(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 12, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
Last week we spoke of courage, which seems to me to be fitting since times are uncertain and courage and trust is a must to continue life in the Divine Will! Fear is not from God and, although I am sure He understands us being afraid of the times coming, it cannot enter the life in the Divine Will! The Divine Will is our refuge and our protection!
Last week I said that in the Era of Peace, we would be filled with all that God contains…I should have also said “as much as a creature has the capacity.” Humans are finite and God is infinite, so we cannot contain ALL that He is, but we can contain all that He is to a certain degree, and the degrees are infinite! Some souls will contain more of the Divine Will than others. It’s all according to how much we empty ourselves so that God can fill us to the full with as much as we can contain of Him. Those beautiful and very powerful little fiats help tremendously in all situations and circumstances.
And we have all the Angels, especially St. Michael! This picture is one of 7 shrines dedicated to St. Michael. This one is in France and was taken just a few days ago. I hope you can enlarge it to see it better because it is beautiful! Your own Guardian Angel is very powerful and can protect you in any circumstances!
Just remember that Jesus told Luisa that He will protect those souls living in the Divine Will! So, if God is with us, in us, animating all our actions, how can we fear anything?
Announcement: We are sorry to have to announce that Michael Lambert, our current President, has resigned. Michael is a good and holy man and we wish him and his family the very best and we send him all God’s blessings for his new ventures. But, Michael is still very much involved with the Center because he is on our Board of Directors. God is so good!
We love you all so very much and pray that God continues to bless each of you with the Life of His Holy Will reigning in your most precious souls!

Volume 12
June 12, 1918
Jesus has done everything for us.
Finding myself in my usual state, I told my ever beloved Jesus: “How can it be? You have done everything for us. You have atoned for everything. You have restored the Glory of the Father in all things on behalf of all creatures—so as to cover us all with a mantle of love, graces, and blessings. Yet, in spite of this, chastisements rain down, as if they would tear through the mantle of protection You have spread over us.” And my sweet Jesus interrupted me and said: “My daughter, all that you say is true. I have done everything—everything!—for souls. Love pushed Me toward each soul so forcefully that I wanted to wrap her within my works, as if in a mantle of protection—to be sure of putting her in safety. But the ungrateful creature rips off this protective mantle by deliberate sin. She runs away from my blessings, my graces and my love, and, as she goes out from my protection, she is struck by the lightning of Divine Justice. But I am not the One who strikes man—he himself, by sinning, comes against Me to receive the blows. Pray, pray that souls will be healed of their great blindness.”

Volume 17
October 17, 1924
The Great Love with Which God Creates Souls. He Makes them Grow, Cultivates Them, Waters them, and Gives Himself Totally to Them.
I was thinking how Jesus loves us with so much love. My mind was lost in Eternal Love. And my sweet Jesus stirred within me and made me see in my mind a halo of light. Within that halo there was a sun, and this sun contained as many rays as the number of creatures that existed. Each creature had a ray all to herself, which gave life, light, heat, strength, growth…, all that was needed to form a life. It was delightful to see how each creature was united to each of the sun’s rays, and I saw that each creature went forth from its ray, as a sprout from a vine to its life. And while my mind was lost in this sight, my beloved Jesus said to me:
“My daughter, see how I love creatures with so much love. Before I brought them forth to the light of day, they were already in My Bosom. But after I bring them forth, I do not leave them. A ray of My Life-bearing light follows them, to provide them with all that is needed to nurture this life. And how carefully I cultivate it! How lovingly I water it! I make Myself light, heat, food, and protection—and when their time on earth ends, I bring them back to My Bosom by the path of the self-same ray to make them known in the Heavenly Fatherland.”

Volume 18
9th August, 1925
Jesus: “Oh, if the Sun had free will, it would be able to make two suns from one, or four from two suns; from two, four suns. What glory and, what honor it would it not give to its Creator and how much glory it would even give to itself if it could do this?! Yet, this cannot be done by created things, because they lack are deprived of intelligence and of free will, and because they were created to serve mankind. That is why us, all Our Love was centered in man; and that is why, therefore, We placed all of Creation at his service disposition, all ordered to him, so that he man could make use of Our works as so many ladders and pathways to come to Us, to know Us, and to love Us. But how great is much is Our sorrow when We see in seeing man subjected to beneath our created things? Indeed, the beautiful his soul, given to him made beautiful by Us, was transformed by sin into ugliness. That is why he; not only did he not failed to grow in blessedness goods, but he became is horrible to look at.
“Yet as, as if all that was created for him were not enough to, guard this free will, Our Love, in order to guard this free will, gave him the grandest Gift which most grand which surpasses all other gifts: We gave him Our Will to keep and protect him, to ward off evils, and to help as preservative, as antidote, as protection and help to his free will. And, so, Our Will was placed at his man disposition service to give man him all the helps that he needed.
“In this way Our Thus, our Will was given to him as the primary life and prime act of all his acts operations. The, in order to grow in grace and in beauty, he had needed of a Supreme Will, not only to keep his human will company, but to take its place in his acts but substitute Itself in the operation of the creature; but even this great Gift he despised and did not want to know.”

