(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
April 6, 2020
The Gift of Living in the Divine Will
Father Eduardo of Brazil

Dear Family of Divine Will,
I have something of importance to share with you that came to me by email today and it involves a very holy Priest from Brazil, Father Eduardo.
But, first I really want to say a few things that is maybe even more important:  I know our Churches are all closed and many of us cannot attend Mass except on TV, but I am really surprised at some of the comments I have heard from some people who are supposed to be living in the Divine Will, or at least in love with it.  Think about it,  we have to want what God wants!  Jesus had a hard time with Luisa getting her to finally realize that if we are going to live with the same Will as that of God, we have to want what He wants, or how can you be living in and with His Will?  Everyone in Heaven lives with the one same Will of God….and that’s the whole point of us receiving this Gift…to live with the one same Will of God as they do in Heaven!
We are living what has been prophesied for centuries now!  We all knew this was coming!  We have all prayed for this to come, so that we would know that finally the Kingdom was coming sooner rather than later!  When things were “normal” for us, we prayed and prayed for God’s Kingdom to come and we all knew that there would be great suffering and purification before It came!  But, now that it is actually happening, instead of praising God that His Will is so much closer to reigning here on earth as It does in Heaven, we are doing nothing but complaining that we can’t get to the Sacraments!  Living in the Divine Will, You have ALL the Sacraments already!!  You have Jesus, Entire and Whole, His Real Life, reigning in your soul, 24/7!!  You can’t get that from the Sacraments…we all know that in Holy Communion, Jesus returns to the Bosom of His Father 15 minutes after you receive Him, unless you are living in His Will, then He is with you all the time anyway!
All this is part of God’s plan to bring His Kingdom to earth!  We must help Him with our acts of praise, love and gratitude, calling His Kingdom to come quickly!  And to do Reparation for all the sin in the world….and help by doing our rounds as constantly as we can during the day, and night!  Read…Knowledge is invaluable!  Your acts are as efficacious as your knowledge of the Book of Heaven!  The more efficacious your acts, the more powerful are your prayers!
Our souls are not going to be destroyed or harm over this, IF we have the right attitude and IF we are living in and with the Holy Will of God!  We have EVERYTHING already!  What could we lack living in and with the Holy Will of God, Himself!  Wake up, people!  Get into the Volumes and to heck with everything else!!   Read cover to cover!  Quit thinking about what you do not have and be eternally grateful for what you do have….there are so few of us who have what we have!  We should be graveling on the floor thanking God for being chosen to receive such an extraordinary Gift!  And where is your fiat?  Fiat, Lord, not my will, but Yours be done!!
I receive an email about the “Flame of Love” being the greatest gift given to mankind since the Incarnation.  Well, the Gift of Living in the Divine Will is the greatest Gift since the fall of Adam, and when It reigns in your soul, It is the completion of Creation and Redemption!  It is the Sanctity of all sanctities!  There is nothing greater than having the REAL LIFE of GOD living your life with you and animating all your acts!
Well, I have had my say, and it is enough.  Do you not think that God will protect you fully if you are living in His Will?  As Jesus tells Luisa, “I can’t chastise Myself!”  With trust and confidence, He will take care of you as long as you are in order and do what is expected of you.

Now about Father Eduardo:
I received a you-tube that I think is very important.  I know many are involved in prayers, novenas, etc., trying to help with this virus, but I believe what Fr. Eduardo of Brazil wants us to do is very powerful and very important!  I will attach a link to his you-tube as soon as I tell you who he is.  Fr. Eduardo is from Louisiana, but has lived in Brazil for over 50 years.  He is the founder and President of the largest Catholic TV station in the southern hemisphere.  In other words, he is the EWTN of the southern hemisphere.
Tom Fahy was invited to go down to Brazil to give some conferences.  He visited many places while there and taught a great deal of people about Luisa’s writings.  During his time down there, he was invited to visit Father Eduardo’s TV station and give a talk there.
Father Eduardo later called Tom Fahy around October of 2017 and asked if he could come and visit Tom to learn more about the Gift of Living in the Divine Will.  We were so excited.  He came and stay with Tom and Kathy for about a week.  We gave him booklets, and the Passion book and the Virgin Mary book so he could take them back to Brazil and have them translated into Portuguese!  We were dancing thinking about how many people would learn about the Book of Heaven from the very large audience that Father Eduardo’s TV station reached.  Father Eduardo invited me and Jerry Lawson to go down to see his TV station.  It was marvelous and very busy with a variety of different Catholic TV programs!
Father Eduardo came to the Arlington, TX conference.  It was so good to see him again and He has been very busy spreading the Divine Will down in the southern hemisphere!

The idea that Father Eduardo came up with makes sense to me and I believe will work wonders for the situation we find ourselves in if enough people in the Divine Will join in.   Here is the link:

May God bless each of you abundantly with immense gratitude and love for His Holy Will!  May It come quickly!  Fiat always!
Ann Ellison

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