(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann EllisonApril 19, 2020


My Dear Family in the Divine Will,
Well, I was doing my due diligence for Divine Mercy Sunday, enjoying the Holy Mass from the Marian Shrine of Divine Mercy, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc.  And as I sat there, my soul was not totally at peace.  I kept squirming in my chair, wondering why I couldn’t get comfortable or be at peace.  Normally, I can sit and be very quiet and calm.  Suddenly, I understood!  I have a very dear friend who tries to keep me straight….but, it is quite a job.  Her words came rushing to me and I knew!  Why was I sitting here doing this when I have the Gift of all Gifts…I have the Holy Will of God in my soul, I have the REAL LIFE of the Thrice Holy God in my soul!  I will let you in on some of what she said, but not all…it would be too embarrassing for me, not for her!  😊

Jesus says to Luisa that living in the DW admits no compromises, not an atom of human activity can enter It.  The time has come for the perfect and real fulfillment “as in Heaven so on earth”.  I think this (writing about other than Divine Will) creates confusion because of what LIVING in the DW means.  If you believe the words of Jesus, in every act He encloses a Divine Life.  Therefore, the mercy, plenary indulgences, etc., are mine right now!  Yes, God is mine and I am His, totally and really (completely).  This is why He says that the creature who lives in the DW when she dies, goes straight to Heaven, to a very high place!  So, mixing devotions and other practices, all good but not DW, leads to mixing the human will in there, and Jesus says not an atom of human activity enters His life. Therefore, it is a responsibility to teach this doctrine in its fullness.

And it seemed to me that I could feel Our Lord telling me to go and tell everyone about this Immense, Infinite, Eternal Gift from God….the very Gift of God, Himself!  My Divine Mercy is for those who do not live the Book of Heaven!  Those who love my Divine Will and who are striving to live in It, need only to know and learn more about how to live in It and how to go deeper and deeper into the very Sanctity of God, Himself…for it is His very own Sanctity that He is giving us….not a human sanctity, but Divine Sanctity!!  My friend made one more statement that really brought me back to reality.  I am paraphrasing what she said.  To really LIVE in the Divine Will depends on us really LIVING It, not just doing Divine Acts!

I will continue to post the Consecration to the Merciful Love of God.  I don’t believe in starting something without finishing it.  To be Consecrated to the Merciful Love of God cannot be anything but good, even if it causes confusion.  Just remember that nothing can be as exalted as being Consecrated to the Holy Will of God!  I firmly believe that my Consecration to Jesus through Mary per De Monforte brought me to the Gift of Living in the Divine Will.  I pray that this Consecration will bring many more to understand and love the Gift of LIVING in the Divine Will….the Gift of all Gifts and the Consecration of all Consecrations!  (the Consecration to the Divine Will is at the end of this paper.)

We love you all so much and want only your good, your sanctification, the fullness of intimacy in God and God in you!  Nowhere else can you find that except in the Book of Heaven!  It is the deepest intimacy any creature can obtain in and with God….there is no other way to arrive at it to this degree than through the Book of Heaven!
All the blessings contained in the Divine Will be upon you and yours forever!
So, let’s read about this enormous Gift of Living in the Divine Will!!  Excerpts below:
Volume 14
July 10, 1922
To Live in the Divine Will is to Repeat the Real Life of Jesus, Not Only in the Soul but in the Body!
As I continued in my usual state, I felt my beloved Jesus within me, but so real that this time I felt Him grip my heart tightly enough to make me suffer; then He clasped my neck in His arms in a suffocating embrace; next He sat upon my heart with an imperious and commanding air.  I felt myself being annihilated and then coming back to new life at His command.  But who can say what He did within me, and how it felt to me!  It is better not to speak about it.
Then, as I continued to feel His Real Presence within me, He said:
“My daughter, rise up, rise up more, more … until you arrive at the Bosom of the Divinity.  Your life will be in the midst of the Divine Persons.  Behold: To make you achieve this I have formed My Life in you, and I have enclosed My Eternal Volition in whatever you do so that it flows in everything in a wonderful and surprising manner.  My Will is acting in you in one continual and actual act.  Because I have formed My Life in you, and My Will is acting in you, and in your acts, your will has been absorbed and transfused into Mine, so that My Will has a life on earth.
Now you must lift yourself up and with you take My Life, My Will, so that My Will on earth and My Will in Heaven can fuse together.  There, in the Bosom of the Divinity, you will live for some time, where your will shall act with Mine to enlarge your will as much as is possible in a creature.  Then you will go down again to earth, taking with you the Power and prodigies of My Will.  Their presence in you will shake creatures and open their eyes; and many will come to know the meaning of living in My Will:  To live in the likeness of their Creator.
“This will be the beginning of the coming of My Reign upon the earth and of the ultimate fulfillment of My Will.
“Do you believe it is a small thing to live in My Will?  It has no equal, nor is there any sanctity that compares with itIt is Real Life, not an illusion, not a figment of one’s imaginationThis Life of Mine lives not only in the soul, but also in the body.  Do you know how this Life of Mine is formed?  My Eternal Will becomes the Will of the soul and then My palpitations, beating within her heart, conceive My LifeThe soul’s love, her sorrows, and all her acts done in My Will form My Humanity.  These make Me grow so much within the soul that I cannot remain hidden, and the soul cannot help but feel My presence.  Don’t you feel Me alive within you?
“That is why I have told you there is nothing even remotely resembling the sanctity of living in My Will.  All other sanctities will be as small lights, but this new sanctity will be a great sun transfused into its Creator.”

