(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)

Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 8, 2020


Jesus so loves the souls who stand around his Heart asking forgiveness, that He feels his arms breaking and so replaces Justice with Mercy.

The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ

7:00 pm Reflections

Dear Divine Will Family,
It’s kinda hard to say happy Holy Thursday, but truly, happy Holy Thursday!  This is the day that Our Good Lord began His Immensely Sorrowful Passion.  Jesus’ Birth, and His entire Life shows us His immense Mercy for mankind.  Although it is in His Passion and Death that mankind really understand His love and mercy towards us.  So, because if His Great Mercy towards us, I wanted to put something out there about His mercy.  There is so much in the Volumes, that it would fill a book, so there is just a few pickings here.
It is a time to reflect on His sorrows and those of His dear Mother.  It is also a time for us to beg for His mercy towards us and towards all mankind!
We are entering into a very serious time in human history and Jesus expects us to help Him save as many souls as possible.  The best way is in our intention in each of our acts in His Will, (in your morning offering act) another way is reading the 24 Hours of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  For each word read in His Will, a soul will be saved!  What an incredible promise.  There are 35,000 words in the Passion Book, so there are 35,000 souls saved, if read united to the Holy Will of God!
I believe that the Volumes can speak for themselves. so I will leave you now to go and worship my God’s Holy Will in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass!
There is a link I am sharing with you.  It is an open letter to our Bishops, begging for our Churches to be reopen, which I support totally and completely!   Please sign!
God bless each of you fully and completely this Easter Season and please don’t forget your very precious “fiat” for all that God is allowing at this time.  Our little “fiat” is so very powerful and so very pleasing to God and gives Him all the glory due Him from us!  It can even change history!  So, fiat always!



Volume 1


Jesus: “I do not want you to think about your sins anymore.  When a soul has humbled herself—having been convicted of her guilt—and has cleansed her soul in the Sacrament of Confession with a firm intention to die rather than offend Me—such a soul offends my mercy if she thinks of her sins.  Such thoughts keep her from drawing close to my love, because her mind is always trying to wallow in the mud of the past.  Such a soul keeps Me from letting her fly toward Heaven, because she weighs herself down with the constant thought of her sins.  Besides, I no longer remember anything about your sins.  I have completely forgotten them.  Do you see any shadow of bitterness on my part?”


Volume 10


January 20, 1912

When Love does not achieve its purpose with good manners, It tries to obtain it with indignation, with complaints, and even with holy naughtiness.


As my always lovable Jesus returned, He continued to show Himself to me in the act of embracing hearts.  And as souls resisted those embraces, his grace could not operate, and Jesus would take his grace in his hand and bring it to those few who surrendered themselves to his embrace.  He brought a good deal of his grace to me also.  On seeing this, I said to Him: ”My sweet Life, You have been so good to let me share in the grace which others refuse; yet, I feel no constraints–on the contrary, I feel so very immense that I am unable to see either the width or the height or the depth of the space in which I find myself.”


And Jesus said: “My beloved daughter, my constraints are felt by one who refuses to abandon herself completely to Me and cannot enter to live in Me.  But one who lets herself be molded by Me as I please already advances to living in Me, and by living in Me, everything becomes free and expansive for her—there are no longer any constraints.  The constraint lasts only as long as the soul has the patience to let herself be molded by Me, to the point of dismantling her human life so that she can live the Divine Life.  But then, as she advances to living in Me, I keep her safe; I let her wander about my limitless boundaries; and I no longer need to use constraints.  On the contrary, many times I Myself have to force her to venture out a little, to let her see the evils of the earth, to make her plead with greater yearning for the salvation of my children, and to obtain mercy for them in the face of deserved chastisements.  And she is on tenterhooks, and pushes Me, because she wants to enter into Me, and she complains that the earth is no longer for her.  How many times have I not done this with you?  I had to appear indignant for a while to make you stay in your place, otherwise you would not have lasted one minute outside of Me.  Only my Heart knows what I suffered on seeing you outside of Me, thrashing about, struggling, and crying.  While the others do this so as not to be formed by Me, you did it so as to live in Me.  And how many times have you yourself not become indignant because I act this way?  Don’t you remember the times when we fought about this?


