(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)

Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 12, 2020



My Will is the seed of the resurrection to grace,

and to the highest and most perfect sanctity, and to glory!

Dear Family and Friends,

Alleluia!!  Jesus is risen!!  All praise, honor, love and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  What an incredible benefit for souls as well!  The foundation has been laid for those who want to live in the Divine Will!  It is now possible!!  Our hearts should be full of happiness and glory and love for all that Jesus did to redeem us, and now with the Resurrection, the limits have been removed from the intimacy that we can achieve with our Creator, our Savior, our Sanctifier!!  There are no words to express the joy of understanding that just a little, and the gratitude we owe to our Triune God!

I have given you some real gems to glimmer today, and since it is such a joyous day, I will go and celebrate one of the most incredible Feast Days on our calendar!  Be full of joy this day as our Lord is risen and He has given us the greatest of all gifts…to live as fully as possible for a creature, in His Holy Will!!

The newsletters will now begin to come every week again.  This Easter week, I have neglected many duties, but we wanted so much to share with you during this incredible week!

We love you all so very much and wish you the best, holiest, happiest Easter ever…always in the Will of God!  Fiat always!!  ALLELUIA!!  ALLELUIA!!  ALLELUIA!!



Volume 12

April 15, 1919

The Resurrected Humanity of Jesus symbolizes those who will live in his Will.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Will of my ever beloved Jesus, and together with my Jesus my mind was wandering in the Work of Creation, adoring and thanking the Supreme Majesty for everything and for everyone.  And, all affability, my Jesus told me: “My daughter, when I created the heavens, I first made the stars as minor spheres.  Then I created the Sun as the major sphere, endowing It with enough light to eclipse all the stars, as though hiding them within Itself, and making It king of the stars and of all nature.  It is my custom to do the minor things first, to prepare for the greater ones—since these crown and complete the minor ones.  While the Sun is my spokesman, it also conceals the souls who will form their sanctity in my Will.  The Saints who lived in the mirror of my Humanity—as if in the shadow of my Will—will be the stars.  The former souls, although coming later in time, will be the Suns.

I also maintained this order in Redemption.  My birth was without glamour—rather, it was ignored; my childhood lacked all of the splendor of great things in men’s eyes.  My life in Nazareth was so hidden that I lived as if ignored by all.  I adapted Myself to the smallest and most ordinary things of human life.  During my public life a few great things took place, but, still—who knew my Divinity?  Nobody—not even all of the Apostles.  I passed through the crowds like any other man, so much so, that anyone could approach Me, talk to Me, and if need be, even despise Me.”  And, interrupting Jesus, I said: “Jesus, my Love, how happy those times were!  And happier still those people who, just by wanting it, could come close to You, talk to You, and be with You!”  And Jesus said: “Ah, my daughter, only my Will brings true happiness!  It alone encloses all goods within the soul, makes Itself the crown of the soul, and makes the soul her queen of true happiness.  Only these souls will be the queens of my Throne, because they are born of my Will.  This is so true, that the people who knew Me during my life on earth were not happy.  Many saw Me, but they did not know Me—because my Will did not reside within them as the center of their life.  That is why, even if they saw Me, they remained unhappy.  Only those who enjoyed the blessing of receiving the seed of my Will in their hearts disposed themselves to receive the blessing of seeing Me resurrected.

Now, the prodigy of my Redemption was the Resurrection, which crowned my Humanity more splendidly than a refulgent Sun, making even my tiniest acts shine with such wonder and splendor as to astonish Heaven and earth. The Resurrection will be the beginning, the foundation and the fulfillment of all goods—the crown and glory of all the Blessed.  My Resurrection is the true Sun which worthily glorifies my Humanity.  It is the Sun of the Catholic Religion; It is the glory of every Christian. The Faith without the Resurrection would have been like the heavens without the Sun, without warmth, and without life.

Now, my Resurrection symbolizes the souls who will form their Sanctity in my Will.  The Saints of the past centuries symbolize my Humanity. Although resigned, they did not act continuously in my Will; and that is why they did not receive the seal of the Sun of my Resurrection, but the seal of the works of my Humanity before my Resurrection. That is why they will be numerous—almost like the stars they will form a beautiful adornment for the Heaven of my Humanity. But the Saints who live in my Will—those who will symbolize my Resurrected Humanity—will be few.  Indeed, many throngs and crowds of people saw my Humanity, but few saw my Resurrected Humanity—only the believers, those who were most disposed, and—I could say—only those who contained the seed of my Will. Indeed, if they did not have that seed, they would have lacked the necessary vision to be able to see my Resurrected and glorious Humanity, and so to be witnesses of my ascension into Heaven.

