything without letting anyone slip away from Me—because all things and all generations are like a single point for Me?  I pray for everyone.  I love, I adore, and I make reparation.  And do you echo My prayer and feel as if you include everyone and everything and repeat what I do?  Do you think that you do it or that you have the capacity?  Ah, no, no!  It is I that am in youIt is My Will that lets you take everyone and everything as if in the palm of your hand as It follows Its course in your soul.  And then—do you want something contrary to My Will?  Are you afraid that I could leave you?  Do you not know that the most certain sign that I live in you is that My Will holds Its place of honor in you, that It reigns in you and does with you whatever It wants?  My Will and I are inseparable.  And My Will makes any soul inseparable from Me who lets My Will reign in her.


Volume 19

June 29, 1926

Every Creature Contains a Reflection of the Divine Qualities and the Divine Will Glorifies these Divine Qualities in Each Created Thing.

After I had passed most bitter days in a state of desolation, my beloved Jesus, to reward me, came and stayed a few hours.  He made Himself appear very young, with a rare, enrapturing beauty.  He seated Himself on my bed close to me and said: “My daughter, I know that you cannot be without Me, because I am for you more than life itself; so that, if I did not come, you would lack the substance of life—and, then, we have so many things to do together in the Kingdom of the Supreme Will.  So, when you see that I do not come right away, do not torment yourself so much.  Rest assured that I will come, because My coming is necessary for you and for Me; and because I must see the things of My Kingdom; and, while I direct It, I must enjoy It.  As in a Kingdom so longed-for by Me would you have the least doubt that the Triumphant King would be missing?  Then, come into My arms, so that your Jesus can strengthen you.

While He said that, He took me in His arms, held me close to His chest and, rocking me back and forth, He said: “Sleep, sleep upon My chest, My little newborn of My Will.”

In Jesus’ arms I was tiny, tiny; and I felt that I did not need to sleep.  I wanted to enjoy my Jesus; I wanted to tell Him so many things, now that I had the blessing of His company for a long time.  Yet Jesus continued to rock me; and, against my wishes, I fell into a sweet, sweet sleep.  But in my sleep, I heard the beating of the Heart of Jesus who spoke and said: “My Will.”  And another heartbeat seemed to respond, “I want to infuse love into the little daughter of My Will.”  In the heartbeat that said, “My Will,” a growing circle of light appeared; and in the heartbeat “love,” another, yet smaller, circle formed, so that the large one absorbed the smaller.  And while I slept, Jesus took those circles that His heartbeat had formed and sealed me with them from head to toe.  I felt myself being completely remade and renewed in Jesus’ arms.  How happy I felt!  But Jesus squeezed me close to His chest, awoke me, and said to me: “My little daughter, let us go around through all Creation, where the Supreme Will contains Its Life and makes Its distinct act in each created thing.  Let us go where the Supreme Victor by Himself perfectly magnifies and glorifies His supreme qualities.  If you look at the sky, your eye does not know how to find its boundaries.  So, look at the sky, and you do not know how to say where it begins or where it ends.  The sky is the image of Our Being that has neither beginning nor end; and in the blue sky Our Will praises and glorifies Our Eternal Being that has no beginning or end.

“This sky is studded with stars, the image of Our Being—because, while the sky is one, like the Divinity, it is a single act; but in the multiplicity of the stars Our works proceed from this single act.  Countless are the effects and workings of this single act; and Our Will in the stars magnifies and glorifies the effects and the multiplicity of Our works in which It encloses the angels, man and all created things.  See how beautiful it is to live in My Will, in the unity of this Supreme Light.  How beautiful to be aware of the meaning of all created things, and to praise, magnify, and glorify the Supreme Creator with His own Will, in all the reflections of Our Will that each thing contains.