And I said: “Ah, yes, I remember.  In fact, the day before yesterday I was about to get upset because You placed Me outside of Yourself, and as I saw You crying over the evils of the earth, I cried with You and my indignation went away.


And He answered: “Certainly, certainly, it is necessary to love to comprehend Love; and when Love does not obtain her goals with good manners, she tries to obtain them with indignation and even with holy impudence.”


Volume 11


April 10, 1912


The souls who have more trust will shine more brightly in the crown of Divine Mercy.


As I continued in my usual state, blessed Jesus came to me and told me: “My daughter, the souls who will shine the most brilliantly, like bright gems in the crown of my Divine Mercy, are the souls who have more trust, because the more trusting they are, the more they make room for the attribute of my Mercy to pour all the Graces they desire into them.  On the other hand, the soul who does not have real trust shuts these graces within Me, remaining poor and ill-equipped, while my Love remains pent up within Me and suffers greatly.


In order not to suffer so much, and to be able to freely pour out my Love, I deal more with those souls who trust more than with other souls.  With these souls I can pour out my Love, I can play, I can arrange loving tests, since I need not worry that they may feel ashamed or afraid; rather, they become even bolder and use everything I give them to love Me more.  That is why trusting souls are the outpouring and delight of my Love—the most graceful and the richest of souls.


May 25, 1915


In the midst of the chastisement of war, nobody thinks of converting and turning back to God.


As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus showed Himself to me briefly and said: “My daughter, the chastisement is severe.  Yet, people do not shake off their lethargy.  Instead, they remain almost indifferent, like spectators at a tragedy and not at a real-life event.  Instead of coming in one body to cry at my feet, imploring mercy and forgiveness, instead they focus their attention on the latest news.  Ah, my daughter, how great is man’s ingratitude!  Look how obedient men are to governments: priests and lay people alike make no protest, they do not refuse sacrifices, and must be ready to lay down their lives… Ah, only for Me there is no obedience and no sacrifice.  And if they do anything for Me at all, it is more pride and pretense.  This is because the government uses force.  But since I make use of Love, men disregard this Love and remain indifferent as if I did not deserve anything from them!


As He said this, Jesus burst into tears.  What torture it was to see Him crying!  Then He continued: “Blood and fire will purify everything and restore repentant man to God.  And the more he delays, the more blood will be shed and the slaughter will be inconceivable.”  As he said this, He showed me the bloody carnage.  What torture to live in these times!  But may the Divine Volition be done always.


July 25, 1915


Jesus shares in the misfortunes of his creatures, and loves them even more.  In his sufferings Jesus wants souls who love Him and who can comfort Him.


As I continued in my usual state, I complained to Jesus because of his abandonment, and He, always kind, sympathized with me and said: “My daughter, be brave.  Be faithful to Me in these tragic times—times of horrendous slaughter and intense bitterness for my Heart.”


Almost sobbing, He added: “My daughter, in these times I feel like a poor sufferer.  I suffer with the wounded soldier on the battlefield; I suffer with the soldier dying in his own blood, abandoned by everyone; I suffer with the starving man, consumed by his hunger.  I suffer with so many mothers, their hearts bleeding for their sons at the warfront.  Ah, all these sufferings crush me and pierce my Heart!  And in the face of all these miseries, I see Divine Justice wanting to vent more Divine fury against rebellious and ungrateful creatures.  Besides, who could ever describe how much I suffer in love?  Ah, creatures don’t love Me—and my great Love is repaid with repeated offenses.