Volume 16
November 5, 1923
Acts done in the Divine Will form the accidents which imprison Jesus in the soul and form His Real Life.
I felt oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus and also because the Confessor denied me absolution because of my faults and lack of trust to be candid with him.  And so, having received Holy Communion, I abandoned myself in the arms of my most sweet Jesus and I said to Him: “My Love, help me.  Do not abandon me; You know in what state I find myself because of your privation.  Not only this, but creatures, instead of helping, add pain upon pain.  So, without You, I have no one else with whom to cry regarding my harsh predicament of having lost You.  This should motivate you all the more not to leave me alone, to at least accompany this poor, abandoned one who lives dying in her harsh exile.  Therefore, You Who are the greatest priest, give Me your absolution; tell me You pardon the sins in my soul; let me hear your most sweet Voice that gives me life and pardon.”
Now while I vented my sorrow with Jesus, He appeared in my interior and the Sacramental Veils formed as though a mirror in which Jesus was alive and real.  My sweet Jesus said to me:
“My daughter, this mirror is the accident of bread that keep me imprisoned.  I form my Life in the Host, but it gives Me nothing, neither an affection nor a palpitation, not even the littlest ‘I love you.’  It is as dead for Me.  I remain alone, without the shadow of any reciprocation.  My love, therefore, is almost impatient to leave, to shatter this glass, to descend into hearts to find in them the exchange that the Host can neither know nor give Me.
“But do you know where I find my true exchange?  As I descend into the heart of the soul that lives in my Will, I quickly consume the accidents because I know that accidents more noble and more dear to Me are ready to imprison Me, to not let Me leave that heart that will give me not only life within itself, but life for life.  I will no longer be alone, but with my most trusted company.  We will be two hearts beating together; we will be united in love and our desires will be one alone.  And so, I remain in him and I live my Life there, alive and real, as I do in the Most Holy Sacrament.  But do you know what these accidents are that I find in the soul that does my Will?  They are the acts done in my Will, which, more than accidents, spread around Me and imprison Me, but within a noble and Divine prison that is not dark, because the acts he has done in my Will, more than sun, illuminate and warm.  Oh, how happy I feel to establish my real life in him, because I feel as though I were in my Royal Celestial Palace!  Look at Me in your heart; how content I am, how delighted.  I experience the purest joys!”
And I:  “My beloved Jesus, aren’t you telling me something new and different when you say that you form real life in the one who lives in your Will?  Instead, isn’t It mystical life that You live in the hearts that possess your Grace?”
And Jesus:  “No, no, it is not mystical life as it is for those who possess my Grace, but do not live with their acts fused in my Will.  These do not have sufficient material to form for Me the accidents to imprison Me.  It would be as if the priest lacked the host yet wanted to pronounce the words of Consecration.  He could say the words, but he would say them to empty space.  My Sacramental Life would certainly have no existence.   This is how I dwell in hearts that possess my grace, but do not fully live in my Will.  I am in them by grace, but not in actuality.”
And I:  “My Love, but how can it be that You can actually live in the soul that lives in your Will?”
And Jesus:  “My daughter, don’t I live in the Sacramental Host—really and truly—in Soul, Body, Blood and Divinity?  And why do I live in the Host with Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?  Because there is not any will that opposes mine.  If I would find in the Host the will to oppose mine, I would neither form in it Real Life nor everlasting Life.  And this is also the reason why the Sacramental accidents are consumed when the creature receives Me, because I do not find a will united with Me in a manner that it wants to lose its own in order to acquire mine.  Rather, I find a will that wants to act and function on its own.  So, I make my little visit and depart.
But for the one who lives in my Will, my Will and his are one aloneAnd if I do this in the Host, much more can I do it in him, especially since I find a beating heart, affection, reciprocation, and my benefit—something I do not find in the Host.  My Real Life is necessary for the soul that lives in my Will; otherwise, how could he live with my Will?
Ah, you do not want to understand that the sanctity of living in my Will is a sanctity totally different from the other sanctities.  And, excluding the crosses, mortifications, and the necessary acts of life that are done in my Will—which embellish her more—it is nothing other than the life of the blessed of Heaven, who, since they live in my Will, by virtue of It, possess Me individually, as if I were exclusively for each one—Alive and Real—not mystically, but really living in them.  And since one cannot speak of the ‘life of Heaven’ if they do not have Me in them as their own life—and if they lacked even the tiny particle of my Lifein them, their happiness would be neither complete nor perfect—so for him who lives in my Will, my Will would be neither full nor perfect in him if he lacked my Real Life that this Will emits.
“It is true that they are all prodigies of my Love.  Indeed, this is the prodigy of prodigies that until now my Will has kept in Itself and now wishes to impart in order to achieve the primary purpose of man’s creation.  I wish, therefore, to form in you my first Real Life.”
Upon hearing this, I said, “Ah, my Love, Jesus, yet I feel myself so evil to be a part of this endeavor, and You know it!  It is true that it would be better for me to abandon myself more in your arms, asking You for what the other sanctities do not give me.  But with all that, I feel in me a breath of disturbance that troubles the peace of my soul, and You say that You want to form your Real Life in me?  Oh, how far I am from it!”
And Jesus again, “Don’t think about this.  What I want is that you include nothing of your own and that you obey as much as you can.  It is known that all the other sanctities, that is, those of obedience and the other virtues, are not exempt from pettiness, disturbance, disagreements, and loss of time that impede the formation of a beautiful sun.  At most, they form a little star.  Only the sanctity of my Will is exempt from these miseriesMoreover, my Will includes all the Sacraments in their effects.  Therefore, abandon yourself completely in my Will; make It totally yours and you will receive the effects of the absolution or anything else that you have been denied.
“And so, I recommend to you not to lose time, because by losing time you come to impede my real Life that I am forming in you.”

