(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 27, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
I pray all of you out there are well and healthy! We are keeping each of you in our prayers. I am doing a newsletter on refuges this week because I have been receiving some very scary videos and articles about what is coming. There have been many times in history when people thought it was the end of the world, or that something was going to happen that would be devastating, but now, it seems we really may be heading for the “end of the times as we know them.” That is a quote from Our Lady of Garabandal. You can google “Garabandal” and find out tons about it.
But, the children of the Divine Will are so very, very blessed! We have the Divine Will as our refuge and the Divine Will even uses us as Their refuge!! Isn’t that beautiful! I watched a very scary video last night right before I went to bed and I thought I was OK, but I couldn’t go to sleep and my heart was beating out of my chest. I just kept praying, until finally I just abandoned myself in the Divine Will and gave my little fiat, full of trust, knowing that God is in control, not me and not the bad guys. They only have whatever power God allows them….He is the real power!! He is power itself!! And if He is reigning in our souls, then we have the power, too!! So, I am sending out these messages from Luisa’s writings on the Divine Will being our refuges (and in one writing, the Divine Will is our hiding place), and us being Their refuge!
We love you all so much and may God continue to bless each of you with more and more knowledge of His Holy Will, where peace reigns!!

Volume 14
April 6, 1922
Consequences of Acts Done in the Divine Will. In the Divine Will, the soul places herself on the level of her Creator.
Finding myself in my usual state, my dear Jesus transported me outside of my body and showed me multitudes of people weeping. They had no roof over them and suffered from the greatest desolation. Cities, small and large, lay in ruins, uninhabitable and with their streets deserted. Nothing but boulders and rubble were visible. The scourges had not missed a single spot. My God! What sorrow it caused me to see these things and still live! I looked at my sweet Jesus, but He looked away.
Crying bitterly and in a voice broken with sobs, He said to me: “My daughter, man has become so involved with the world that he has forgotten Heaven. It is only just that the world be taken from him, that he wanders about not finding a refuge. This serves to remind him that Heaven exists. In his concern for his body, man has forgotten his soul. Man has given his body everything: pleasures, comfort, extravagance, luxury, and everything else he could imagine. Meanwhile, he has deprived his soul of food, of everything, in fact, to the extent that in many persons it is dead, as if they did not have a soul. It is only just that now the body suffers deprivation, to remind man that he has a soul. But O how hardened man is! His hardness forces me to wound him all the more, in the hope that these chastisements will soften him.”

Volume 15,
June 10, 1923
Jesus: “Indeed, My Humanity was the first and true Victim. Because of the role given to Me by My Heavenly Father, It lived in a state of being sacrificed and completely crucified in the Divine Will; and by the power of My Eternal Volition, It was able to multiply My Life for each and every one. And just as by the power of one single Fiat I multiplied so many created things, and gave to each soul the right to make them her own, in the same way, the power of My Will multiplied one single Life, so that each soul might have Me for herself alone—as help, defense, and refuge—however she wanted Me. In this lies all the greatness, the goodness, the all, the infinite distance between living in My Will and living in a different way, although good and holy: The multiplication of one act into as many acts as one wants—enough for as many souls as may want to make use of them.”

Volume 19
July 11, 1926
Jesus: “Indeed, the Church knows so little about the sufferings of the heavenly Queen. Indeed, only her obvious pains are spoken of—and that is why the Church enumerates seven swords. But, if the Church knew that her Mother’s Heart was the refuge, the storehouse of all sufferings, and that the light of My Will brought them all to Her and spared Her nothing, the Church would not have said seven swords, but millions of swords. And since these sufferings were so intimate, only God knows the true intensity of Our Lady’s sorrow. That is why She was by right the Queen of Martyrs and the Queen of all Sorrows.
“Men know how to give weight and value to external sufferings, but they do not know how to justly assess the value of interior sufferings. Now, to establish first the Kingdom of My Will in My Mama, before the Kingdom of Redemption, I did not need so many sufferings–because She had no sins and so She had no part in the inheritance of sufferings. Her inheritance was the Kingdom of My Will. But to give the Kingdom of Redemption to mankind, She had to subject Herself to a multitude of sufferings. Indeed, the fruits of the Redemption were ripened in the Kingdom of My Will, which belonged to Me and to My Mama. There is nothing beautiful, good and useful that does not go forth from My Will.”