“My daughter, in the midst of so many misfortunes, instead of consoling others, I want to be comforted.  I want to surround Myself with souls who love Me, who keep Me faithful company, and who offer all their pains to ease my sufferings, and to plead for those who are most in need of my mercy.  Depending on whether souls are faithful to Me in these times of scourges and sufferings, when Divine Justice has been appeased, It will reward the souls who have remained faithful to Me and who have taken part in my sufferings.”


Volume 14


May 12, 1922


Those Who Live in the Divine Will Participate in Everything God Does.


“Ah, My daughter, the Holiness within My Will is not yet known.  Every type of holiness has its own distinctive quality.  Many are amazed to hear that I come to you so frequently because I have not usually done this with other souls.  The Holiness in My Will is indistinguishable from Me.  To elevate a soul to the level of the Divine I must absorb it into My Humanity or into the Light of My Divinity.  Otherwise, how could I maintain in the soul an attitude of acting in My Volition, if My acts and her acts did not form one single act?  That is why the soul that lives in My Will assumes all of My Attributes and flows with Me in each of My acts, including also the acts of My Justice.


That is why, when I wish to chastise, I conceal My Humanity from you.  My Humanity is more accessible to human nature.  And you, having received the reflections of My Humanity, feel the love and compassion I have towards souls.  With these human attributes you strip Me of the scourges with which I wish to chastise them.  That is why when souls drive Me to the point that I must chastise them, I conceal My Humanity from you and lift you up into the Light of My Divinity.  There, absorbed and rapt in My Divinity, you do not feel the reflections of My Humanity—and then I am free to punish creatures.

I either manifest My Humanity to you and make you participate with Me in acts of mercy towards creatures, or I absorb you into the Light of My Divinity to make you participate with Me in the acts of My Justice.  You are always with Me, but when I absorb you into the Light of My Divinity, I give you a greater grace.  Yet you, not seeing My Humanity, complain that I deprive you of Myself, not realizing the great grace that you are receiving.

When I heard that I took part in acts of Justice, I was horrified and I said to Him: “My Love, does this mean that now as You chastise creatures, destroying their homes, I am participating with You in this? No, no … may heaven keep me from striking my brothers!  When You wish to punish, I will become little in Your Will, and I will not diffuse myself in It so as not to take part in what You are doing.  I want to take part in everything that You do, but in this act of chastising creatures, no—never!”


June 9, 1922


Jesus Wants to Repose in the Soul.


Jesus: “I am pained when they think of Me as being severe and that I desire to exercise justice more than mercy.  With Me it seems they expect to be punished for the slightest misstep.  O how dishonored I feel by them because this causes them to stay at a great distance from Me; and those who are distant from Me cannot receive the whole infusion of My Love.  And while it is they who do not love Me, they think of Me as being severe and almost fear-inspiring.  But if they cast but one glance at My life they will notice that I only executed a single act of justice.  To defend My Father’s House, I took a handful of rope, and swinging right and left, expelled those who defiled the Temple.  Everything else in My Life was nothing but mercy.  My Conception was mercy, My birth was mercy, My words were mercy, My acts were mercy, My steps were mercy.  Mercy was the Blood I shed, mercy were My sufferings … everything was done in the mercy of My Love.  Yet there are those who fear Me, whereas they should fear themselves much more than they fear Me.


Volume 15


April 14, 1923


.…this grace [Redemption] had to be desired and prayed for by all of the people of the Old Testament; and now the same thing must be done to obtain the gift of the fulfillment of the Reign of the Divine Will.