Volume 18
30th January, 1926
“My daughter, have patience; remember that upon you weighs the fortunes of the world.  Ah, you do not know what it means to be united with Me in this state of sufferings together with Me, even for a half an hour or for five minutes!  It is the repetition of My Real Life that is repeated upon the earth.  It is this Divine Life that suffers, that prays, and makes reparation within, that repairs in you, that transmutes in you My own Will, to assure that It works in you as It worked in My Humanity.  And does this seem a small thing to you a little thing?”
He continued to cry weep silently.  I felt my heart break in seeing Jesus cry.  I understood that He wept for me in order to give me the grace that I needed so that His Will could accomplish Its plans for me to succeed in Its designs upon me so that , that It would maintain integral Its Life intact in my soul, and so that my will would not come back to never have His Life.  In this way, His tears put in safety his Will in my poor soul.  And I understood that He wept cried for the priests, in order to give them the grace to of understanding His works so that they, too, would lend themselves to the fulfillment of His Will.

Volume 29
3rd August 1931
Every act done in the Divine Will produces food to make Divine Life grow within man. The greatest gift of God is the truths of the Divine Will.
I am always there, in the center of the Divine Fiat, even if I am oppressed by the nightmare of the loss of my sweet Jesus.  O how painful it is to feel Him slipping away—that Jesus who loves me and Whom I love.  And since He alone provides strength, love, and light for my life, He makes His Life of love, strength and light slip away from within my life. O God, what sorrow!  I feel life, but the Real Life isn’t there.  What torture, what torment!  O how I feel like repeating: “There is no sorrow like my sorrow.  Heaven and earth, weep with me—and, everyone, implore on my behalf the return of that Jesus who loves me and Whom I love.”
So, I abandoned myself more than ever in that Divine Fiat that no one can take It away from me, not even Jesus Himself.  Even if He hides Himself and makes His little escapes from me, His Divine Will never leaves me.  It is always with me, and my poor mind makes its rounds through all that the Divine Fiat has done and does for our love.  And as I was thinking about His great love in creating us, my beloved Jesus came out from His hiding place and said to me:
“My daughter, the Creation of man was the center where Our Divinity put all the good things that had to grow up in man.  We placed Divine life and Divine Will within him, human life and human will.  Human life was to serve as his dwelling-place.  And the two wills fused together were to enjoy common life with supreme harmony. Or rather the human will was to take from Ours to form its acts.  And Our Will was to stay in the continuous act of giving Itself, so that the human life was modeled and wholly informed by the Divine Will.
“Now there is no life so human, spiritual and Divine, that it does not need food to grow, to be strengthened, to become beautiful and to be happy—all the more so, because We put Our Divine Life in man.  And as he was incapable of receiving all the fullness of Our Divine Being, We put as much of Our Life within him as he could contain, giving him the freedom to let it grow as much as he could and wanted to let it grow.  Indeed, Our Life in man needed food to grow, and that is why We needed to place the Divine Will within himOur Divine Life would never have adapted to the foods of the human will.  And for this reason, all man’s acts performed in virtue and in Our Divine Will would serve to nourish Our Divine Will and make It grown within him.  In this way, little by little, as he performed his acts in Our Fiat, sometimes he would take Our love and feed Us, at other times, he would take Our strength, then Our infinite sweetness, then Our divine joys to feed Us.  When We created man, what order, what harmony We placed between him and Us—to the point of asking him for Our own foods by means of him—not because We needed to, but to maintain the ardor of love, the correspondence, and the inseparable union between him and Us.  And while he occupied himself with Us, We occupied Ourselves in feeding him and caring for Our beloved dwelling.  Not only this, but we gave him other, more beautiful gifts to make him even happier, to love him more and to make him love Us more.