Now, if my Resurrection symbolizes the Saints of the living in my Will—and this with reason, because each act, word, step, and everything else done in my Will is a Divine resurrection that the soul receives—it is a mark of glory that she receives—to go out of herself so as to enter the Divinity, and to think, work and love—hiding herself in the refulgent Sun of my Volition.  Indeed, what wonder if the soul remains fully risen and identified with the very Sun of my Glory, and symbolizes my Resurrected Humanity?  But few are those who dispose themselves for this, because even in sanctity, souls seek something for their own good; while the Sanctity of living in my Will has nothing of its own—everything is God’s.  It costs too much for souls to dispose themselves for this—to strip themselves of their own goods. That is why there will not be many.

You do not belong to the many, but to the few. That is why you must always be attentive to my call, and to your continuous flight in my Will.


Volume 15

April 2, 1923

Every time a soul enters into the Divine Will and forms her life in It, she forms new seeds of greater knowledge, grace, sanctity, and glory—seeds of the Resurrection.  The Resurrection of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, my ever beloved Jesus showed Himself all love-inspiring and majestic, as though He were contained in a net of light.  He sent forth light from His eyes; He flashed forth light from His mouth; and at each of His words, heartbeats, movements and steps, Light went out from Him.  Indeed, His Humanity was an abyss of light.  And as Jesus looked at me, He bound me with this light, and said to me: “My daughter, how much light, how much glory My Humanity enjoyed in My Resurrection, because during the course of My Life on this earth I did nothing but enclose the Supreme Will in each of My acts, looks, breaths—in everything.  And as I kept embracing the Divine Volition, It prepared glory and light for Me in My Resurrection.  And since I hold the boundless sea of the light of My Will within Me, it is no wonder if—as I look, speak, and move—so much light flows out of Me that it can give light to all.  That is why I want to chain you and overwhelm you with this light to sow as many resurrection seeds for as many acts as you keep doing in My Will.  Only My Will makes soul and body rise again to glory.  My Will is the seed of the resurrection to grace, and to the highest and most perfect sanctity, and to glory.  That is why, as the soul brings forth her acts in My Will, she keeps gathering new divine light into her net, because My Will is light by nature, and anyone who lives in My Will has the power to transform thoughts, words, deeds, and everything she does, into light.


Volume 19

April 4, 1926

All that Our Lord Does in a Soul Who Lives in the Divine Will Surpasses All That He Did in Creation.  The Divine Will Forms the Complete Resurrection of the Soul in God.

Finding myself in my usual state, I felt myself all immersed in my beloved Jesus; and my poor mind diffused itself in the Divine Wisdom.  But all was silence on my part and on the part of Jesus.  I do not know how to speak of what my mind understood.  After that, He spoke again and said to me: “My daughter, all the things that I do in a soul, O how much they surpass all that I did in Creation.  You see: Each degree of knowledge that I reveal about My perfections, each truth about the Divinity, is a new Heaven that I stretch out in the soul.  And, as the soul rises up in the truth that she learns, to become like her Creator, I go about forming new suns in the firmament of these heavens.  Each grace that I pour out and each time that I renew her union with Me I pour seas over the soul; and her love and responsiveness to Me form the sweet murmuring of those seas and the rushing waves that rise up even to Heaven, flowing around the base of the Divine Throne.

“As the soul practices virtue—since the body contributes to the practice of the virtues—the body can be called the little garden-plot of the soul where I raise up the most beautiful, flowering plants.  If I am one, single Act, and what I do once is done forever, the Creation must also be one, single act, which I continue by keeping it always new, fresh, and pure. My creating is continuous in souls; it never stops.  I am always, always in the act of making more beautiful things, surprising and new things—except where I find souls who shut the door on Me and who stop My continuous act of Creation.  And then I find another [ritrovato]. I abound, I multiply My continuous act in souls who keep the doors open to Me; and with them I take My delight and continue My work as Creator. But do you know where this continuous act is never interrupted?  In the soul who lives in My Will.  Ah! Only in her can I freely do what I wish, because My Will, which the soul contains, prepares her to receive from Me My Fiat, which went forth in the Creation.  In this way, My Will, possessed by the soul, and the soul that belongs to Me, shake hands, kiss one another and form the greatest of wonders.  So, be attentive—and may you always soar in My Will.”

After that, I was thinking about the Resurrection of Our Lord; and when He came back to me, He continued: “My Daughter, My Resurrection completed, sealed, and restored all honors to Me and called to life all of the works that I did in the course of My Life on earth.  And it formed the seed of the Resurrection of souls and even of bodies in the universal judgment.  Because of this, without My Resurrection, My Redemption would have been incomplete, and My most beautiful works would have been buried.  So, if she does not rise above everything in My Will, all of her works will remain unfinished; a certain coldness towards divine things will sweep over her, the passions will oppress her, and the vices will tyrannize her.  And, because she lacks the life of My Will, she will miss the One Who will make the divine fire arise; and she will miss the One Who, with a single blow, slays all the passions and makes all the virtues rise again.  My Will is greater than the sun that overshadows all things and makes them fruitful, transforming everything into light and shaping the complete resurrection of the soul in God.T

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