Jesus: “In this seed and in this hope that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, even the Saints achieved their holiness and the martyrs shed their blood.  There is no blessing that does not spring forth from this seed.  That is why the whole Church prays this prayer.  And, just as the tears, penances, and prayers for the Messiah to come were directed to that Most Excellent Virgin—Whom I was to dispose to receive so great a blessing, so that they might receive their Savior (even though they did not know who She would be)—in the same way, now, when the Church recites the “Our Father,” it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may concentrate in you all the blessings that My Will contains—the way, the how—that the Divine Will may have life on earth as It does in Heaven.  And even though you are not known, by echoing My prayer, “Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven,” the Church pleads with Me and presses Me to concentrate all of these blessings in a second virgin, so that, like a second savior, she may save mankind from danger.   And I will employ My inseparable love and mercy, so that I may answer My own prayer, united to that of the whole Church.  And I will make man return to his beginning, to the purpose for which I created him—that My Will may be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Life in My Will consists precisely in this; and all that I go on revealing to you moves you to this—confirms you in this.  This is the great foundation that I keep forming in your soul; and, to do this, I keep concentrating in you all the graces, past, present and future, that I have given to all generations.  I even double and multiply them.  Indeed,—since My Will is the greatest, the holiest, and the noblest thing, without beginning or end—to place It in one creature, it is fitting and right that I concentrate in her every possible blessing, countless graces, and divine purity and nobility, so that My Will may have the same retinue that It has in Heaven.  My Will is the same Will that worked in Redemption, and that wanted to make use of a Virgin.  What portents and prodigies of grace It worked in Her!  My Will is great—It bears every blessing; and when It acts it works generously.  And if My Will goes about doing good works for all mankind, It puts all of Its gifts into play.


Volume 17


February 22, 1925


When God Created Man, He Established Different Ways to Help Man to Enter into the Divine Will and, so, to Enter into the Heavenly Fatherland.


I was thinking about the holy Divine Will, and I asked my beloved, out of His goodness, to give me the grace to fulfill His Most Holy Will in everything.  And I said:

“You Who love me and want Your Will to be done, may Your Will help me, assist me and enter into me in each instant so that nothing else can have life in me.”

Now while I prayed, my sweet Jesus stirred within me, squeezed me tightly to Himself, and said to me: “My daughter, how the prayers of the man who always seeks to do My Will wound My Heart!  I hear the echo of the prayer that I made when I lived on earth:  All My prayers developed a single theme, namely that the Will of My Father be perfectly fulfilled in Me as in all creatures.  The greatest honor for Me and My Heavenly Father was that I did His Most Holy Will in everything.  By always doing the Will of the Eternal One in each and every instant, My Humanity opened lines of communication between the human will and the Divine—which creatures had closed by sin.  You must know that in creating man the Divinity devised various lines of communication between the Creator and the creature.  And these ways make up the three powers of the soul:  the intellect, the way to understand My Will; memory, the way to remember It always; and the will.  The will, from its place between the other two, formed the third way to take flight into the Will of Its Creator.  The intellect and the memory served as the help, defense and strength of the way of the will—because they could not swerve either to the right or to the left. 

The eye formed a way because it could look at the beauty and the riches that exist in My Will; hearing formed a way because it could hear the calls and harmonies that My Will contains; the word formed a way to  receive the continuous outpouring of My word “FIAT” and the blessings that My FIAT contains; man’s hands were a means to lift up his works in My Will and to unite them to the works of his Creator; man’s feet formed ways to follow the steps of My Will; his heart, desires, and affections formed a way to fill themselves with the love of My Will and to rest in It.  So, you see how many ways and paths man can use to enter My Will, provided he wants to do so.

All the pathways between God and man were open; and by the power of Our Will, Our goods were his.  He was Our son, Our image, a work that went out from Our hands and from the ardent breath of Our bosom.  But the human will was ungrateful and did not want to enjoy the rights that We gave it over Our goods.  And since man did not want to do Our Will, he did his own; and, in so doing, he made bars and gates along these ways.  Man restricted himself to the wretched circle of his own will, barred himself from Ours, and went wandering in the exile of his passions and weaknesses, under a gloomy sky full of thunder, lightning and storms.  Poor son, he found himself in the midst of so many evils that he himself had wanted!  And so each act of the human will forms a barrier that he places before Mine.  It is a gate that he makes to hold back the union of our wills; and the communication of blessings between Heaven and earth becomes cut off.