Volume 29
30th March 1931
Jesus: “The most beautiful prerogative of My Heart is tenderness. All of its fibers, all the affections, desires, love, and beats of My Heart have their beginning in tenderness, so that My fibers are tender, my affections and desires are more tender, and My love and heartbeat are so tender that they liquefy My Heart with tenderness. And this tender love makes Me love men so much that I am content to suffer Myself, rather than to see them suffer. A love that is not tender is like food without seasoning, or like an aged beauty that can attract no one to love it. It is like a flower without perfume or a dried-up fruit without flavor or sweetness. A hard love without tenderness is unacceptable and would not have the power to make itself loved by anyone. So, My Heart suffers so much on seeing man’s hardness, that My graces are changed into scourges.”
After this I found myself attracted by a Supreme Force that I could not resist in my suffering state. And though I felt great repugnance, I tried to abandon myself in the Divine Will, my only refuge. And to give me strength, Jesus let me catch a glimpse of Him, and He said to me:
“My daughter, when We created man Our Divinity placed holiness, love, goodness, beauty and all the rest, outside of Ourselves, which had to serve man to make him holy, good, and beautiful so that he would give Us love for love. Now, Our blessings have not been fully received by him, and so We wait for him to take them. So, come into Our good qualities—come to take the crumbs of holiness, love, goodness, beauty, and strength. I say “crumbs” in comparison with what you will leave behind, because Our good qualities are immense, and what can be taken by the soul could be called “crumbs” compared to what she leaves behind. Yet these crumbs will fill her until they overflow outside. And then Our love is content—when It sees the beloved soul immersed in Our good qualities and filled to the brim.”

Volume 34
January 10, 1937
Jesus: “That is why My Fiat’s longing, sighs, and yearnings never cease. My Fiat would move heaven and earth, sparing nothing, as long as man could live in harmony with Me and share My blessings. In addition, everything We have done, both in Creation and in Redemption, is poised to give itself over to man, hanging over his head as it were, but suspended. It cannot give itself because man does not know it, does not call it or love it, and does not keep it within his own soul to receive so great a blessing.
“Now, he who possesses Our Will, Our works, My whole earthly life that I spent on earth, will find a haven, a space, a room where My life and My works can continue. There, the soul acquires the practical act and transforms My life and My works into her own nature. Thus, this soul is a refuge for Our sanctity, Our love, and the life of Our Will. When Our love, unable to contain itself, wants to express itself extravagantly, We seek refuge in that soul and Our love finds relief there, pouring out such charisms of grace that the Heavens are amazed and tremble as they worship Our Divine Will at work in the soul.”

Volume 35
September 20, 1937
Jesus: “Do you see, My daughter? Could one ever give surprises of love more beautiful than these? Can one feel the pleasure, the desire to imitate, to do what the soul does as a loving pretext—to call the soul to imitate Us and to make her do what We do? Many are the abysses of Our love—and what is more, they always keep searching for new discoveries of love.”
I cannot say what I felt within my mind—the immensity of light which, turning into words, spoke of many creative expressions of my Creator’s love. Then my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, keep listening. Our love is so intense that it seems to give Us no peace if We don’t make new inventions of love—to love and be loved. If We didn’t do this, We would condemn ourselves to sloth—and this cannot exist in Our Supreme Being—because We are a continuous Act of ever-burning love and of endless works. Our Wisdom is so great that It always does new things. We enclose Ourselves in the soul within whom Our Will reigns, and We pour out Our love abundantly. We concentrate all that We have done, all that We do and will do, repeating within the soul Our most beautiful works, the outpouring of Our love, and the new inventions of Our Wisdom—so many that the soul cannot count them. O how many moving scenes We make! She becomes the theater of Our love, the treasury of Our unceasing works, the refuge of Our delights, joys and happiness—the hiding place for Our celestial and mysterious secrets and the revelation of Our varied beauty. Do you know why? It is so that We can enjoy them together—since none of Our works can be lacking where Our Will reigns.”