“But go on to look at the sun.  Below the dome of the sky, a circumference of bounded light appears, containing light and heat.  And when it goes down, it fills the whole earth, and reflects the light and the love of the Supreme Creator, who loves everyone and who does good to all.  From the height of His Majesty He stoops down, entering into hearts, and even into hell—but silently, without any noise—and one finds Him everywhere.  O how Our Will glorifies and magnifies Our Eternal Light, Our inextinguishable Love and Our All-seeing power!  Our Will murmurs in the sea, in the immensity of the waters that hide innumerable fish of every species and color.  Our Will glorifies Our all-embracing immensity that holds all things as if in the palm of Its hand. Our Will glorifies the image of Our immutability in the firmness of the mountains; It glorifies the image of Our justice in the rumbling of the thunder and in the crash of the thunderbolt; it glorifies the image of Our joy in the little bird that sings, trills and warbles; it glorifies the image of Our moaning love in the turtle-dove that moans; It glorifies the image of the continuous call that We make to man in the bleating lamb that says at each bleat ”Me, Me, come to Me!  Come to Me!”; and Our Will glorifies Us in the continuous call that We make to mankind.

“All created things symbolize and reflect Us.  Our Will has the duty to magnify and glorify Us in all Our works.  This is because the work of Creation is the work of the Supreme Fiat, and it is fitting for the Fiat to safeguard the glory of all creatures for Us and to keep it whole and unchanging. Now Our Supreme Will wants to give this duty as an inheritance to the souls who will live in the unity of Its light—because it would not be fitting to live in Its light and not be identified with the acts of the Supreme Fiat.

“My daughter, that is why all created things and My Will await you in each thing to repeat Its Own acts, and to glorify and magnify your Creator with the Divine Will Itself.”

Now who can name all the reflections of the Creator that the Creation contains?  If you should want to say them all, you would never finish.  And, so, not to be too lengthy, I had to say something; and I did it out of obedience and for fear of displeasing Jesus…


Volume 21

March 13, 1927

The Divine Will does not forsake anyone.  It possesses the power of regeneration, and It holds everything in the palm of Its hand.

While I was pouring out my sorrow, I heard the voice of my beloved Jesus, my sweet Life, who stirred within me, and said: “My daughter, even if I seem to have left you, and you do not feel My Life within you, My Will has not abandoned you; on the contrary, Its Life in you remains in Its fullness, because My Will abandons no one, not even the damned in hell. Rather, It remains there to fulfill Its inexorable and irreconcilable justice.  Indeed, in hell there is no reconciliation; moreover, My Will itself forms their torment.  And this is rightly so, because if someone has not wanted to receive My Will to be loved, delighted, and glorified, he will receive It to be tormented and humiliated.

“In truth, My Will never leaves anyone—neither in Heaven, nor on earth, nor in Hell.  It holds everything within Itself, as though in the palm of Its hand.  No one can escape from It—neither man, nor fire, nor water, nor wind, nor sun.  Wherever It holds Its dominion, It extends Its Life, ruling and dominating everything.

“Now, If my Will leaves nothing and fills everything, could It ever leave Its little firstborn daughter, in whom It has centered Its love, Its Life, and Its Kingdom? Indeed, even though My Divine Will lives everywhere and reigns over everything, yet, if a soul loves My Will, It becomes all love and gives Its love.  And if the soul wants My Will as her own life, It forms Its Divine Life within her, and if she lets It reign, It forms Its Kingdom.  It carries out Its acts according to the dispositions of souls.  It has the power to regenerate, and It regenerates Divine Life, sanctity, peace, reconciliation, and happiness.  It regenerates light, beauty, and grace.  It knows how to do all things.  It gives Itself to everyone.  It spreads everywhere.  Its acts are numberless, and they multiply to infinity.  It gives a new act to each soul, according to her disposition, and Its variety is unsurpassable.

“Who can ever escape from My Will?  No one.  One would have to go out of creation, or be a creature not created by Us—which can never be—because the right to create belongs only to God.  That is why My Will can never leave you—neither in life, nor in death, nor after death—all the more so, because, by regenerating you as a special child, you are bound to desire all that My Will desires—the creation and extension of Its Kingdom; and wherever My Will is present, there am I also, in My full triumph.  Can there ever be a will without the person to whom the will belongs?  Certainly not!  So, don’t be surprised if you often feel as if My life were leaving you; even if you feel My life leaving, it is not true.  This happens to all created things, which at times seem to die, but then rise again.  For example, the sun appears to die, when in reality, it is the earth that turns in its orbit.  The sun indeed lives and remains always in its place; and this is so true that, as the earth keeps rotating, it finds its sun again, as if it were rising to new life.”

