(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 25, 2020

“The Creation of Man”

This was the only purpose of the creation of man: Through the exchange of our wills—he with Us,and We with him—to form Our entertainment as well as to make man completely happy.

Happy Memorial Day
Dear Family,

I chose this subject because it is Memorial Day and a day which we should all pray for our servicemen and especially for those who have given their all for our freedoms. God’s creation of man was such a grand and majestic event that it reminds us of the respect we should all have towards all men and women in general, but today, especially our very brave and incredibly honorable men in the service, dead and alive!
I think it is said that love of God comes first, then love of country even before love of family. Well, all these men did exactly that and even gave their lives for that belief. Because of these men, we do have the greatest country in the world, full of freedoms and love of brother!

May we all do our part to keep it that way and not let anyone, in this country or out of this country take that away from us, which seems to me to be a fact at this time! By doing our prayers and acts always in the Divine Will, offering them always for the honor of our Triune God and for His Kingdom to come, and by standing up for what is true, good and right, we can defeat our enemies foreign and domestic!

But, more important than even that….is the all powerful and important “fiat,” at all times and in every circumstance…knowing that God alone is in control! Many, many miracles have come from just that one word and that disposition! May it always be with the children of His Holy Will!
We love you all so very much and we keep each of you in our prayers! May He bestow upon each of us, all the graces we need to discern His Will in our lives at every moment!
Ann Ellison
Volume 12
February 24, 1919

Man is the Masterpiece of Creation

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came and said to me: “My daughter, you have said nothing about the creation of man—the masterpiece of our Creative Power—in whom, not in sprinklings, but in waves and rivers the Eternal One poured forth his Love, his beauty, and his mastery; and, seized by an overflowing love, He made Himself the center of man. But He wanted a residence worthy of Him. So, what does this Uncreated Majesty do? He creates man in His image and likeness. From the depths of his love He draws a breath and with his omnipotent breath infuses life in him, endowing man with all his qualities, adapted to a creature, making him a little God. That is why everything you see in the Creation was absolutely nothing compared to the creation of man. O how many more beautiful heavens, stars and suns did He stretch out in the created soul! What a variety of beauty! How many harmonies! Suffice it to say that He looked at the man He had created and found him so beautiful that He fell in love with him. And, jealous of this prodigy of His, He Himself became the guardian and possessor of man, and said: ‘I have created everything for you. I give you dominion over everything. All is yours, and you will be all Mine.’

“You will not be able to comprehend everything—the seas of love, the intimate and direct bonds of union—the likeness that runs between Creator and creature. Ah! daughter of my Heart, if the creature knew how beautiful her soul is, how many divine qualities it contains, how it surpasses all created things in beauty, in power, in light—to the extent that one can call her a little god who contains a little world within herself—O how much more would she esteem herself! How much more would she keep such a rare beauty—such a miraculous prodigy of God’s creative power—free from the least sin. But the soul—almost blind in knowing herself, and much more blind in knowing her Creator—keeps soiling herself with a thousand filthy things, so much so that she disfigures the work of her Creator and can scarcely be recognized. I want you to ponder the depths of our sorrow. And, to that end, come into my Will, and join Me in substituting for our brothers before the Throne of the Eternal One—for all the acts that they should do for having been created as a prodigy of God’s omnipotent love—and yet they are so ungrateful.”

In one instant we found ourselves before this Supreme Majesty, and in the name of all, we expressed our love, adoration and thanksgiving to Him, for having created us with such superabundant love, and for having given us so many beautiful qualities.

Volume 15
April 25, 1923

Jesus: “My daughter, I wanted to pray with you to strengthen you in My Will. I wanted to give you the grace to be permitted into the presence of Our Supreme Majesty at the creation of man. Since We endowed him with every gift—and his will was Ours, and Ours was his—everything remained in harmony between him and Us. Whatever he wanted he would take from Us: Holiness, wisdom, power, happiness, and everything else. He was Our prototype, Our portrait, Our happy son. Indeed, at the beginning of his existence, there was a period when he perfectly fulfilled the purpose for which he was created. He experienced what it means to live by the Will of his Creator, and We were happy with each other to see Our acts reproduced in Our image.”

Volume 31
October 9, 1932

Jesus: “My daughter, what a sweet memory the creation of man! He was created during an ecstasy of love and so much was the love of God that the Holy Trinity was enraptured with the masterpiece They had created. They were delighted at seeing the beauty of his body, the sanctity of his soul, the perfection of his form and the harmony of his being. Each of his features and qualities brought Them such joy, drawing them to an even greater love for him. They loved him so much that They were made subject in a way. Seeing Their creation aroused an unwavering and imperishable love towards man. Their love was so much that they left no void in Adam’s being. And We did all this so that Adam’s love for Him would fill him to the brim so that Adam might be able to charm and possess Their Hearts continually.”

Jesus also told Luisa that He created the entire universe as our habitation, but He created man as His habitation!

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