November 29, 1937
Jesus: “My good daughter, Our love is so great that, everywhere and in every place—even in the tiniest blade of grass, in the air that the soul breathes, in the water that she drinks, even under her steps as she treads the ground—We send forth Our voices, Our agonizing cries of love: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you!’ But Our love cannot find peace, sensing that It is not listened to by the soul—and not hearing her repeating: ‘I love You, I love You’ And in Our delirium of love We say: ‘O is anybody listening to Us? O is nobody saying to Us ‘I love You,’ ‘I love You’?’ Why, then, say ’I love you,’ ‘I love you,’ if nobody returns it to Us? To whom do We say ‘I love you’—to the air, to the wind, to empty space? Our ‘I love you’ doesn’t know where to go—where to lean—if it does not find the ‘I love You’ of the soul to receive it and return it with her own, so that her love may find refuge within Our immense love, depending upon it, and growing more and more.
“When the soul listens to Our ‘I love you’ and returns it, in Our fervor of love—as if reconciled by her love—We say: ‘Finally, We have been heard. Our love has found one to go to, a place of refuge. We have been recognized. We have found one who says I love you.’ Then Our love makes merry. But when We cannot find anyone who says ‘I love You,’ We don’t find one who recognizes Us, who listens to Us—one who loves Us. How hard it is to love, when one is not loved! How I wish that everybody knew that My love sustains them, that I hug them, love them and make them breathe. I love them and I give them a heartbeat; I love them and I give them speech; I love them and I give them their stride; I love them and I give them motion, thinking, food, and water. All that they are and receive is the effect of My flowing love. So, is it not terribly ungrateful not to love Me? It makes a martyr of Our love—because We have loved, and We are not loved in return.”