Volume 32

April 23, 1933

The life of Jesus was a continuous abandonment in the hands of the Father.  The soul who lives in the Divine Will never interrupts her walk. The example of a clock. She takes Heaven in her hands and takes it by storm.

I continue to think about the sufferings of my impassioned Jesus, and as I come to the last breath of His life, I heard resound in the depths of my heart: “Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit.” It was the most sublime lesson for me, the call of my whole being back into God’s hands—total abandonment in His fatherly arms.

And while my mind was lost in so many reflections, my suffering Jesus visited my little soul and said to me: “My blessed daughter, as My life down here began, so did it end.  From the first instant of My Conception My One Act was continuous.  I can say that in every instant I placed Myself in the hands of My Heavenly Father.  It was the most beautiful homage that His Son gave Him, the most profound adoration, the most heroic and total sacrifice, the most intense love of His offspring that My total abandonment into His hands gave Him. It gave voice to My Humanity—a commanding voice that asked and obtained everything that I wanted.  My Heavenly Father could not deny anything to His only Son abandoned in His arms.

“My abandonment in every instant was the most pleasing act, so much so that I wanted to crown the last breath of My life with the words: ‘Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit.’  Abandonment is the greatest virtue—it binds God so that He cares for the abandoned one in His arms. Abandonment says to God: ‘I do not want to know anything about myself; this life of mine is Yours, not mine, and Yours is mine.’  So, if you want to obtain everything, if you want to truly love Me, live abandoned in My arms—let Me hear the echo of My life in every instant: ‘Into Your hands I abandon myself completely,’—and I will carry you in My arms as the dearest of My children.”

After this I was following everything that the Divine Will had done, and I felt all of this within myself, in order, one after the other, and I had to follow It.

So I was left amazed, and my sweet Jesus added: “My little daughter of My Will, you must know that the one who does My Divine Will and lives in It, cannot do less than always keep present all the acts done by It—because It has everything in Itself, and It always keeps in act everything that It has done.  So, it is no wonder that in the soul in whom It reigns, It has all Its acts with the perfect order that It had in creating them.  And with all ease, the soul follows them one by one, to unite herself to them, as if she would want to do what My Will Itself had done.  If she finds herself with My Will, how can she refrain from doing what It does, and from putting into play—as things identified with It—her little love, her adoration, her graces, her attentions and marvels for works so great?

“Rather, you must know that My Will gives a cord to the soul, and she gives herself to receive it.  All of Our works are taken up in this cord, and as she goes after the cord, she follows and makes herself familiar with all Our works.  It is like what happens to a grandfather clock: if one winds the clock-cord, it moves the little gears, it marks the minutes, the hours, and one who possesses it has the blessing of knowing all the hours of the day.  But if one does not wind the cord, the clock marks nothing—it is as if it had no life—and one who possesses it does not have the benefit of knowing the different hours of the day.

“Now We can call her Our clock who lets Our Will reign.  She winds the cord, marks the minutes and hours of Our works, and has the blessing of knowing the hours of the day of Our Divine Will.  Now if one winds the cord, the clock runs until the cord stops, without any break in its running.  In the same way, if she receives the cord of My Will, the soul must take her walk, and if she wants to stop, she cannot do it—because the cord moves the small gears of her soul and makes her go forward in the great day of the hours of Our works.  So. be attentive to receive the blessings of this divine cord—if you want to know the hours of the day of the Supreme Fiat.

“This is all the more true because when the soul disposes herself to doing My Will, and to following It, everything that It has done competes to enter into that act.  Indeed, being one single Act, It has no detached acts, and so everything that It has done in the order of Creation, of Redemption, in the Angels, and in the Saints—It encloses everything in the work of the soul who works in It, because It gives Itself, not by half, but complete and entire and like the sun.  If the sun gives itself to the earth, It does not give itself by half, but whole and entire, with the fullness of Its light—and that is why wondrous things happen on the face of the earth. In the same way if the soul calls My Will to be the life of her acts, It gives Itself with the fullness of Its light, holiness, power and works.  If It could not bring everything, It would enter into the soul and into her acts like a king without a retinue, without an army, without creative power, and for that reason It would hold the wonders that We can do as unworkable.  Ah no, the soul who works in Our Will must be able to say: ‘I hold Heaven in the palm of my hand.  I take heaven by storm—and I enclose it in my act.’”



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