Full of mercy, loving man with infinite love, and doing the Will of My Father in everything, My Humanity kept these channels open.  And I begged for the grace to remove the bars and to tear down the gates that the human will had raised.  And so I again opened channels for to anyone who wants to come into My Will, to restore to him those rights that We gave man when We created him.  The channels are necessary to clear the way.  They are the means by which man can frequently visit his own Fatherland and come to know its beauty and the happiness of living in it.  And he can love it and aspire to take possession of that land—and so he lives detached during his exile.  These channels in a creature were needed to make man rise up frequently to his true Fatherland so that he would recognize it and love it.  And if a soul remains on this path and makes his visits by placing himself on the path of Our Will, it is a sign that he is on the way and that he loves his Heavenly Fatherland.


June 11, 1925


The Great Evil of Not Doing the Divine Will is Irreparable.  As the Divine Will is the Equilibrium of the Attributes of God, so It Ought to be Man’s Equilibrium.


I felt my poor mind being plunged into God’s Most Holy Will.  O how I wanted not to let even a breath, a heartbeat, or a movement take place outside of the Supreme Will!  It seemed to me that everything done outside of the Will of God makes us lose new beauty, new graces and light and makes us unlike Our Creator, while Jesus wants us to be totally like Our Creator.  And how could we come to resemble Him more easily than by receiving the constant Life of His Most Holy Will within us?  It brings us the reflections and the features of Our Heavenly Father.  It keeps intact the purpose of Creation; It surrounds us in a way that keeps us beautiful and holy as God created us and always gives us new beauty, life, and uninterrupted love—which is found only in God.

Now while my mind lost itself in the Eternal Will, my sweet Jesus hugged me close to Himself, and in a tender tone of voice He said to me: “My daughter, there is nothing that can equal the great evil of not doing My Will; nor is there any good thing that can compare with doing It.  There is no virtue that can stand before It.  That is why the blessing that is lost by not doing My Will is irreparable.  And only by reentering It anew can the remedy be found and the blessings restored that Our Will had determined to give to mankind.

“In vain do creatures deceive themselves by doing other works, practicing virtues, and making sacrifices.  If these things are not born of My Will and done to fulfill It, I do not recognize them.  Besides, My Will is eternal.  It has no beginning and It shall have no end.  And who can calculate the value of an act done in My Will that has no beginning or end?  This act comes surrounded, full of boundless blessings.  As is My Will, so is the act.  On the other hand, virtues, works and sacrifices without My Will have a beginning and also an end.  How great a reward can something that perishes receive?

Moreover, My Will is the equilibrium of My attributes.  If my Power did not have this Holy Will, it would unleash itself tyrannically toward him who offends Me so much.  On the other hand, when I keep My power in equilibrium, It makes Me pour out graces where I ought to pour out anger and destruction.  If it were not for My Will that always gives it new life, My Wisdom would not show so much art and mastery in Our works.

Our beauty would be pale and unattractive if it were not sustained by this Eternal Will.  My Mercywould be changed into weakness if it were not balanced by My Will, and the same thing is true for all the rest of Our attributes.  Now Our fatherly Goodness has so much love for mankind that it established man’s equilibrium in Our Will.  Since man came forth from the Supreme Will that gave him life, it was just that It maintain the equilibrium of all man’s works, giving him the likeness of His Creator.  And, so, such dignity, majesty and order should be seen in him and in his acts that he should be recognized as a creation of his Maker.  Even in his work one can see if he is in equilibrium with My Will or with the human will.  This is why there are so many works, even good works, in which one does not see equilibrium, regularity and order because they lack the directing action of My Will.  And that is why, instead of being admired, these works are criticized; and instead of shedding light, they spread darkness.  If all that is good comes from My Will, without It such acts only seem to be good, but they are lifeless and poisonous—poisoning those who take part in them.

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