December 18, 1937 – (AWESOME READ)
All that is done in the Divine Will acquires Life, and these Lives swim and float in the Seas of Love of the Divine Volition.
I am prey to the Divine Volition. It does nothing other than unleash Seas of Light and Love from Itself, but It seems unsatisfied until It sees Its Life of Light and the little love of the creature being poured out of herself – meeting, kissing and loving each other with one love. Oh, how It celebrates! And in Its emphasis of love, says: ‘The Life of my Will is inside and outside of the creature. I possess her. She is all mine.’ And I was thinking: ‘Doesn’t the little love of the creature disappear within the immense sea of Divine Love?’
My adorable Jesus, returning to visit my little soul, as if inundated within His flames of love, told me: “Daughter of my Will, each thing that the creature does, keeping my Will as principle and Life – no matter how small it might be – contains one Divine Life. Therefore, in the endless sea of my Will and of my Love, one can see many little lives of Love and Light swimming and floating, having taken their place inside our Sea. Oh, how repaid we feel, because what she gave Us in her little love, is Life of Love, and what she gave Us in doing her acts, is Life of Light. They have been formed in the center of the Life of our FIAT, which possesses the true Life; and therefore lives are the things that come from It. My FIAT creates them first, forming them within Itself; then, It puts them out, delivering them from Its Divine Womb.
Therefore, each I love you possesses the Life of Love; each adoration possesses the Life of Divine adoration; each exercised virtue possesses – one, the Life of Divine Goodness, one the Wisdom, one the Fortitude, one the Power, one the Sanctity…. Since they are little lives, which have received life from our Life, they don’t know how to be alone. So they run and come to continue their little lives inside our endless seas. Oh, how they love Us! They may be small, but we know that the creature can only give us little things, because the big ones – immensities – are ours. The creature doesn’t even know where to put them, if we were to give them; so it is necessary for them to take refuge in Us. And We, seeing her in our seas, feel repaid with that love which we want from the creature.”
I remained thinking about what Jesus was saying, and He added: “Do you want to see it, to convince yourself of what I’m telling you?” In that moment, Jesus made me see His endless seas investing Heaven and earth and the little love of the creature, and all the rest done in His Divine Will, as many little but beautiful lives swimming inside these seas. Some remained on the surface to fix their gaze on their Creator; some would run into His arms – one hugging Him, another kissing Him; another one was diving into the sea. In sum, they were doing a thousand caresses and loving stratagems for the One from Whom they had received life. The Supreme Being was looking at them, but with such love as to call the whole Celestial Court to celebrate together with Him, saying to all: ‘Look at them; how beautiful they are! These lives formed by the acts of the creature – and by my Will – are my Glory, my triumph, my smile; the echo of my Love, of our harmony and happiness!’ I could see all these lives in the Sun, in the stars, in the air, in the wind and in the sea. Each ‘I love you’ was a Life of Love, which was running to take Its place of honor inside the divine seas. What enchantment! What beauties! How many unspeakable surprises! I remained mute… and I didn’t know what to say.
And Jesus: “My daughter, did you see? How many rare beauties of Life my Will can do! Its Love and Its jealousy are such that It keeps them inside Its own sea.
“But that is not all, my daughter. I want to tell you another surprise. For the creature who lives in my Will, one I love you does not wait for another. With the Life of Love contained in those prodigious I love you’s, one runs ahead, one behind; one flies to take its place inside our endless sea. They compete among themselves – one runs faster, another wants to put itself ahead; another wants to be the first one to throw itself in our arms; another one makes a jump far ahead to lock itself inside our Divine Womb…. Life cannot be still. These small lives – no matter how small have a breath, a heartbeat, a step and a voice. They are all eyes to watch us. They breathe love and give Us love – they palpitate with love, and have our same step, since We move and walk because We love. Their voices speak always of love, and they love so much that they always want to hear about our story of Eternal Love.
“These little lives never die – they are eternal with Us. The ‘I love you’ – the acts in my Will populate Heaven. These little lives spread themselves everywhere: in the entire Creation, in the Saints and in the Angels. How many of them run around the Queen! They want their place everywhere, to the extent of descending into the hearts of the creatures on earth, saying among themselves: ‘How can our Creator be inside human hearts without our little Life of Love? Ah, no, no! We are tiny – we can enter into them and love our Creator for them.’
“These little lives are the enchantment of all Heaven. They are the greatest wonders of our Supreme Being – the true ones, who repay Us for our Eternal Love. Their follies of love are so unusual, that by only looking at them, it is known that they are our daughters – lives formed and created by our Divine Volition.”
Who can tell my surprise? And Jesus: “Don’t be surprised. Even my Life down here did nothing other than release Life from Myself, to the extent that My steps still walk after everyone – they never stop. All centuries will have the life of My steps. My mouth is still speaking, because each one of My words contained one life which is still speaking. Only those who do not want to listen cannot hear My voice. tears are full of life and are always in the act of being shed upon the sinner – to touch him, make him repent and convert him, as well as upon the upright and good souls – to embellish, and to conquer their hearts to love for Me. Each pain – each drop of my blood are distinct Lives of Mine which contain – and so form, strength for the pains of all the creatures, and the bath for all their sins. These are the prodigies of my Will.
“Wherever It reigns with Its natural creative virtue, over each trifle – even a tiny one, It creates Life to make Us loved. You must be convinced that, having such great Love, We just cannot be without somebody who loves Us. Therefore our Will, which thinks about everything and knows how to do everything, creates many Lives out of the acts of the creature who lives in It. It compensates for our Love, and renders less restless our anxiety of love and our eternal delirium for desire of love. Therefore, live always in our Will. Love always, and you will be the enchantment of all Heaven and our perennial feast – and We will be yours. We will celebrate each other.”

March 16, 1938
Jesus: “My daughter, My pains kiss your pains, hug them, and blow upon them with their love. They make your sufferings one with Mine, giving them life in My own pains. In this way, your pains receive the infinite value and the blessing that My own sufferings produce. In My Will, things—and the pains, too—remained changed, and from human things they become divine. I feel that it is not the soul who suffers them, but I Myself form and create those pains, so as to suffer them within My beloved creature, and to repeat My life in her—along with the retinue of My sufferings. This is why I called them “My pains.” If you only knew what I do with these pains! I place them between Heaven and earth as everlasting glory and love for My Heavenly Father; as a defense and refuge for creatures; as regret for those who offend Me; as a cry of love to those who do not love Me; as light for those who do not know Me. In short, I make them do all the good works that mankind needs. So, let Me act: These are works which your Jesus wants to do, and I can do them in the soul who lives in My Will.”

