Message from Hugh Owen

Dear Divine Will Family,
I am sharing a letter from Hugh Owen which is very important. If you want to reply to Hugh about this matter, his email address is: [email protected].
Have a blessed day and we love you all very much! Eternal blessings always!

Dear Friends of the Center for the Divine Will,
Christ is risen! Alleluia!
During this time of lockdown, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother are giving us a wonderful opportunity to grow in our knowledge of the Divine Will and in our love for God and neighbor. From the very beginning of the Book of Heaven, Our Lord teaches Luisa that the first-created world before the Original Sin was perfect and that pestilence is a punishment for sin. In Volume One, He shows her plainly that a cholera epidemic in her region succeeded in bringing lukewarm believers to repentance where preachers of the Gospel had failed. Sadly, in the wake of the current COVID-19 epidemic, many of our Church leaders insist that the epidemic is not a chastisement for sin but a reaction by “Mother Nature” to man’s abuse of the environment through industrial pollution and global warming. Consequently, according to these Church leaders, there is no need for man to repent of his sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, such as abortion, child sexual abuse, and homosexuality. He simply needs to take action to curb industrial pollution and global warming, and all will be well.
This unprecedented confusion at the highest levels of the Church shows the urgent need for all of us—but especially those who want to live in the Divine Will—to understand the theology of creation correctly. Indeed, studies show that millions of Catholic young people are leaving the Church because of a false conception that “science” contradicts our Faith, or that we can only keep our Faith if we allow natural scientists to tell us which parts of our Faith are “acceptable” to modern science. It is remarkable that at the very time when Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and a host of Catholic intellectuals were embracing the evolution deception in the first half of the twentieth century, the Servant of God Luisa with her first or second grade education was reaffirming the fiat creation of all things for man at the beginning of time in a state of perfect harmony, and reminding us that the Church’s mission has always been “to restore all things in Christ, things in heaven and on earth,” for the greatest possible glory of God and for the good of all souls past, present and future.
The Servant of God Luisa was able to hold fast to the truth of fiat creation because she guarded the supernatural faith that she had received in Baptism. Indeed, the Church has always held that Faith is a supernatural gift from God which allows us to believe with complete certitude all that God has revealed about Faith and morals, including the fiat creation of all things for man in the beginning of creation. I am delighted to announce the availability of a new DVD series for Catholics entitled “Foundations Restored” which gives a complete explanation and defense of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation from the perspective of theology, philosophy and natural science. Featuring experts in all of these areas of knowledge, like theologian and philosopher Fr. Chad Ripperger, plant geneticist Dr. John Sanford, mathematician Dr. Wolfgang Smith, and many others, “Foundations Restored” shows that sound theology, sound philosophy and sound natural science confirm the literal historical truth of the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis and refute the widely-touted claim that it is possible to give a purely naturalistic account of the origins of man and the universe.
I strongly recommend that all members of the Center for the Divine Will—and especially families with children in high school or college—obtain the DVD series from . The DVD series comes with a Teacher’s Guide which will allow a parent or teacher to lead a fascinating and fruitful discussion of each of the seventeen episodes in the DVD series. The series can even be used as a high school or college level course in the theology, philosophy and natural science of the origins of man and the universe. If the suggested donation for the live-streaming option or for the physical DVDs would be a financial hardship for any family, please contact me through the Foundations Restored website, and he will authorize you to obtain the DVDs for whatever part of the suggested donation you can afford. As an added bonus, the Center for the Divine Will will receive a commission on every purchase of the DVD series if you mention the Center for the Divine Will when you order “Foundations Restored.”
It will be impossible to give God the glory that He deserves unless and until the whole Church gives Him praise, adoration, glory, and thanksgiving for the wonderful work of fiat creation by which He created the heavens, the Earth, the seas and all that is in them.
May His Kingdom come!
Yours in Christ through the Immaculata in union with St. Joseph,
Hugh Owen

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