“But do you want to know the most beautiful gifts that We give to man?  It is when We showed him a piece of knowledge of Our Supreme Being, a truth that belongs to Us, one of Our secrets—this is the most beautiful gift We make to man.  Each of these gifts is another bond We forge between him and Us; every one of Our truths is a property that We place in his soul. This is why in the soul where Our Will reigns We find Our own divine foods, Our own properties to the extent possible for man.  We make Our dwelling within him, and We find Ourselves in Our own home, in Our center and in the midst of our Own properties.  So, you see what it means to let Our Will reign and the great blessing of letting you know Our truths.   Every piece of Our knowledge brings its distinct gift:   One brings the light, one strength, one goodness, another wisdom, another love, and so on. Each of them binds man in a special way to God and God to him.  That is why you must know how to correspond with the many gifts that your Jesus has made you; and live always in Our Will.”

I would like to paraphrase something that I love from the Volumes….I don’t think it is quoted as such, but the meaning is the same and it is one of my favorites:  I created the entire universe as your habitation, but I created you as My habitation!

Consecration to the Divine Will

Oh, adorable and Divine Will, behold me here before the immensity of your Light, that your eternal goodness may open to me the doors and make me enter into It to form my life all in You, Divine Will.  Therefore, oh adorable Will, prostrate before your Light, I, the least of all creatures, put myself into the little group of the sons and daughters of your Supreme FIAT.  Prostrate in my nothingness, I invoke your Light and beg that It clothe me and eclipse all that does not pertain to You, Divine Will.  It will be my Life, the center of my intelligence, the enrapturer of my heart and of my whole being.  I do not want the human will to have life in this heart any longer. I will cast it away from me and thus form the new Eden of Peace, of happiness and of love.  With It I shall be always happy.  I shall have a singular strength and holiness that sanctifies all things and conducts them to God.
Here prostrate, I invoke the help of the Most Holy Trinity, that They permit me to live in the cloister of the Divine Will and thus return in me the first order of creation, just as the creature was created.
Heavenly Mother, Sovereign and Queen of the Divine Fiat, take my hand and introduce me into the Light of the Divine Will.  You will be my guide, my most tender Mother, and will teach me to live in and to maintain myself in the order and the bounds of the Divine Will.  Heavenly Mother, I consecrate my whole being to your Immaculate Heart.  You will teach me the doctrine of the Divine Will and I will listen most attentively to your lessons.  You will cover me with your mantle so that the infernal serpent dare not penetrate into this sacred Eden to entice me and make me fall into the maze of the human will.
Heart of my greatest Good, Jesus, You will give me your flames that they may burn me, consume me, and feed me to form in me the Life of the Divine Will.
Saint Joseph, you will be my protector, the guardian of my heart, and will keep the keys of my will in your hands. You will keep my heart jealously and shall never give it to me again, that I may be sure of never leaving the Will of God.
My Guardian Angel, guard me; defend me; help me in everything so that my Eden may flourish and be the instrument that draws all men into the Kingdom of the Divine Will.                                   Fiat – may it be so!

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