Volume 22
June 17, 1927
I found myself outside of my body. And, while I was looking for my sweet Jesus, I met Father Di Francia, who was full of happiness, and who said to me: “Do you know how many beautiful surprises I have found? I did not believe it when I was on the earth, although I thought that it was a good thing to publish the Hours of the Passion. But the surprises that I found were wonderful, amazing beyond anything that I had ever seen. All of the words that you wrote about the Passion of Our Lord were changed into light, one more beautiful than the next, all braided together And these lights grow larger and larger as souls do the Hours of the Passion, and so new lights are added to the first.
“But what amazed me the most were the few words that I published about the Divine Will. Each saying changed into a sun that filled it with its rays of light and formed so many beautiful surprises that they leave one enraptured and enchanted. You cannot imagine how amazed I was to see myself in the midst of these lights and of these suns—how delighted I was! And I thanked our Greatest Good Jesus who had given me the opportunity and the grace to do this work. You should also thank Him on my behalf.”
I was left in a state of amazement after hearing this, and I was making my prayers in the Divine Fiat, asking the Blessed themselves to join in with me. And my beloved Jesus said to me: “My dear daughter, everyone has a part in all that a soul does in My Will—even when she does not intend it—most of all the blessed who live in the unity of God’s Will. My Will has currents everywhere, and with Its unifying force It bears to everyone, as Its own act, whatever souls do in It. There is only this difference—that if the soul who acts in My Will on earth has the intention of giving special glory to the souls who live in the Heavenly Fatherland, the blessed in Heaven hear themselves being called into the unity of My Will by the soul who wants to make them happy and to give them more glory. They look at her with so much love and delight that they extend their very special protection to her.
“The soul who does not work in the unity of My Fiat remains in a lowly state, because she lacks the power to rise again on high. Her acts do not have the power to communicate nor to rise above. The currents are closed and devoid of light. If you knew the difference between an act done in the unity of My Will and even a good act done outside of My Will, You would not do the smallest thing outside of It, even at the cost of your life.”
Then, looking at me with love, He added in the most intimate depths of my being: “My daughter, I have come to see and to visit the qualities of My love which I have placed in your soul. I have done this to see if everything is whole and in order as It was when it went forth from Me.” Then, after He looked me all over, He disappeared.

Volume 25
December 21, 1928
The Ocean of love in the outpourings of Jesus. The image of the sea. The Divine Will is a ray of the Sun that brings the Life of Heaven. The activity of the Divine Will. The happiness of Jesus.
The novena of Holy Christmas continues, and as I continued to listen to the nine outpourings of love in the Incarnation, my beloved Jesus drew me to Himself, and showed me how each outpouring of His love formed a boundless sea. And towering waves rose up in this sea, in which one could see all souls being carried along, consumed by these flames of love. Just as fish flow in the waters of the sea, and the waters of the sea protect the life of the fish, guiding, protecting, feedings, and resting them—so much so that if they jump out of the sea they can say, “Our life is finished—because we have abandoned our inheritance: the fatherland given to us by our Creator.” In the same way, these gigantic, flaming waves which rose up from these fiery seas, wanted to become the life, guide, protection, food, rest, palace, and fatherland of souls by consuming them. But as they go out of this sea of love, all of a sudden, they find death. And little Baby Jesus cries, moans, prays, shouts and sighs, for He does not want anyone to go out from these consuming flames of His—because He does not want to see anyone die. O if the sea had reason, it would weep more tenderly than a mother over its fish, which are being snatched away from its sea—because it feels the life that it keeps and possesses so lovingly being snatched away. And with its waves, it would hurl itself at those who dared to snatch so many of the lives that it bears, and which form its wealth and its glory.