March 20, 1938
Loving devices of the soul who lives in the Divine Will.
I live in the arms of the Fiat. It loves the soul who lives in It so much that It always holds her tightly in Its arms; and what is more, Its love is so great that It places her inside Its unceasing motion. The tiniest distances or momentary gaps in which It does not feel her within Itself—within Its own life—would be for It the most agonizing martyrdom of love. In Its pain It would say: ‘Daughter, don’t move away from Me, even for an instant. You would embitter Our love, because We feel your life as Our own. We would feel Our love being torn to pieces and tortured. Indeed, you ought to know that the soul who lives in Our Will lives and breathes within Our breathing, and as she breathes, We feel loved and We love her. Her motion moves within Ours, living one life with Us, working with Us, and speaking with Our same Word. We feel her circulating within Our Divine Being like the blood that circulates in the veins of men, always repeating: ‘I love You, I love You.’ Still not satisfied, she soars above, wanders through all created things, gathers Our love (which is spread through all Creation), and comes to take refuge inside Our Supreme Being; she surprises Us by bringing Us all the love that all created things should give Us, if they had a mind. She always keeps finding new ways to love Us. At other times, she goes to her Queen and Mother; asks her for all Her love, and surprises Us by bringing Us, redoubled, the love of the great Lady. Then she celebrates and says: ‘I bring You the love of my heavenly Mother to love You.’ And O how happy We feel! It is impossible for Us to be without the soul who lives in Our Will.’

Volume 36
October 12, 1938
One who lives abandoned in God finds her Fatherhood, her refuge and her hiding place in Him. The Fiat is the support and life of the whole Creation. God winds up the soul who lives in His Will.
I live in the arms of the Divine Will, oppressed by the nightmare of the cruelest sufferings, so as to move all of Heaven to pity and make It run to My rescue—to strengthen me in my painful condition. My Jesus help me, do not abandon me, I feel like giving up. How hard it is to endure my condition!
As I was saying this, more tenderly than the tenderest of mothers, my sweet Jesus stretched out His arms to me and embraced me, and joining His tears to mine, full of goodness, He said to me: “My poor daughter, your pains are Mine, and I suffer with you. So, take courage, and abandon yourself in Me—and you will find the strength that you need to endure your sufferings. The soul who abandons herself in Me grows like a baby under the care of his Mama. She swaddles him to strengthen his limbs, feeds him her milk, holds him in her arms, kisses him, and caresses him. And if he cries, she mixes her tears with her baby’s. In this way, the mother is the life of her baby. And O if the little one did not have his Mother, how badly he would fare without the one who nurses him with her milk; without clothing—and without her warmth. He would grow sickly, weak and lonely, so that it would take a miracle for him to survive. So it is with the soul who lives abandoned in my arms. She has her Jesus, who is more than a Mother for her. I feed her with the milk of My graces; I swaddle her with the light of My Will, so that she may be strengthened and confirmed in goodness. I cuddle her close to My chest, so that she might feel only My love and the ardent beats of My Heart; and I rock her in My arms. If she cries, I cry with her, so that I feel that My life is more hers than Mine, while she grows together with Me, and I do with her what I want. On the other hand, the soul who does not live abandoned in Me lives as if she were by on her own—without milk, and without anyone to take care of her.
On the other hand, the soul who lives abandoned in Me finds a refuge from her sufferings—a hiding place where she can go and no one can touch her. If anybody wants to touch her, I will know how to defend her, because to lay hands on a soul who loves Me is even worse than laying hands on Me! I hide her within Myself, and I confound those who want to strike anyone who loves Me. I love the soul who lives abandoned in Me so much that I make her the greatest of prodigies—so much so as to amaze the whole Heavenly Court and to shame those who thought that they could strike her and leave her disgraced and humiliated. And to all of these many sufferings, let us not add the most painful one of all—that of you not living abandoned in Me, and I in you. My daughter, let them talk and do as they please, so long as they do not interfere with our union. Nobody can enter into our secrets, into the depths of My love—nor can they stop Me from doing what I want with My creatures. Let us live with one single Will—and all will be well between you and Me.

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