Volume 29
September 7, 1931
And I said: “My Love, one thought afflicts me: I’m afraid that I am failing to do all my acts in Your Divine Will continuously and thus interrupting the sound of my bell. I’m afraid that because of my offenses You will set me aside and no longer give me the grace of letting me live in Your Will.” And Jesus answered: “My daughter, don’t be afraid. You ought to know that one step gives life to another step. One blessing animates and supports another one. One act calls another act to life; and evil and faults also give life to other evils and other faults. Things never remain isolated, but almost always have their consequences. Goodness is like the seed, which has a generative power, so that if one has the patience to cast it into the bosom of the earth, it produces ten or twenty-fold. So if a man has patience and is careful to enclose the seed of the good that he himself has done in his soul, he shall have the generation and the multiplication—a hundred fold for the good acts he had has done. And if you knew what it means to perform a good act! Every act is a safeguard secured by the one who does good and a speaking voice before Our throne. For every additional good act, the soul shall have that many more defenders to protect him. And if the circumstances of life mean that he finds himself in such straits and trials that he seems to want to waver and fall, the good acts that he has done take on the role of assailants. And they besiege Us so that he who has loved Us and done so many good acts no longer wavers. And these good acts surround that man like many supports, so that he does not give way under the trial.
“And suppose that someone has done a series of acts in Our Will: O every act then bears a value, a divine virtue that defends that man. We see in each of his acts how Our Will is compromised. That is why We too make Ourselves defenders and supporters of the man who has allowed Our Divine Fiat to live in his acts. Could We possibly deny something to Ourselves—or ignore Our Will working in a soul? No, no. So don’t be afraid. But rather abandon yourself like a little newborn into Our arms, so that you feel Our support and the protection of your own acts.

Volume 30
December 21, 1931
Jesus: “So, if you want to receive much, seek to know what My Will did and does in Creation, and what It did in Redemption, and I will be generous with you, and will deny you nothing of what I make you know. You should also know that if I do not yet stop acting as your Teacher, to make known to you many other things that belong to Me, it is because I want to keep giving you what I make you know. I would not remain content if I did not have something to give, and ever-new things to give to My daughter. That is why I anxiously wait for you to set in place, in your soul, what you have known, that you may retain it as your own thing. And while you set it in place, to help you set it, I keep caressing you, molding you, strengthening you; I expand your capacity—in short, I renew what I did in the Creation of the first man. And this is all the more true, since—those being My Own things that you have known and that I want to entrust to you—I do not want to trust anyone—not even yourself. I Myself, with My Own creative hands want to prepare the place and entrust them to you; and to keep them safe I surround them with the protection of My love, strength, and light. So, be attentive. Let nothing escape you. And in this way you will give Me the opportunity to be able to give you the most beautiful surprises.

Volume 33
November 26, 1933
Jesus: “It is exactly the opposite for one who does My Will. Everyone sides with her—Heaven, the angels and the saints—because, for the honor and respect that they bear My Will, all are obliged to help that soul and to sustain her in the acts that she does in My Will. She herself places herself in communication with everyone, and she commands everyone to keep her company and to act as her retinue. Already grace smiles on her, the light shines in her soul and confers the best and most beautiful qualities to her acts. I Myself am intent on the soul who does My Will, and I make My acts flow in her acts to have the honor, love, and glory of My acts in the acts of the soul who has worked in My Will. This is why she feels a bond with everyone—she feels that everyone gives her strength, support, protection and companionship.
“Indeed, one who does My Will and lives in It can be called the once-lost-and-now-found child of Creation—the daughter, sister, and friend of everyone. She acts like the sun that from the height of its sphere rains light, and that as it expands encloses everything in its light. It gives itself to everyone, it doesn’t deny itself to anyone, and as a faithful sister it embraces all things, giving its beneficent effects to each created thing as a pledge of its love, and animating the effects that it gives. In some creatures it produces the life of sweetness, in others the life of fragrance, in others the life of colors, and so on.
“In the same way, from the heights of Its Throne My Will rains down Its light, and where It finds the soul who wants to receive it to let It reign, It surrounds, embraces, warms, and molds her to mature her, and so to enclose Its wonderful life within her as if it were her own. And with this life everything and everyone join with her—because everything flows from My Adorable Will.”

Volume 34
April 21, 1936
Jesus: “As soon as the soul enters into Our Will, the Will recalls Its divine works as if they were taking place then and there, and, plunging the soul into them, It makes her see and receive Its wonders, to confirm her in goodness and to make her feel the new life of its divine Act. You saw the conception of Our Sovereign Queen, and, being in My Will, you found yourself conceived within her Maternal Heart. See the great difference for those who live in My Will: the Immaculate Conception was an unprecedented wonder. My Will, which no one can escape, animated this conception, and called all souls to be present, that they might be conceived within her virginal Heart and receive her maternity, her aid and her protection, finding shelter and support in this Heavenly Mother.”

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